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  1. BigChas52's post in Factory reset on POD Studio UX2 was marked as the answer   
    Do some basic troubleshooting.  Eliminate the variables.
    Try a different USB port
    Try a different USB cable
    Try a different PC
    As far as having no sound from the Mic, have you selected the Mic as the input source in POD Farm?
  2. BigChas52's post in Phantom Power Problem was marked as the answer   
    If you are getting a lot of static noise, it could be a few different things.  Troubleshooting is the elimination of variables, so here are some things to try:
    1.  Make sure that the UX2's gain pot isn't dirty.  Work the gain control a bit to reduce any dirt and corrosion
    2.  Make sure that gain is set as low as you can make it.  You might be overloading the pre-amp.
    3.  Use a POD Farm 2 preset that is designed for vocals, such as "Male Lead Vocals"
    4.  Try a different XLR cable.  You might have a bad one.  (eliminate the possibility of a bad cable)
    5.  Try the MIC 2 input. (eliminate the possibility of a bad input on the UX2)
    6.  Try the mic, using the XLR cable in another device - Perhaps a friend has a PA or recording setup that you can test it with.
    Lastly, I would suggest a better mic. I would surmise that you are working in an acoustically untreated space, like a bedroom, or basement.  Condenser mics are rather sensitive and can pick up lots of background noise.  I would try to get a decent dynamic mic and work from there.  If you are recording more instruments than vocals, I would try a Shure SM57. If it's more vocals than instruments, go with a Shure SM58.  You can find either of those for about $60 USD or less used, or about $100 USD new.  Good luck.
  3. BigChas52's post in Any alternatives for Line 6 UX1? was marked as the answer   
    I've checked several other manufacturers.  I own several alternatives to Line 6, including interfaces from Avid (ElevenRack), Focusrite (Scarlett 18i/8), and IKMultimedia (I've forgotten which one atm, since it isn't currently part of my recording setup), and I've checked all of their web sites for Windows 10 compatibility, and none of them are touting themselves as being "Windows 10 Ready."  I've held back from upgrading to Win 10 just for those reasons.
  4. BigChas52's post in Purchased Add-ons for Pod XT Bean years ago-could I apply them to a XT Live? was marked as the answer   
    A few years ago Line 6 made a change in the licensing structure so that your licenses follow your Line 6 account.  If you get a replacement POD XT you should be able to use your previously purchased licenses.
  5. BigChas52's post in Pod X3 Modulation: Dimension was marked as the answer   
    Have you looked in the POD X3 Model Gallery manual?  It's based on the Roland Dimension D stereo chorus.
  6. BigChas52's post in I keep hearing the dry signal when I record through the Instrument port on my UX2 was marked as the answer   
    Turn the DI level all the way down
  7. BigChas52's post in iPad required at all times? was marked as the answer   
    You only need the iPAD for editing your patches.  Once you have your patches set up and arranged to your satisfaction, you do not need to use the iPAD.
  8. BigChas52's post in Line 6 Edit Software Will Not Recognize Pod Hd500x was marked as the answer   
    Are you using Line 6 Edit, or POD HD500X Edit.  Line 6 Edit will not work.  It sounds like you've installed the wrong one.
  9. BigChas52's post in Will Line6 Ux2 Work With Reaper? was marked as the answer   
    Make sure you install the Line 6 UX-2 ASIO driver.  Reaper will be able to pick them up and use them.  When you install Reaper, make sure to point it to the directories where you have installed your VSTs.
  10. BigChas52's post in Active Authorization Limit Reached On Toneport Ux1 was marked as the answer   
    Click the "My Devices" link to see what else you may have authorized.  You can only have 4 devices or computers licensed at a time.
  11. BigChas52's post in Ux2 Will Not Work With Ult Pod 2.0 was marked as the answer   
    Except you do not already have the license.  The license was attached to your GX.  Yes, you need to pay the $100.  Sorry.
  12. BigChas52's post in Pod Farm 2.56 Issue (not Load Effects And Amp Anymore) was marked as the answer   
    You will need to run the Line 6 License Manager.  It gets installed when you install Line 6 Monkey.
  13. BigChas52's post in Don't Need Ilock For 3rd Party Inerfaces To Use Podfarm? was marked as the answer   
    The standard POD Farm 2 license will work with just about any ASIO hardware now.  It assigns to your user account and the computer.
    Just to clarify, NOT the iLok one.  The iLok version is for plug-in processing only.
  14. BigChas52's post in Are There Any Tonal Differences Between Pod Farm 1 And Pod Farm 2.5? was marked as the answer   
    Tonally, they are the same.  Same modeling tech.
  15. BigChas52's post in Podfarm Tuner was marked as the answer   
    It is chromatic tuning.  The default is A=440, but that can be adjusted.
  16. BigChas52's post in Questions Regarding Selling Pod Studio Gx was marked as the answer   
    YOu should de-authorize it and remove the add-ons from it before transferring it.  Your add-ons will stay with your account.
  17. BigChas52's post in Dt25/dt50, Cabinet Necessary? was marked as the answer   
    No, you cannot use the DI on the DT25/50 without a speaker load.  Well you can, but you'll burn out the amp.  The output section is pushing wattage even if you are using the DI.  Sorry.
    To second what Zap said, the DI emulations coming out of the DT are pretty much that same as what is coming out of the HD500, with a maybe touch of the output section mixed in.  Unless you are playing alone on stage, no one will notice the difference in the mix except you.
  18. BigChas52's post in Any More Amp Models For The X3 Pro? was marked as the answer   
    Sorry, no.  The X3 series comes fully loaded with all of the amps that are available for that series.  Since Line 6 has moved on to the HD series, I do not expect that you'll see anything new for X3.
  19. BigChas52's post in Toneport Ux1 License! was marked as the answer   
    Are you logging into license manager with the account that you used to purchase POD Farm 2?  Purchased licenses follow your account.  You will not need to repurchase, but you will need to log in with the proper account.
  20. BigChas52's post in Trying To Make A Basic, Cheap Setup - Would This Work? was marked as the answer   
    By using the USB interface with the ASIO drivers, you do add a noticeable degree of latency for live play, which is why the analog/line-outs, with "Tone Direct"  are preferable for live play/monitoring situations.  I use the ASIO drivers strictly.
    I have been using a UX-2 as my PC input device for years without noticeable latency.  The GX can work just as well using the line-out.  There are two ways to make this work for you:
    1.  Take the analog outputs/line out and feed them to the aux in of your PC's sound card (which is what I do)
    2. Attach the analog outputs/line out directly to a powered speaker system (this is usually what Line 6 recommends, but I disagree)
    Note that with the first option, you want to keep your PC's sound card as the default output device, and make sure that the aux input is enabled.
  21. BigChas52's post in Still Confused On How To Manage My Licenses was marked as the answer   
    In that case, you only need to authorize the UX-2 on the computer, but not register the computer as an authorized device.
    I know it's a bit confusing, but making the computer an authorized device allows you to use POD Farm 2 without having the UX-2 attached.  If you don't want to do that, don't waste a lifetime authorization.
    Sounds like you might want to open a support ticket to have your lifetime authorizations reset anyway.
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