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  1. Hi All, I'm working on a 38 special patch.....I have found out that the lead guitarist Jeff Carlisi used/uses a Peavey Mace VT....6 6l6 power tubes and a solid state preamp. Any suggestions for which amp you would use with a POD HRPro X?
  2. Hi All, i play in a copy band and have been using my Pod HDPRO X in the dream rig configuration, (LT-2a and Varix) for years. I have the money set aside, so i’m Asking this group, is the any reason why I shouldn’t. Is is there an easy way to convert patches?
  3. Thanks Iknowathingortwo...... I play a variety of styles, Rock, Country, Blue Grass. If you had to say which amp you liked the best could you? Could you also say which one you liked the least?
  4. Faithful Line 6er since Pod XT Live. I have the Dream Rig. Tell me why I it makes since to upgrade/replace the POD HD Pro X! Is there a significant difference in tone? Is there a better aural palette. Is it easier to create tones. Can you migrate tones from POD HD Pro to Helix? What missing? Please don't read this post and not reply! Help a fellow musician out......
  5. Congrats, now the real work begins........How are you going to amplify? 4 cable, dream rig, foh....There are so many variables.........Good luck trying to get that tone exact.............Please don't tell me we will need another round of Master Debating.....
  6. Sure, That is a last resort mechanical solution, I could also cover the button with a small cap......What I'm asking is will the editing software for the FBV allow me to disable the button. I mean I've paid almost $1000 of for at the time top of the line hardware from L6.....I would hate to think my only recourse is to wrap the shaft of the button,.......
  7. So is there a way to disable the button, with the editor?
  8. OK.....maybe someone can point me to another posting.....
  9. I have a POD HD Pro X and I have big feet!!!.....Lately, when I have been gigging and I go to tap the "Stomp" button on my FVB II I miss and hit the Function 1 button. Which turns on the looper. So, I'm in my solo and I'm trying to turn off the looper and hit the Stomp. Now I have some how got the looper, looping, and I can turn it off. My only recourse is to recycle the POD.....real messy.......How can I disable the looper.....Help me......Line 6 community.
  10. Hey All, I have big feet and it seems when ever I try to stomp on the "Stomp" button I miss and hit Function 1. Sometimes this mistake will start the looper, which can be very bad in the middle of a song.... Is there anyway to disable the looper function on FBV so I can solo in bliss without worrying that my 11 4e feet aren't missing the mark?
  11. I have both a HD500 and a HD Pro X. Can I purchase a model pack once and use on both PODs or do I buy twice.
  12. The easiest patch no amp, parametric eq,( focused around 500 hz -3db) gets rid of the boomy lows......A little reverb.....I have found if you try to add more gain using amps, fx you eventually will clip the sound as you play the guitar hard strumming, you can hear the distortion........However, once you remove the gain in the signal chain and use the mixer to add volume then you get accoustic clarity........in this case imho -------less is more. jc
  13. Hi All, A while ago I dropped my JTV and the result was a cracked body......The guitar is still playable.....I took it to a luthier and they suggested clamping it and adding glue........ Does Line-6 sell replacement bodies......Maybe James Tyler? Any body got a thought?
  14. I have an HD500 and HD Pro and I have the same problem.....Also, there is a link that supposedly has a conversion utility......I have never been able to get it to work for me.......Currently, I looks like the actual utility that you can download is much older version that doesn't convert 500 to Pro.......I've sent emails to the author and gotten no reply........ If you figure this out and get it running please let me know.......As I us my HD500 for developing patches at home and then use my HD Pro in the studio or at gigs..........conversion would be cool.....
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