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  1. Latency seems to be an unavoidable artifact of DAW recording. Most DAWs have the ability to compensate for latency on the recording, but monitoring while recording the signal can be problematic. The best way around that is to monitor from the headphone jack of the HD500.
  2. I'm not a Mac expert, but if I were having those problems in Windows, I would try increasing the size of the ASIO buffer.
  3. I used these on my JTV59 and they were a perfect fit. The screw holes even matched up. I found them at guitarfetish.com. Search under "Sperzel Style Locking Tuners" if you're interested. E70 Sperzel Style Locking Tuners 3x3 Chrome
  4. I think $999 is a fair price for the capability, considering that it is a simultaneous 3 channel transmitter/receiver. That said, I believe most Vax owners would have no real need for it, or desire to pay that much for it. Would it chew up digital channels in a multi-channel (mics, instruments, etc) environment?
  5. I'm not totally understanding. Are you trying to use GearBox to control your Line 6 interface so that you can record in your DAW, or are you trying to use the plug-in to modify/re-amp a previously recorded track. Use the stand-alone to record via ASIO for the first use case, and use the plug-in (licensed) for the second. The plug-in must be licensed, and Line 6 no longer sells the license for the GearBox plug-in. You best bet is the POD Farm 2.5 plug-in
  6. Probably "pots". That said, I was having a similar issue. It turned out to be a bad USB cable.
  7. Hi. I don't know the reasoning behind it, but the line inputs can only be used with each other, and not the instrument or mic inputs.
  8. Unfortunately, POD Farm will not remedy the difficulty you are having with T4. The sends from the UX1 will always be stereo pairs 1/2 & 3/4. There is no way to get around this in Riffworks, which is designed to record one track or layer at a time.
  9. Nope. They are different. If I recall correctly, the XT's power supply outputs AC, and the HD500's power supply outputs DC voltage.
  10. There is also a CMOS battery inside the unit that powers the internal memory. It can go bad after time (years). It is about the size of a quarter. You'll need to be handy with a soldering iron to replace it.
  11. Another possibility . . . What troubleshooting have you done to eliminate variables? Have you tried the mic with a different cable? Have you tried the mic & cable with a different device to make sure it is working? Have you tried a different USB cable?
  12. You definitely need phantom power with the AT2035. Have you double checked the "Input" setting" in POD Farm to make sure it is pointing to the MIC port on the UX2 that you are using? Have you checked the MIC cable? Have you checked to make sure that the AT2035 is working properly by using it with another device? Have you checked the USB cable and tried a different USB port? Troubleshooting is the process of eliminating variables, one at a time. What troubleshooting steps have you taken? What have you been able to eliminate as being the possible source of the problem?
  13. What are the pickup types on your guitars? If they are active pickups, then you should be using the PAD input. Another possibility is that the normal input jack might be a bit dirty, causing a noisy connection. You might want to gently swab it with a q-tip and contact cleaner.
  14. What is your mic? Does it need phantom power? If so, do you have the phantom power button turned on? How about the gain knobs on the UX2?
  15. http://line6.com/software Enjoy :) Make sure you run Line 6 License Manager. You should be able to restore your licenses through that.
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