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Phantom Power Problem

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I'm using a line 6 UX2. 


@psarkissian This might be the problem. The microphone is apparently an "Electret Condenser Microphone" - without phantom power, the microphone isn't picking up anything when connected to the ux2. 


This is the microphone -


The microphone kit came with a USB connector, which is what I used to test whether the microphone was working or not. (XLR to USB)

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If you are getting a lot of static noise, it could be a few different things.  Troubleshooting is the elimination of variables, so here are some things to try:


1.  Make sure that the UX2's gain pot isn't dirty.  Work the gain control a bit to reduce any dirt and corrosion

2.  Make sure that gain is set as low as you can make it.  You might be overloading the pre-amp.

3.  Use a POD Farm 2 preset that is designed for vocals, such as "Male Lead Vocals"

4.  Try a different XLR cable.  You might have a bad one.  (eliminate the possibility of a bad cable)

5.  Try the MIC 2 input. (eliminate the possibility of a bad input on the UX2)

6.  Try the mic, using the XLR cable in another device - Perhaps a friend has a PA or recording setup that you can test it with.


Lastly, I would suggest a better mic. I would surmise that you are working in an acoustically untreated space, like a bedroom, or basement.  Condenser mics are rather sensitive and can pick up lots of background noise.  I would try to get a decent dynamic mic and work from there.  If you are recording more instruments than vocals, I would try a Shure SM57. If it's more vocals than instruments, go with a Shure SM58.  You can find either of those for about $60 USD or less used, or about $100 USD new.  Good luck.

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