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  1. Even though there was no actual input, its possible that connecting the amp this way created an electric feedback circuit and burned out components in the input section of the preamp. The 15 is not a serviceable amp - its very low cost so just an evaluation would cost more than replacing the amp.
  2. Are you using this in Windows? IF so, check your Windows audio settings - the default output is 100%.
  3. fflbrgst

    switch to wah

    It really has to do with the metal tabs that are inside the selector. Over time (and use) they will flex easier.
  4. You assign the sound patch to the A B C or D location on the amp, and then switch to each with the FBV's buttons. Use the 'save' button to access 'save guitar tone' Most people don't find the L6 manuals very good - you can find plenty of youtube tutorials with a search.
  5. fflbrgst

    Updating & Backing Up Presets...

    You should be able to download Spider IV Edit with no issues, I just tried it.
  6. fflbrgst

    How to use tutoral

    Suggest you do a search on youtube.
  7. fflbrgst

    switch to wah

    Step on the 'toe' of the pedal very hard (you have to stand up to get enough pressure to do it).
  8. No, it's HARMONY, not change of the original note.
  9. fflbrgst

    Please help

    If you haven't done so yet, download and read the users guide: https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3e11a5258c19333c8a00/application/pdf/Spider%20V%20Pilot's%20Guide%20-%20English%20.pdf It's not very clear, but what you need to do is save the sounds you want to a particular User bank, in locations A, B, C, and D, then you select that bank before starting the song. If you have different sounds for the next song, you need to save those to another bank, and select that before starting the song.
  10. You're getting the FBV3 Controller mixed up with the Spider 3 amp. The OP was about using the FBV3 controller with a Spider 4 amp.
  11. I don't have experience with the Spider V, but with the Spider IV, the Express pedal is only assignable for volume or Wah.
  12. Each controller's product page lists the compatible amps: https://line6.com/foot-controllers/
  13. If you only anticipate recording your amp, and only ever using 1 microphone, you can use an audio interface with a a single mic preamp - however many people find that having 2 input (to use 2 microphones or to caputer ra DI + a mic) can be very useful. There are a number of AIs with 1 mic input and one instrument input - Steinberg, Forcusrite, etc, for $99, but for $150, the choices with 2 mic inputs is huge. The Roland Tri-Capture is discontinued, does this dealer have a used one available? It should sell for about $75, it was $125 when new - but the problem will be that there may not be drivers available for your current O/S.
  14. fflbrgst

    Spiders IV can’t tune one string

    Guitar tuners are fickle things - this can happen with an amp's tuner, a tuner pedal or a clip-on tuner. I assume you mean the low E string, which can be problematic all the time to tune. get it close, then fret on the 5th fret to tune it to the A string.