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  1. the "BZZZAAAPPP" happens to me with a Tascam interface, running Win7 - even when that computer is not connected to the internet, but I bet that something is 'grabbing' the drivers.
  2. Sorry, I mistyped, connect to the computer with the USB cable.
  3. First, try connecting it to your computer with the USB cable, register it and download Monkey and check for updated software. If its still not working, return it to where you bought it for a new one.
  4. fflbrgst


    Typically, delays (and reverbs) are going to sound better with 'post' settings - meaning they are after the other preamp settings (like distortion, gain, etc) - if you use the 'pre' routing, you are sending the delayed clean guitar signal through the gain/distortion effects.
  5. One solution would be to put a stompbox pedal (one without full bypass) to act as a buffer. This works with active pickups, so should also solve your problem.
  6. fflbrgst

    Factory reset not working

    "my amp is now stuck with tones I don't want " - meaning you cannot save new patches? I'm pretty sure the 'tap' light flashes on in time to whatever FX are in the preset tone patch. If it didn't flash before, it was because the speed had been dialed down to '0' in the FX, factory reset would have changed it back to the default speed.
  7. fflbrgst

    Two Spider IV 75 amps in Stereo?

    Not the solution you are looking for, but you could use the headphone/DI stereo output of one Spider 4 and send that signal to 2 amps/speakers (or to a stereo input on a stereo PA mixer).
  8. Windows 8 had a similar problem early in its release, where the audio was being saved in a file, and when it filled up, it would stop playing the audio until the computer was restarted, which re-started that file.
  9. fflbrgst

    Need alternative for GuitarPort

    If you've got the budget, the Helix is the way to go. If you just want to plug your guitar into something to hear it as you play, and are not concerned with the FX or modeling, then you could use a simple battery-operated headphone amp like the one Vox makes. As to using your Bluetooth headphones, you would need to plug a Bluetooth transmitter into the headphone output of any audio interface, I'm not sure that any come with BT except maybe those iDevice things.
  10. fflbrgst

    Need alternative for GuitarPort

    Hi GG, you're a little confused - you WANT the audio interface to act as your soundcard, it has better specs than the internal one on your computer. Maybe you only want the interface to be used when using your guitar/recording, and use the internal card when listening to music on the internet, etc? If that's the case, then you need to manually select the internal card as the default, and then manually turn it off and select the interface when you want to use it. Any audio interface can be used this way, including the GuitarPort.
  11. fflbrgst

    max volume

    'Dimed' means turning the master volume to '10'. The overall volume is a function of both the channel volume and master volume - if the channel volume is 'dimed', you wont' see much change in volume form the master volume control after you get past a certain point on the dial. The vice-versa holds true as well.
  12. Typically this type of noise is caused because the buffer in the DAW is set too low - of course people set it low so the latency is not noticeable, but there is a compromise. Go into your DAW's settings and adjust the buffer and see if it helps.
  13. fflbrgst

    Spider Classic 15 Guitar Output issues

    I assume you have tried turning up BOTH the channel volume and Master volume controls. It sounds like something n the input circuitry has gone. You can try a factory reset first, to see if that helps - hold the 'Clean' button in while turning on the amp, hold it in for a few seconds after the power comes on. Unfortunately, the 15 is not field serviceable (it would cost more to try to fix than it sells for). If its still under warranty, you can bring it back to the store where you purchased for a replacement.
  14. fflbrgst

    reaper and ux2

    I think you would need to set Reaper's input audio device to the Windows Codec (or whatever it indicates for your computer's internal sound) instead of the UX2.