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  1. are you guys stacking delays? What delays are you using and what are your settings? Are there any good patches on customtone that sound good for your typical modern worship stuff?
  2. I did the update and there was a noticeable volume decrease on the high B and High E string....for the tele and strat models. I mean really bad. I tried to update using workbench but every string was set to 100% volume anyway. Then i tried upping the overal DB of the patch but even though it was louder overall, it still had the volume decrease in High B/A. Did anyone get this? How did you adjust/ Not happy about this....i went back to 1.9 and everything sounds good again
  3. I play Church Music but mainly use the Gretsch(billy model) and strat for the more overdriven songs and some telecaster. I am still new to this...i havent really fooled around with the other models...
  4. I think I am on 1.9. Should i not do the upgrade? I dont want thin/no volume electric sounds since its mainly what I like to play. I think i heard someone say that they wish they could have the 1.9 electric sounds and the 2.0 acoustic sounds. Is that really true:( Is there a patch coming out for the 2.0 electric sounds issue? Thanks newbie
  5. Do you guys know what kind of wrench/tool to use to lower the action a bit(Some kind of bridge wrench)??
  6. I have a chance to pickup a mint JTV59(tobacco) for about 800. Right now my only guitar is a Parker TM 20. I mostly play in church settings. Talk me in or out of getting this guitar Main questions 1. Does it have resale value 2. Any concerns that its korean made 3. What happens when the electronics die? Can they be replaced or do you just end up owning an overpriced Les Paul Copy guitar 4. Does it feel good (neck) 5. Does it feel like a real guitar lol. thanks guys
  7. weird that you have a blue sky and a delay pedal but use the HD500 for delay/reverb. Blue sky is a great pedal right?
  8. Its my favorite amp but it sounds like crap just by itself. With a tube screamer, some delay, tube overdrive and reverb, its very versatile. My biggest problem with is it is running just clean without any dirt and the volume really is low. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I usually set the Drive to the amp at about 12:00
  9. here is some worship tone dude!
  10. If you guys were building a patch for the intro of Whom Shall I fear? How would you do it? Id love to emulate this tone with the HD 500
  11. thanks. This has been very helpful. Have any of you all posted tones on customtone?
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