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  1. I really wish there was away to assign switches for the looper, record/overdub to FS7 and play/stop to FS8 way less switching and toggling through view modes
  2. lowyaw

    Sound On Sound

    read the LOOPER section in the manual?
  3. i thought guitar in was instrument level, and loop return - line level, which seems to be more appropriate in my case? am I applying wrong logic here?
  4. I set the volume pedal in the end of the chain, but in front of delays and reverb; heel down position is like 85% volume and toe down is 100%, so I can choose how much boost I want. The second thing that comes to mind, is check your arrangements. It's not the EQ, it's what other band members play. If I could have a dollar each time the solo is drowned out, because the rhythm guitar plays a part in the same octave plus many more notez, I'd already own an island.
  5. Been recently trying out HD500 in the place of my old trusty TC Gmajor, in the loop of the Triaxis preamp. I guess I need some specific tech info (sorry if it could show up in the search - i quickly glanced through couple of pages, there was nothing of interest to me): I run amp loop send > POD loop return "L/mono" > POD 1/4 unbalanced outs > amp's loop return. There is a switch on the POD that goes from "stomp level" (louder) to "line unit" level (quieter). As I have no idea how loud the loop send on the Triaxis is, in order not run into clipping in the POD, should I use line level? Does it attenuate the loop input level specifically? Is there any indication, how much input signal can POD tolerate before clipping? Is it a good idea to run the amp's send into POD's "loop return", as opposed to running into "guitar in"? POD should be in the studio/direct mode, as it seems to be the "flattest" mode and I suppose it colours the tone the least - is it correct? Thank you.
  6. Because you have so many amps, so many fx, etc. Sure, it's much easier to tweak running a tele into a TS pedal into fender princeton. Option anxiety. We're lucky to have that :)
  7. i posted it right after the gig. as soon as i switch both inputs on, the signal is in both sides. i am kinda.. terrified. will do more tests next week and report back. and yes i do understand, that it's an impossible scenario, but it does happen and it's NOT the first time. will have to check thoroughly the rest of the chain post modeler.
  8. Despite being a long-time POD HD user, I recently ran into a problem, that seemed really odd to me. In the POD: I have inputs set to Input 1: "Guitar", Input 2: "Variax", to avoid signal doubling. There is one single amp in the patch, in mono. Mixer set to both channels at 0 degrees (center). There's 1 FX block post mixer, which is reverb. I run only 1 xlr (left or right) as mono send to FOH board. The channel in the FOH board has got pan set to center. And I get only one channel working in the FOH. To have guitar in both channels, I have to set input 2 to "same" or "guitar", so there's sound in both sides of the FOH system. I don't f***ng get it. The outs are mono per se, unless they're panned in the Mixer block, right? There's a mono patch, I send mono signal from the XLR out to a mono channel on the board, HOW ON THE EARTH the sound is only in one channel?
  9. What are the benefits of running L2m as my stage monitor as opposed to any other similar priced wedge? Edit: may be, I should make it alittle more clear. I plan to run a monitor as my own personal stage monitor, for guitar only - left channel from HD500 goes to FOH board, right channel - to the wedge in question, then through linked out to the FOH mixing board. I know that there is a "electric guitar" mode on the L2m, but I think I don't want additional "2x12 combo voicing" as I run full amp models and want FRFR monitor. I expected stagesource series to be a great company for my HD, but upon reading the specs, I'm not so sure anymore. Anyone?
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