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  1. Thx for responding. I have a focusrite saffire 6 I updated the firmware to 2.0 I did not restore the amp to factory settings. Not sure how to do that. Maybe you could help. Thx
  2. I just bought a Dt25 used. Using the 500x ,when I change the model to Treadplate pre the DT does not change to #4 topology it goes to #2. All other amp models change the DT correctly. Any clues?? Thanks
  3. I have a x3 live I have used since 2010 or so. Like it for my solo gigs through my Bose pa. Bought a HD500x and a JTV-69 James Tyler wanting the acoustic guitars mostly. Almost sold the 500x,the factory presets are terrible.Some of the patches on CustomTone are ok. I did watch a lot of videos on both products before and after my purchase. I will say there is a pretty good learning curve to the 500x. what is rather difficult for me are a solid lead tones. I am a Strat player and a long time Line 6 guy. Have a old AX2 amp.Check out Glenn DeLaune's website he has some usable patches there. Is it worth the money... yes, are the amps believable? Yes, will they sound good recorded and live? Yes, it just takes a lot of tweaking.... good luck!
  4. I agree just loaded them into custom 1 . Wonder what Strat they modeled, I have a '57 Strat American made reissue made in '94 it kills their model. These from Matt are really good. Thank you Matt!
  5. Ok found a good patch for acoustic figured out that I needed to set the hd 500x input to guitar and selected the globalsetting.Before that had guitar,aux, variax selected, this is where all the weird harsh overtones where coming from. Those overtones also affected my strat settings.
  6. I have tried with no amp, using no effects to start with, watched a few videos my setup sounds nothing like the videos. Ran it through my JBL reference speakers and my Bose L1 pa. Just getting a lot of weird midrange overtones. Set my global eq settings low cut at 85 hz and high cut at 6500. Like the way the guitar plays might be just getting the right combination nailed down. Thanks for your comments all!
  7. Trying to use some acoustic models with a hd500x. Sounds are very brittle with some weird midrange tones. Using the acoustic amp model on the 500x. Any suggestions?
  8. Thank you very much for the replies. I am a newbie to the hd 500x, been using a x3 live for several years now.
  9. Using a Bose L1 model 1 for my pa. Suggestions on setting up the pod for pa direct use?
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