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  1. The sample rate for the output device needs to match the sample rate that was recorded, or you will have a pitch change!
  2. Yeah, I doubt Win 7 (or older) drivers would allow it to work in Win 10. As to your amp issues, a factory reset MIGHT work, but there may also be a failed board component. Whichever foot controller you have - have you tried a new Cat5 cable first? Those are usually the first things to fail, as they are stiff and easy for the connectors to bend out of shape.
  3. The best acoustic guitar sound is going to come from miking the guitar, not plugging it in. But if you can get the sound you want with a preset, then record that. Doesn't 'bypass' mute the output??
  4. So no changes if you adjust the channel or master volume controls?
  5. Have you done a factory reset? Possible that something in your channel or master volumes has got zeroed?
  6. You should ask the question in the POD section of the forums. The Shortboard is just a controller, no sounds are housed in it.
  7. Generally, the distortion/fuzz sound of the Spider IV is described as 'fizzy' when cranked to the level that is popular for metal. If you use outboard stompboxes and keep the amp's sopund cleaner, it can work.
  8. Well, you may have figured it out by finally deleting all the Line 6 files, not just uninstalling the drivers (which leaves the files on your computer). Now you should try downloading the latest drivers and installing them. It may just been a glitch in the files. This was a frequent issue back in the WIn 7 days, and deleting the files and starting again was the solution that seemed to work most often.
  9. I assume you are plugging directly into the computer's line input. You should be using an audio interface that allows direct monitoring.
  10. One thing you need to look at is how many mic pre-amps you require. The Behr UMC1820 has 8, that Kmix looks like it only has 2.
  11.  I am trying to get the SPIDER VALVE MKll EDIT app. I have followed the installation guide to a T but it doesn’t appear in my apps area in line 6 monkey. 
    all cables are good. Monkey sees both the amp and SHORTBOARD fine. Using the cat 5 cable from the pedalboard to the amp 

    1. fflbrgst


      Sorry, I am not familiar with the Spider Valve amp.  Spider Edit worked with the Spider 1V amps, I know that.

  12. The presets are not in the Shortboard, they are in your amp. Call up the preset you want, then save it to the user preset place where you want it.
  13. Are you recording live bands, hence the need for 12 tracks of simultaneous input? Your Behringer mixer is only giving you a stereo USB output. Why 'motorized' faders, if you are using a DAW?
  14. When you use presets, ALL the settings are based on the saved settings, except the master volume. When you touch/move any knob, you change that particular setting to wherever the knob is moved to.
  15. Disable 'sleep mode'. This messes up settings. Restarting/replugging-in USB devices is almost always needed when the computer goes to sleep due to the USB circuit going to sleep too. There's really no good reason to use 'sleep mode'. Shut down the computer if you are done for the night, or just leave it on. Sleep mode was developed to prevent 'burn in' problems with old CRT monitors.
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