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Toneport Ux1 License!

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Hi, I changed my computer, then I start line 6 license manager and authorice my laptop to use two add ons That I had in my other laptop.


I autthorice succesfully, then I restart ( line 6 manager ask me to do that) And bam! Doesnt work, Pod farm tell me that I am using a trial mode and I have to enable my add ons with line 6 license manager. Over a over again! this is insane. I need my add ons, Im not gonna buy them again.


Collector classic, and metal shop.


Really dissapointed with line 6 license manager ( bad software)

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are you using pod farm 1? pod farm 2 is the only version that has a trial version... and you don't mention having bout a pod farm 2 license, and they were never included on the toneport models (only pod studios, and not all of them... depends on date purchased.)

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Are you logging into license manager with the account that you used to purchase POD Farm 2?  Purchased licenses follow your account.  You will not need to repurchase, but you will need to log in with the proper account.

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