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  1. Ok, your questions don't make any sense. Helix does not mix/record anything, that is done in some other software you are using, Audacity, Reason, Cubase... No idea what your question about the cloud/download is supposed to reference.
  2. 'Line 6' is a manufacturer -what software package did you get - PodFarm or Helix? These can be used as 'plug-ins' in recording or other software, or could be stand-alone. So these are not 'sound creation' apps, they modify sounds input to them.
  3. Turn OFF track monitoring in your DAW.
  4. Unless you have a way to bypass the mic preamps in your interface, I would probably avoid XLR-XLR cables but these would be more 'shielded', than standard instrument cables if you used standard 1/4"-1/4" cables. Unless you have some unusual RF interference problems, any cables should work for you.
  5. You need a good mic pre-amp. The usual way is to get an audio interface device that includes a mic pre-amp and connec1gs to your computer via USB (such as the various Line 6 devices).
  6. Is it still under warranty? Service by a factory-authorized tech would be the next step, that is not normal!
  7. If it only has a USB connector (not a XLR or 1/4"), then NO.
  8. No, you load new presets into the empty user banks (16 banks of 4 patches each). (That's the number of places in the Spider IV, I assume the V is the same).
  9. If you are recording, you should get an Audio Interface of some kind - whether it be a POD, or something else. Then the speakers plug into it. Saving up 2X as much money will allow you to get monitors that have a fuller low end (bass). For example JBL LSR305, with a bass response down to 45 Hz.
  10. I don't believe you can do that unless you had the sound file stored in some type of MIDI-controlled device, like a sampler. Possibly a sampler app would allow MIDI control.
  11. Sorry, its not clear what you are asking. You can use the FBV3 as a MIDI controller (turn on and off a MIDI channel or effect, for example, that is in a device or your computer). Not sure what you think a 'rain effect' is - do you mean a prerecorded rain sound?
  12. "record my keystrokes"?? Your Yammie's only audio out is a 1/4" stereo headphone jack. A standard instrument cable should provide the audio out to the Helix (left channel only). So in Logic, you need to set up a track for audio recording with the Helix as the audio source. You can't record MIDI keystrokes, if that's what you were aiming for.
  13. Check the connector pins in the jack on the FBV and POD. They are easily bent.
  14. Check your master volume control? I always turn mine down before turning off the amp, old valve amp habit.
  15. Does the amp display show that the amp actually changed channels? The first thing to do would be to back up any of your user-created patches to a computer via the FBV and a USB cable. Then do a factory reset and see if that fixes the issue.
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