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  1. BAS: Tame Bassa: Tame Impala bass? BAS: Incubuss: Incubus bass BAS: DangeRuss: Michael Jackson’s Dangerous bass? Deep Clean: Deep Purple clean tones?
  2. I think workbench already is 64 bit. It's working on Catalina no problem. give it a shot.
  3. I've just updated my Macbook to Mac OS Catalina and Line 6 Monkey and License Managers aren't working. They need to be updated to 64 bit. ASAP. Does anyone know if Line 6 is working on this?
  4. Man, that's heartbreaking. Well, maybe if my band gets as famous as Twelve Foot Ninja (yeah, as if that'll ever happen) I'll force them to revive it! :D
  5. I guess I'm 3 years late for the party, but I just want to say that I have recently bought a Variax Standard and I'm using it as a substitute for my bass because it's just so damn versatile! But it can't replace a bass completely, which is why I WOULD LOVE a new Variax bass! Something akin to the Shuriken would be badass! Pretty please?
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