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  1. one more thing: the stagescape app for the iPad still does not run under IOS 14. No update in sight. This can't be that complicated.
  2. Our band bought a stagescape mixer 6 months ago. Now we have the money and wanted to buy stagesource loudspeakers because of their perfectly matched technology and had to learn that Line6 no longer supplies them. I can't believe that Yamaha/Line6 doesn't want to sell the technologically superior stagescape and scagesource products anymore. To my knowledge, there is no technically equivalent alternative, or does anyone know more? Besides: Strangely enough, these products are still offered on the website. Advertising products that are no longer being delivered might be anti-competitive. Does anybody have a hint which active speakers we could buy for instead of stagesource speakers?
  3. I just bought a used Stagescape Mixer and planned to buy Stagesource Speakers for our Studio und Gigs for our Band. Now I learned from a distributor that Line6/Yamaha does not sell them in Germany anymore since april 2020. Does anybody know why? Is this only a german or european thing or did Line6 stop the producion? would be glad, to get information where and how I can buy them.
  4. What's wrong with you, Line6? It's not possible that you can't get a 64 bit capable update of Monkey in almost 6 months. I want to be able to use my POD Studio UX2 again. My faith in your innovation is gone. I'm already thinking about selling all the hardware I bought from you. By the way: Variax Shuriken is still not available in the EU due to violation of EU regulations. Obviously you can't get that either. This is very frustrating. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  5. No, The Shuriken ist still not available in Germany. Its said, that this is due to a problem with EU regulations


  6. Variax Guitars are no longer available in Germany. I have heard from Thoman (the biggest dealer in Germany) that there are conformity problems with EU directives. Question: when can I buy the "Variax Shuriken 27" in Germany? Any Idea?
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