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  1. Hello, Thanks a lot for your answers. I'll try your solutions this WE. If somebody have other ideas it's welcome!
  2. Excuse me for my bad English. I'm going to try to explain my problem clearer. I know there is no emulation for acoustic guitar like in the GT100 from Boss. But I'm sure i've seen in the presets one "simulation" which is made with different EQ. And it's sounding like an acoustic guitar. I'm going to attach a print screen when I'll get my HD500X back. It'll be clearer. With some EQ it's probably possible to change different frequencies so that my single coil sounds nearly like an humbucker. But which frequencies must I change?
  3. Good afternoon everybody, I want to simulate an humbucker with my Fender guitar. I know it seems funny. But I have only one guitar for playing on stage. I see in the soft HD500X they simulate an acoustic guitar. Therfore they use 4 or 5 EQ to rectify some frequencies. Is there someone who knows which frequencies must I rectify to get an humbucker sound? Or do you know another way to do this? Thanks a lot for your help
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