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  1. Does anyone know of an appendix or document that explains channel presets and when you should or shouldn't use them? For example, what is the difference between BassCab1 and BassCab2, or what is the difference between BassDirect1 and BassDirect2. Martin
  2. I have gone through the exercise of converting a bunch of files to MP3 and putting them on my SD card to use as break music. On my computer everything looks fine. When I put the SD card into the m20d and go through the add files to media player exercise, every MP3 file has a duplicate file the has a prefix of "._" (a period and underscore). These files are non-playable and can not be added. The issue is, I can not use the "select all" feature. I have to manually select each file manually to add to media player. This is very time consuming when you have a lot of files. Anyone else encounter this, and is there a solution or work around?
  3. How does everyone run their FBS procedure? Do you run it after all the auto trim procedures are complete? Do you run it with just monitors turned up and FOH off or both on? Do you raise the level of each mic one at a time until something starts feeding back?
  4. I just purchased this one from Amazon. I haven't used it that much but so far so good. Engenius Eub9801 Dual Band 5Ghz 2.4Ghz Wireless Usb Wi-Fi Adapter Dongle 300Mbps Black
  5. Thanks for the feedback SiWatts69! Good caveat pointer. I hadn't really thought of that. I'm curious about the DI box on keys rather than direct to the mixer. I am the keyboard player and I intend to have the mixer within reach of me. If it works out, I plan on eliminating my keyboard amp altogether, run direct to the mixer and use my regular monitor for keys monitor. IS there any advantage in using a DI in this scenario? Another question, do you "ring out" the room utilizing the FBS feature? If so at what point do you do this, and do you have both the FOH and monitors turned up to performance level when you do it?
  6. I know how to create groups for input channels but I'm not seeing how I can create groups or busses for outputs. I would like to have the ability to control the 4 monitor volumes simultaneously once I have them dialed in. Is this possible?
  7. Soooo...I bought the Stagescape mixer a couple of months ago. Love it so far! I've done a lot of forums reading, skimmed through the manual, watched a lot of videos, and played with the unit a fair amount. I'm getting ready to do our first gig with it, 5 piece country rock band. For me, there's a certain level of anxiety that comes with this first time adventure and it's probably in part due to not being a sound engineer. Anyhow, I'm thinking if I had a process or workflow map of setting up the M20d properly for the gig I may have a fighting chance. Does anyone have or can share with me the high level steps you take to set-up the M20d for your band? I "borrowed" some of these from other posts, but this is what I've come up with so far: Pre gig set-up - Stage with mics and instruments - Use canned pre-sets for starters - Set up monitors Gig set-up - Masters all down (some monitor level ok) - Set vox levels to unity gain - Set all other instruments to -5db - Auto trim Kick and Snare independently for baseline (mic) - Auto trim the overheads while drummer plays full kit (mics) - Re-autotrim all three drum channels. - Auto trim bass independently (line level input) - Auto trim guitar (mic) - Auto trim keys (direct) - Auto trim vox mics seperatly - Record sound check song(s) - Tweak FOH What am I missing? At what point should I ring out the room? Does someone have a preferred process for doing that? All pointers welcome. Thanks Martin
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