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  1. A few Months Later.. I still NOT getting it Rigth! Sometimes I think I am getting ready to just give up... If anybody knows the secret to this setup, please, please let me know! My sound is not coming out right, it sounds too thin and harsh, almost too digital and I am in no way can get a decent distortion that is usable. Also, my general volume is too low, something is wrong VARIAX JTV69 + HD500X + L2t Some more questions: 1.- What is the best input setting for a Variax guitar? 2.- If the L2t is connected via L6 LINK, does the L2t replicates the same sound sent through the XLR outs to the FOH? I really need to make this work. Thanks in advance for your help and comments.
  2. Hey, I am with you on this one, I think it would be a great idea for line6 or someone to share some presets for this "Full Range Rig". It will for sure help us have a starting point to tweak and create our own.
  3. Well, I can tell you from my own experience, I really like both systems, I just wish there was a one truly "Dream Rig" as I think both are incomplete, let me explain why.. DT25+HD500X+JTV69 - everything in this system is perfect, the guitar, the FX on the HD500 and the DT AMP, The sounds of this amp are just incredible, it works really well with the rest of the line 6 gear and also with any other gear you might have, also as a stand alone amp, I love it! The only thing is that I cant take an advantage of my acoustic sounds from my Variax that easy.. L2t+HD500X+JTV69 - I also really like to use the L2t because is very easy and fast to setup, with this system I can really play my acoustics sounds and they sound very, very good.. The Electric guitar and modeled amps also sound very good but not as nice as with the DT25. So, I just go by depending on the situation but I really wish I can have it all.. Great electric sounds and acoustics all in one system.. that would be a real "Dream Rig" to me Lately, I have been using the L2t in all my gigs and been very happy and satisfied with the outcome, so, it depends on what you are trying to do and also your own personal sound quality demands.
  4. Hey, I think that the DT25 and the L2t were meant to be used by themselves as separate systems, I do own both of these and have never tried to combine them, I don't think it would be possible just because of the Output mode on the HD500, as you would have to select either Studio/Direct or Combo Amp. So, You would have to either use two DT25's or two L2t's in order for the HD500 to recognize the two channels.
  5. It is probably because of the output mode on your HD, Once you connect anything through the L6Link the HD reconfigures the Output Mode to Power Amp or something like that, Check the HD Output Mode and experiment until you find the desired Result. Just remember, Check your output mode every time because I don't think the HD saves that info.
  6. Just Courious.. How are you connecting your PODHD to the L3T? using the L6Link or from the 1/4' Line Out? What is your Output Mode on the POD?
  7. Try saving your presets at the desired volume level, that way when you switch they are already set. Also, keep an eye on where the volume pedal level is before saving a preset.
  8. Yes, Try to reset the global settings of the POD HD500. Press and hold the Left Arrow button on the 4 Way Nav as you power on the POD HD500. This reset resets the global settings back to factory defaults and also renames the Set Lists to factory as well. NOTE: This DOES NOT reset the presets of the POD HD500. That requires re-installing the flash memory using Line 6 Monkey. (Same as Factory Reset above.)
  9. I think that all of us that are True Worship Musicians understand that term exactly, in my opinion it does not refer to an specific tone but pretty much to a trend or a tone that has become somehow a standard or a go to tone that has proven to set a specific atmosphere But, That term does not represent every worship musician, Let me tell you.. A few days ago I was looking for a "Funk" tone.. ( yes,To use at church..) well, I found out that there is a lot more than just one set tone.. I like a James Brown guitar tone I heard and was trying to replicate, I think all of this is based on a popular song or artist. Is kind of talking about Mexican Music and think of Mariachis... If you know what that is. By the way, I listened to your tunes, Very good tone from your Rig. :)
  10. "Paul Hindmarsh from Line 6 shows us how the Line6 L2t Loudspeakers can be used alongside the POD HD500 to create an amazingly versatile setup that can be used in variety of scenarios" This Video was the Reason I upgraded my setup to include a L2t, I wanted to be able to get the amazing electric guitar sounds from my HD500X and the Amazing Variax Acoustic sounds in one single setup, I do own a DT25 Which I love but I have never figured out how to get a decent Variax acoustic sound to the FOH Mixer. Now that I have this setup, I have issues and questions to make it sound right. My main concern here is to find an answer or best advise on how to send a signal to the FOH Mixer for both the Electric Guitar Sounds and the Variax Acoustic Sounds. In a real life situation ( Live Setting ) When I connect the HD500X to the L2t via L6 Link, the default behavior HD500 to "Combo" and L2t to "Electric Guitar". - I am sure this is for a Reason. On that Video, Paul talks about programing both units for the desired sound behavior, for example: - He was using the L2t as an Electric Guitar mode and when changing to acoustic the L2t would reconfigure to Acoustic Guitar Mode. - I wonder what would be the ideal Output mode on the HD500 for this.. One thing that confuses me the most, he was MIKING the L2t!!.. So, This is telling me that there is not an easy way to get the best of both signals ( Electric & Variax Acoustic ) from the XLR outs of the HD500.. My questions is How can I Realisticaly use this setup in a Live situation and get the best of both worlds? I know I have already posted about this topic but I must be persistent and be able to figure something out based on the opinions and advise of what I think are some of the finest knowledgeable users and experts. Please Help.
