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  1. fflbrgst

    What's New

    Helix. You can use the software with any interface.
  2. Your guitar plugs into the amp, not the controller.
  3. fflbrgst

    Presets Won't Load

    Did you purchase Podfarm, or are you using the free version? The free verison is a 'stripped down' one and doesn't contain all the available amps/FX.etc.
  4. fflbrgst

    Record Guitar with Spider V 240 HC to Logic Pro

    The Spider V has a USB output, plug that into your computer, and select it as the audio input device in Logic.
  5. The Alesis has a 'direct/USB' monitor mix dial, can you hear the guitar when you turn the dial to 'direct'? I'm wondering that since the Alesis is an older device, you don't have drivers that are compatible with your OS (are you running Win 10?)
  6. You don't need an audio interface if you just want to plug the Spider V amp into your computer and record the DI - the amp has a USB output for this. You would only need an audio interface if you wanted to mic the speaker of the amp.
  7. DO you have the Alesis selected in PodFarm AND Windows (assume that's your O/S) as the audio input and output device, and headphones/speakers plugged into the Alesis?
  8. You can use PodFarm and EZ Drummer in Reaper... yes, there is a learning curve, as there is with any DAW, but its worth it!
  9. fflbrgst

    Got shocked from the new puchased spider V

    Stop using this amp! There is something wrong in the wiring (the amp itself should have 3 wires to its power section - positive, negative and ground). Since you say you do not have '3 prong' wiring there, someone has probably wired up a 2 prong plug and attached the amp's ground wire to the negative 'prong'.
  10. Easy solution - move away from GarageBand to a full-featured DAW! Try Reaper, free to download and try it, $60 to register it.
  11. fflbrgst

    Very good idea, but ....

    Interesting discussion. I'm not surprised that the acoustic sound is not great - no different than plugging an acoustic into any electric guitar amp, once can adjust to 'clean' sounds, but it never quite gets there. The manufacture decision to put controls on the top-back corner of amps has been one of my peeves for a long time!
  12. fflbrgst

    Weird audio bug

    Could be a sample rate thing - do you have your software set for 44K or 48K?
  13. fflbrgst

    Spider 4 120 Has No Sound!

    RMEG - this thread is 4/5 years old, doubt that 'razorstage' comes back here. Which amp are you using and how old is it? Unfortunately, amp components do fail. Have you hooked up the amp to your computer to make sure the firmware is updated?
  14. fflbrgst

    Spider IV 75w Portable Power Supply?

    Not sure of the cost, you would need use a high-strength battery (maybe a marine style?) and a power inverter - in the end this is one big rig to be wheeling around for busking! Most cities have noise limits that would keep you from really using an amp of this size. I know some people are using USB power supplies (converting their output to 9v) to power pedals when busking, or for just staying power-wireless on stage.
  15. fflbrgst

    Using Pod Farm 2 as Plugin?

    Yes, I use it all the time for DI-ed bass, and occasionally, as well, for DI-ed guitar. As long as its installed as a plug-in (rescan your VSTs in Reaper if you don't see it), you just insert it on a track.