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Line 6 Edit Software Will Not Recognize Pod Hd500x

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I have a new PD HD500X which am trying to connect to Edit software to download custom tones.  I have successfully installed Line 6 Monkey and the USB connection is fine.  Monkey recognizes the POD HD500X with no problem.All Drivers, Firmware, Flash, etc. is up to date.

However, when I run Line 6 Edit, it will not recognize the POD HD500X, and immediately opens a midi connection screen as if I were trying to connect via MIDI cables which I am not.

I have tried uninstalling drivers, the firmware, and the Edit software to no avail.  

Please help!


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Are you using Line 6 Edit, or POD HD500X Edit.  Line 6 Edit will not work.  It sounds like you've installed the wrong one.

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