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  1. fflbrgst

    FBV Volume control question Please

    No, it doesn't affect the master volume - it is an 'extra' rheostat in line. If your master volume is set to '2', then depressing the FBV volume pedal all the way down will only get the volume up to that '2' setting.
  2. fflbrgst

    FBV Volume control question Please

    That's correct. The Aux In signal is not affected by any of the amp controls, the only way to adjust the sound (including volume) is with your playback device.
  3. fflbrgst

    Guitar port at windows 10

    What do you mean 'get me off to the amplifiers'? PodFarm is a software package you would need to install on your computer, if that's what you are referring to.
  4. Sounds like you have the bit-rate setting wrong. There is 44.1 and 48 - check your Reaper settings.
  5. fflbrgst

    Where is FBV Control??

    Select your hardware, software and operating system, click on 'go': https://line6.com/software/
  6. fflbrgst

    update for line6 spider IV 75

    Sorry to tell you that the FBV3 cannot be used as in interface to a computer with this amp. It's spelled out on the product page: https://line6.com/foot-controllers/fbv3 You need a FBV Express MkII or Shortboard MkII for that.
  7. 'Deep and choppy' - this would seem to be from a different sample rate in the other software you are opening.
  8. fflbrgst

    how to save a customized tone

    Yes, saving a tone overwrites what is in that User Patch. With the Spider IV 15 & 30 you have 4 patch positions to save tones. With higher models, you have banks, each with 4 patch locations. The patches that are in those places from the factory are the same as patches in the song/artist banks. You can restore all user patches to the original factory settings my doing a factory reset - holding the A button in while turning on the power to the amp.
  9. I suspect that Neewer phantom power unit is the cause of the noise.
  10. The Line6 people say 'no' to the Cat6 cable, although a user reported here that he was able to use one.
  11. fflbrgst

    New User Here

    Sorry to tell you that this small practice amp does not have that feature. You can only 'create' tones by using the on-board controls, and saving them to one of the 4 patch locations.
  12. That's how the looper works. If they made it that easy they would not sell any of the Floorboards!
  13. I am not sure about the Spider V, but it is not possible with the IV, the way to do it is to set the 4 patches being used in the bank that way - so 'A' has the FX (in question) off, 'B', has it on, etc.
  14. fflbrgst

    Static pop

    For future reference, the UX2 is an audio interface. This is a mixer: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/1202FX--behringer-xenyx-1202fx-mixer-with-effects Using the correct terminology makes it easier for others to help you.
  15. Do you have the UX1 plugged in (and chosen as the audio input device) when this happens? I'm guessing 'no', and your Podfarm license is tied to having it selected.