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  1. Check your Windows audio settings, they may be at 100%, put them down to 50%.
  2. Not sure what you mean. You program and save your sound patches on your amp. Then access them with the A B C or D buttons on the FBV3 - and you can scroll through the banks of patches with the up and down buttons. The FS buttons are for turning on/off various FX (distortion, chorus, etc).
  3. The amp must be connected via USB to your computer and turned on prior to booting up Cubase. When you click on 'my computer', do you see the amp as a connected device?
  4. fflbrgst

    FBV ExpII Tuner

    The FBV MkII is quite a few years old now, I'm sure that during the original design stage, the engineers never conceived that someone would want to use the device that way - it was designed for use with the Spider amps (as the Mk 1 design was) PLUS computer communication for the Spider Edit software AND MIDI control.
  5. fflbrgst

    FBV ExpII Tuner

    The previous owner was incorrect. The FBV has no built-in apps, its just a switchbox-controller. The USB connection is for use with software such as Spider Edit and as a MIDI controller, it does not process audio (in fact there is no place to plug a guitar into it, and audio is not sent to it via USB). The manual does not answer the question because it is not a feature of the FBV - the tuner is a feature in the Spider amp connected to it.
  6. fflbrgst

    FBV ExpII Tuner

    The tuner is not in the FBV - it is in the amp which it is connected to (Spider amp). It sounds like you are plugging into a computer (USB), so there would be no tuner function.
  7. "a general reliability issue' - unfortunately, these amps are now many years old. Old components fail. A cold solder joint could also temporarily 'fail' when the board gets hot.
  8. fflbrgst

    guitar port

    You need software in your computer - PodFarm, Gearbox, or another guitar modeling program. Or a recording program such as Audacity or Cubase. 1) Plug Guitarport into computer via USB cable. 2) Open up software and select the Guitarport as the input device. You may need to download 'drivers' (more software) from line6.com. Set up the software for your computer. 3) Plug guitar into Guitarport. 4) Follow software steps to get sound out through headphones or speakers. If you search on YouTube, you will find many instructional videos to assist you.
  9. I assume you mean you can adjust 'Master Volume' of the amp, but then cannot hear what you are playing? (Because you have to turn the volume way down in order not to 'clip'/distort/muddy the recorded sound) Since you mention a USB audio interface, I assume you have one - do you have a microphone that can be used to mic the amp? This is always my preferred way of recording an electric guitar, rather than the amp's DI or USB output.
  10. fflbrgst

    FBV Express MK2 not working

    I understand WHY Line 6 used Cat5 cables (available technology), but it was probably the biggest design mistake they ever made with their amps (and they made plenty of errors!). The cables and connector pins are not made for continuous set-up/break down-type use. They work fine in static situations (wire it up, leave it in place). Since you already tried a new cable, next thing to check is the pins in the connectors - both the jack in the amp and the one in the pedal. If you can't find any obvious problem, next step is to check the pedal itself - go to a local store that has an FBV Express in stock, and check that with your amp, and check your pedal with one of their Spider amps.
  11. fflbrgst

    POD 2 Won't share!

    No, he's using stand-alone with the Behringer interface. To ron-e-g, you are mistaking drivers with devices. You disabled other sound devices, not drivers (drivers are the software). So when you are listening to youtube, it is through headphones or speakers plugged into the Behringer? And as soon as you load PodFarm, that audio stops? What happens if you minimize the PF window and restart the browser and select the youtube/audio again?
  12. A Spider 2 has to be a lot older than 10 years! Maybe yo bought it used? Too bad you lost your previous settings - those are in the preamp, not in the amp, so you needn't have done that. The headphone jack does not use the amp output section , so I would suspect there is a blown component (or fuse) in the output part of the amp. I've never tried disassembling the amp chassis from my Spider IV 75, so not sure how easy it is (my old Fender Bandmaster head was easy - 4 long screws held the whole thing in place, take them out and slide the chassis out). If you can do that, you should be able to look for any signs of a damaged component, or an inline fuse. Be careful of any power capacitors, they hold charge for a long time.
  13. fflbrgst

    POD 2 Won't share!

    So you still have the problem, or is it solved? If it still stops the audio on youtube, it could be because the Behringer will only accept one input at a time - either your guitar OR the internet audio. I'm guessing the Behringer does not have drivers of its own, you are using a generic driver like WDM? Maybe try 'ASIO4ALL'?
  14. fflbrgst

    POD 2 Won't share!

    Are you using the Behringer interface to listen to the online music? From your description, it seems you might be using your computer's built-in audio card. You can only use one at a time on a PC (on a Mac, you can configure aggregate sound cards). You need to disable the internal soundcard and use the Behringer for your internet audio as well as PodFarm.
  15. fflbrgst

    Delay after record is hit

    Reaper is free to download the full uncrippled version - after 2 months, If you don't pay (reasonable $69), there is a nag screen when you open it. Cakewalk Sonar is now free to download and use, too.