  11. Assuming that the HD500 output mode is "Studio/Direct" Rigth? What about Amp Models? Full or Pre? - My problem is that when I connect the HD500 to the L2, The HD500 changes the output mode to "Combo Power Amp" automatically. Changing the sound dramatically, Also setting it like this wont work with the Variax Acoustic sounds. ( I have the JTV69 + HD500X + L2t ). Any Advise?
  12. I Believe there is no way of changing the characteristics of the guitar connected to the HD500X other than Playing with the Amp controls and EQs, Your single coils will always sound like single coils, that's what they are. The only way I know, is Using a VARIAX guitar, This way you can select and create almost any Electric Guitar Pickup Simulation there are and also, Acoustic Guitar simulations. So, when you see a post of someone talking about acoustic sounds or pickup Simulation they probably have a VARIAX guitar.
  13. I hear you man! I have been a Long time Line6 Enthusiast/User as well and I still run into a lot of weird hard to figure out situations. Good Luck to you.
  14. Are you using Full or Pre Amp Models? is this a pre made preset you Downloaded? Try Creating one from scratch setting the Amp Tones without any Fx at first. Also check the Output mode on the HD500. Also, Something that I just learned myself, Try creating a Preset with the actual setup and at the actual level you plan to use it. I use my HD500 with a JBL PRX600, I Get Great AC30 Sounds. Hope this Helps.
  15. Hi Ian, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues, I cant offer a solution but I just wanted to share with you that I had the exact same problem, it just happened right after I purchased my DT25, it worked for a while and then one night on the middle of a live performance everything went blank and stopped working, I Re Started the HD500 and it worked fine, But the communication between the HD500 and the DT25 was lost, I could not figure out what the issue was, Everything worked fine alone separately, at first I thought the DT25 Amp was the problem, I even sent it for repair, it came back fine with no issues.. I spent almost a year trying to figure this out, a Line 6 Authorized Repair Tech told me that in order for them to be able to figure it out I needed to bring my whole setup and leave it there for them to diagnose.. well, I never did that because I could not afford to be able to be without my HD500 as I use it almost everyday at church. I had to use a wedge monitor out of the 1/4' and use the XLR outs from the HD500 to the FOH Mixer since I could not use my DT25 Amp Anymore. I am ok with this for now. ( Well, I had to retweak all my presets to match this.. ) But my DT25 was now sitting at home just collecting dust.. The Good thing about the HD500 is that is very flexible and you can use it in very many different ways, all this outputs are very handy. I Inquired with Line 6 Tech support and in here, the forums but I found that nobody, was able to tell me what the issue was, well.. it is also kind of hard to explain, and I understand that, but I was frustrated because I could not believe I was the only one with this Problem.. so, no help, no answers. Ok, To make it short.. and this is the reason I replied to your post.. I ended up Buying the New HD500X, I was dying to connect it to my DT25 and for my surprise, it worked perfectly!! So, in my Opinion, Yes I think something is wrong with the L6 Link in your HD500, Maybe there was a weak connection or a flaw in certain production models, poor production materials.. I don't know. I don't think is a Programming issue either as Everything else works fine it is just the L6 Link Connection on mine, and I don't know if that is even repairable, I wish someone here would let us know this. For me, it was worth investing on a new one because I Really like this system and I use almost daily, I Bought mine just as they became available on 2009 or 2010.. So, I know I am sticking to this. I know, I really did not give you a solution but just wanted to share my opinion, hope it helps. Luis
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