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  1. The Soldano models are some of my favorites. It has a natural EQ that works well with both single coils and humbuckers.
  2. It sounds like you might have some parts of the circuit shorted or the wrong replacement parts installed. There are several different type of tacticle switches but they mainly break down to momentary or latch type; one just bridges two points in a circuit when you press it while the other "latches" and doesn't change state until you press it again (learned this the hard way working on ibanez pedals). If you have the correct parts (always use manufacturer parts when possible; it will save you a lot of headaches). The other possible problem is that you could have accidentally shorted the circuit with some random solder when you were makingthe repair. I use a jewelers lighted magnifying glass when making repairs to avoid this scenario because its easy to do. My guess would be the incorrect switch though. If it was the Radio Shack part listed on here the other day it might be the wrong switch type.
  3. I would guess maybe the replacement part you installed was not an exact replacement part. Thus is the reason I almost always order replacement parts for pedals from the manufacturer itself.
  4. I didn't. The stuff dries so fast I didnt feel that it would be necessary
  5. Just use some contact cleaner and shoot it lightly down into the switch itself and work it for a bit. Did that to my F1 switch and no problems since
  6. I went through 3 DT-50 power transformer repairs before I got a "new" one which appears to have fixed the problem but that was only because a careless tech buggered the exterior of my amp. My casei is well documented on the forums. They are nice amps that sound really good live. Line 6 did treat me right that I cannot deny even though it was a real hassle to box up the amp and send it back each time. Call and ask for Ashley. Everyone knows her there. She is the definition of what customer service should look like. Good luck
  7. I'm a clean player, mainly worship stuff butI do like to play a nice distorted lead tone too. BTW I like your screen name (ciadude2). My screen name may have a little to do with it...lol
  8. I keep hearing how great the Dr . Z amp sim is yet when I set up a patch it sounds dull compared the the Fender amp sims I typically use so my question is how are you setting up your patches?
  9. I use the HiWatt, Soldano Clean, Fender Twin and Fender Super Deluxe Reverb for the largest percentage of my patxhes. I use chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay (dotted eighth, quarter, slapback, auto-swell, reverse delay) and paricle verb. I rarely use reverb unless needed and use the regular room reverb instead.
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