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  1. I own a 705 myself and I love it but it's not quite there for me but if they just took that little step forward it would be amazing Am a big fan of jazz basses and also Warwick star basses I would love to see a wider range of basses and a nice thin neck and it must have 24 frets and I know it's a big thing to ask but try and keep it light
  2. Am a session musician and although I play lots of instruments I play bass most of the time, I have one of the new James Tyler variax guitars and I must say its a vast improvement and is one of my must have guitars I take it everywhere. I personally would love you to do a new version of the variax bass to have one in my arsenal would make my life a lot more easy, Would love to hear all of your thoughts on the idea and what it must have for example sounds and the desine of the bass ?
  3. Could I use a midi controler to change the scenes on a line6 M13 so I don't have to keep going to the scenes window when am playing live? I find it annoying to press so many buttons when am playing live especially if it is mid song and I go from a lead tone to a delay, I have looked at using a midi bord just to change scenes then it's just one button and I am away, but from looking online there is like no useful information to get me started so any help would be grateful.
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