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  1. The type of amp, size of it, and more all effect the actual guitar sound. What you hear through the PA is a reproduction of that sound as it comes form the amp or the software emulation. No bands use the 'wall of empty boxes'. Frequencies don't get 'twisted' by hitting hard or soft surfaces, but these can muffle or accentuate certain frequencies as well as produce unwanted reflections/reverberations.
  2. Sorry, not understanding what you are saying. Of course, you need to plug the receiver into the amp if you are not using the Line 6 built-in system.
  3. I assume you mean that the straight-in plug on the receiver wouldn't fit due to the size/angle of the receiver. No, this won't do anything to the amp.
  4. You have to program the patches/sounds you want into the Patch Banks of the amp. You select the amp bank you want via the buttons on the front, then select the channel (A,B,C,D) with the FBV.
  5. I haven't used Cakewalk in more than 10 years, but have you armed a track for recording, and selected the HD as the input device on that track?
  6. First mistake - relying on Guitar Center guys' knowledge! No, you cannot update the Spider IV using an FBV3.
  7. What interface are you using? Did you buy PodFarm separately, or was it included with a Line 6 interface?
  8. Standard vs Platinum, yes that is the difference, more amp and FX models.
  9. As to the wah/volume - did you step on the toe switch? They are pretty stiff to change over, you can't do it by hand.
  10. Gearbox is old software, no longer supported. Whenever you got the UX2, it did not come with the full version of PODFARM 2. You would need to purchase this. Line 6 does not give you the option of downloading the full version and trying it out before purchasing.
  11. You should not be plugging in the Cat5 cable/FBV when the amp is on. (General rule for ANY amps/pedals/cables).
  12. Just pull the cable out and look at them, it will be easy to spot if any are bent out of place - then just bend them back!
  13. You should hear no difference in sound between the 2 sample-rate settings - from what an online search shows, the difference in sound could be from input gain differences. When running PodFarm as a plug-in the sample rate is controlled by the DAW; when running as stand-alone the sample rate is controlled by the AI settings. I think PodFarm only runs at 44.1/48, and internally converts if a higher sample rate is used.
  14. Which FBV MkII do you have - I assume the Express? What amp are you using? When calibrating the FBV you should not be plugged into the computer with USB. Have you tried a different CAT5 cable? Checked the pins in the amp and pedal jacks?
  15. What do you mean by 'custom effects'? Using the controls on the amp, you can adjust some of the parameters on each built-in effect, then save that patch into the amp (however you are limited to just 4 patches on that amp).
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