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  1. Hello, normally L6 Link works...in your case, let's hope in a faulty cable, or in a faulty input connector into one of the Stagesource speakers. Have the cables checked, make sure they snap firmly into the sockets, and maybe connect the speakers in a different order, so you are not using the same initial Stagesource in the chain. Else, it may be the M20d being faulty...
  2. flanger68

    how to hook up to wifi

    Ehm, not sure i get what you are saying in its entirety, but....when you connect your iPad to the private WiFi from the M20d, it is certainly not going to the Internet at the same time. You either surf the Web, or connect to the M20d and manage it... not both at the same time. Happy and GREAT New Year 2019 to everyone here!
  3. flanger68

    L3T fan

    Hi, yes, i have the same, the fan kicks in even at relatively low, home volumes...it's normal. However, if you can hear the fan turning, then you're not playing loud enough!:-)
  4. Interesting topic, i also have Helix, M20d and a pair of L3Ms as main speakers (i haven't used them as dedicated speakers for Helix yet, but i appreciate the possibility to do so, in case of need - using a resident PA system at some larger venue). I'd like to question if there is ANY way to use M20d---L6 Link---> Speaker Chain ...and insert the Helix somehow in the chain ? The logical way would be to go Helix---L6 Link---> M20d....but there is no L6 Link input on the M20d...it's suppsoed to the the startof the L6 Link chain... So are you proposing to insert the Helix somewhere on some L6 speakers...but how ? all speakers in the chain will have their L6 Link In taken up...only the last speaker will have the L6 Link Out unused...is there something i am missing in terms of possibilities ? Many thanks! a.
  5. flanger68

    Stagescape M20D help

    Hi Canuti, For Live use, yes, each channel can be assigned a dedicated chain of various effects, there are several...i mean really many that you can choose from. Each preset has different effects in it, i could go on my M20d and try and take a few examples maybe... I would say, you don't need any external unit at all. On top of the per-channel effect chain, each channel then goes through 4 Global effects (and you can dose how much each channel gets these common effects - Reverb, Delays and other effects like Doubler are in this area. For Home use, NO, don't sell your audio interfaces, the M20d can perform as an Audio-to-USB converter, but it introduces 4-5 seconds of latency, so not its real role. You can probably record into a DAW what you play in realtime, but the DAW writes the signal 5 seconds later. So you can't use the M20d for overdubbing. It is fantastic when you record using the SD card, as it produces all tracks and the main mix as separate files...so you can then import these into the DAW and proceed on the DAW. Overall the M20d is fantastic, lots of functionality that simply doesn't exist on traditional mixers...including the real-time spectrum analyzer in all EQ effects...and the Line6 Link is awesome too. Combined with the M3T/M and L2T/M speakers, you get even more synergies and capabilities... I recommend it, even if there is no more developement, and today you can find super-deals (699GPB from Anderton's UK for example!) Alberto
  6. Lovely spaceatl...to what levels do you get on the M20d main out ? -20dB ? -10dB ? Cheers, a.
  7. Cool! In my hime studio (which is 100 square meters) i keep the L3Ms in the notched mid-position, and on the mixer i can't go above -24 dB, it gets too loud already :-)
  8. Hello Community: to those of you who do gigs with the Line6 PA system: what levels do you set on the Master out on the M20d, and where do you set the Level pot on the M3M/Ts facing the audience ? In medium/small venues i mean...bars, small stages... Is it better to keep it high on the mixer ( -10dB ?) and low on the speakers...or keep the speaker level knob on the middle notch position, and then adjust on the mixer...sorry for the maybe mundane question but i got no experience live with this PA and will have some in the near future possibly... And no, i can't try this at home!:-) Cheers, Alberto
  9. flanger68

    Question about MD20

    Nah....it's been put into the Refrigerator...i think, but no official statement, it conflicts with the wider PA product range from the Big Y...but i bought less than a year ago nontheless...and haven't repented a bit...for the use i need it for, it's wonderful.
  10. flanger68

    Question about MD20

    Hey! Hit the Button! I do the same, and since i bought the M20d, it's been marvelous... there are SO many effects already programmed and modifiable, to be assigned to each channel and instrument, you'll have a blast! And then to the overall sound yuo can also apply up to 4 Global effects, that you can choose and modify in the params...(or better, there are four Global effects, and you can send each channel, after the individual channel effect chain, into the Global ones, with different dosing... I play with the L3M speakers when possible, and in the evening, i just plug the heaphone in... Also consider you can send a base into the AUX input from a PC or iPhone, and record everything in the mixer to a SD card. Or, play the base music form the SD card... if you need any advice, please ask...the worst piece is...this wonderful product has been capped by Line6, and no moreSW updates, but...it's splendid! Alberto ps: you probably have explored all videos on youtube on this already...if you haven't...you should...they're also great as tutorials!
  11. Hello, i find great that the M20d can record the full band while playing...the sound quality is excellent too. I noticed though, that the level of the recorded file is extremely low...it sounds loud when played back on the M20d itself ...but when imported into a computer, for example into Audacity, you can see the waveform is a very thin line....and playes back extremely soft. You need to normalize the audio to get to a "normal" volume. Is there anything to do on the M20d to set the recording level higher than this ? Many thanks if anyone has noticed this before...
  12. Sadly, i can't say i ever experienced this...i assume you have tried various sources, to exclude the problem comes from the source you are using... ?
  13. flanger68

    DJ Event Tips

    Haha! the M20d is stupendous...obviously, using a song repository right off the mixer is lean, but won't let you do crossfades and other DJ tricks...if you have a DJ-ing program on the computer, then use that one... Or, hookup both (computer AND embedded file player on the M20d), so you can fade between the two on the mixer....that's what it's made for!:-D Please rehearse in advance!.-)
  14. flanger68

    DJ Event Tips

    Woha! You'll have a BLAST! Put the MAC through the M20d, along with the mics...so you have a single control point. With the mixer you can also control the M3x-M2y chain as a single entity, and you can also set the Equalization easily. And various effects if you wish. Actually, if you put yout music on a flash drive, and plug that into the mixer, then you don't need the MAC at all ...with the integrated Media Player in the M20d! Do rehearse in advance, do not improvise on The Day! Improvisation leads to disaster...(unless you're Miles Davies!!!:-D )