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  1. Thanks for the tips, guys. Yeah, it does appear that you always need to keep an eye on the old volume pedal also. I think that was mostly my problem. Wow.... that's 3 things I need to watch ! It's too much for my brain !!! Maybe I'll have to hire a cute little groupie to keep an eye on ALL that stuff (he he). Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, I know this is here somewhere, but my search words came back : No results found. So... how does one stop the DT-50 Amp volume from blowing out your ears when you switch to a different setting/preset with the HD 500X connected with Link 6. This is driving me crazy, and I don't see anything in the manuals that addresses this issue. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thank you for a respectful and intellegent answer, RP. Exactly what I needed to know. We all have to start some where, right? Unbelievebly.... I was given a DT-50 that has an issue (hopefully only 1 or 2). I installed a new pair of EL34's and they both began to redplate (glowing plates) within about a minute after switching from Class A power to Class A/B power. I found a blown F2 fuse and replaced it. I had and old pair of EL34's that I put in it when I got it home, and it appeared to be working good on all settings. So, I thought..... "hummmm, maybe I got lucky???". So... I ordered new tubes, installed them and they both began to redplate within a minute. So..... I shut it down and let it cool, put the old tubes back in.... and now it works again, without redplating?????????????????????? I'm hoping someone out there has some knowledge in this area and might point me in the right direction. I'm suspecting maybe a cap in the bias section (if this thing has one?). Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. I feel bad Toneman. I just wondered what that button did.... now I know.
  4. I think I may have hit the wrong button and given you a red mark??? If I did, I apologize. I don't know how to make it back to green (duh).
  5. Thanks to all. I see now........ maybe "si" and maybe "no". Thanks again
  6. Is there such a thing as a "Yes or No" answer to this question?
  7. i know that.... but WHY??? My question is.... "does it actuacally damage the Output Power Transformer if the amp is powered on with NO speaker hooked up"? Or, is that only bad for the tubes? Anyone ???
  8. Can someone tell me if it damages the Output Power Transformer to power the Amp "ON" with NO speaker plugged in to the amp? I'm wondering if that could be one reason for so many power transformer failures. Thanks, Carl
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