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  1. Hi there, Apologies for never following up on this. Here's a summary of my results: LEAST SUCCESSFUL: Connect Amp Out on Pod Go to Input on Spider mkii. Create a "clear" patch on the mkii without any effects or amp settings. I couldn't get this to work, I kept encountering a "doubled effects" type sound, which I couldn't work with. There might be a better way to do this, I just couldn't get it to work. SOLIDLY SUCCESSFUL: Connect Amp Out on Pod Go to Aux In on mkii using a 1/4-1/8 cable. I was able to get a good tone out of the amp using this method. MOST SUCCESSFUL: Connect Main Outs (L&R) on Pod Go using two 1/4 cables, connect to 2 1/4 to 1/8 converter (basically a y-split) to Aux In on mkii. This produced the best sound overall. Would be interested to hear other approaches. Still strange that Line6 doesn't add a "bypass" switch on their amps in case someone wants to use a Pod Go with a Line6 amp!
  2. Thank you both for your thorough responses! It was driving me crazy, because I was thinking "Why would line 6 sell this thing if it doesn't even work with their own amps?" I was starting to wonder if I needed to buy a different amp. I will try both of these approaches and if there are any interesting outcomes I'll report back here. Thanks again, Cody
  3. I have a Pod Go, and my amp is a Spider V 240 mkii. I'm trying to figure out the correct settings to have the Spider act like a typical amp, because it seems like I'm getting doubled up effects when I run the Pod Go through the Spider. How do I bypass all the fancy stuff on the Spider so that any effects and such are only coming from the Pod Go? Thanks for the help, Cody
  4. My volume pedal is going haywire. It just keeps changing the volume at random. Even if I step on it constantly the volume lowers and I have to reset it. I finally had to disconnect FBV3 to get the volume to be stable. Any fixes? Do I need to return it?
  5. I'm trying to customize tones using Spider V Remote (I have a 240mkii and FBV3). I can't seem to reassign the first pedal away from Compressor. I don't trigger Comp from a pedal that often so it seems like a waste of a pedal assignment. Is it possible to reassign, or is it always Comp?
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