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  1. hello, just received my L3T, plugged in the Helix and played both treble and bass side of my chapman stick into it at moderate volume. As soon as I sustained any mid low content the noisy fan came on. Is this normal? Do these L3T start pumping on the fan as soon as you solicit the bass amp? Does that change if you add a L3S bass cab?
  2. I am putting together a very portable rig to play off the grid with quality. Is it possible to paly UX2 without connecting to a computer? Or alternatively, could it work connected with an iPhone or iPad? If not whta other Line 6 device would fulfil the mission of acting as an effects unit and eventually amp modeler in stereo (I play chapam stick)
  3. I am creating a deluxe rig for playing off the grid. The Helix I have is way too bulky for that purpose. Now looking at the HX and wondering if could run it off a Palmer batpack or some altrenative battery pack; any thoughts or knowledge on this combination?
  4. sunraa

    Helix Loopy HD

    I am trying to use Loopy HD with Helix over USB for both control and audio. I've seen some videos of people doing this but I ran into a problem from the get go. There is an obvious digital audio sync problem. I have not idea where to adjust sync settings on iPAd Pro/Loopy HD and/or on Helix. Anyone familiar with how to set up this duo? Also intend to try it with new Garageband looper; if anyone has experience with this I am also curious to hear about it.... Audiobus is another mystery that I would like to elucidate...
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