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  1. The line out is not amplified. There is probably less than half a watt there, enough to drive headphones. You would need to run the output to an amp first, then a speaker cabinet.
  2. No, the OP said the Express, not the Shortboard. The problem the OP had was with the Spider V. Not the Spiderjam.
  3. There is no 'tweeter' on a Spider IV 75, it is a full-frequency speaker. Guessing what you are hearing is the usual digital fizziness. EQ will help - the treble knob, and an EQ pedal in your chain might help some.
  4. What are you using for a soundcard/interface? If it is the built-in computer soundcard, check it's settings for playback.
  5. Polyphony is not the issue, it is that the pitch interval is fixed. So if you have it set for a major third (4 half-steps), and play the arpeggiated notes of an A major chord (A, C#, E), you will get C#, F, G# - which is a C# major chord, but not in the key of A, obviously. Ideally, you would want the 2nd note to be an E (3 half steps) and the 3rd note to be an A (5 half steps) so that it all sounds as the same chord (A major).
  6. Does this happen no matter how you have the pickups selected? I wonder if it is only when both are connected, and you have one wired backwards (a phase issue).
  7. I never use the stand-alone PF. I recently got a new computer for recording, and installed PF on it, and of course none of my presets from the old computer came over - is there an easy way to do so? I still have access to the old computer's files.
  8. Your preset patches are stored in your amp. Whichever bank of patches you have called up on your amp are the 4 (A,B,C,D) accessible using the FBV. FBV Control is used for controlling other MIDI devices or software.
  9. Original posts were from 2013 and 2014, I'm sure those users have the issues solved by now!
  10. No, you can't use the Firehawk for that. You need either an FBV MkII Express or MkII Shortboard.
  11. Ok, but you never posted here until now. Did you get any replies on your support ticket after first starting one? Did you follow up? I imagine the first step after that would be to take the amp to a Line 6 authorized repair center.
  12. Evidently! Yet you never came to these forums before to look for a solution? Did you ever create a support ticket?
  13. I suggest you read the user manual: https://line6.com/support/manuals/spideriv75 about changing/editing parameters and saving patches.
  14. Are you using an FBV Mk11 Express? The A B C and D switches change the amp to the currently selected bank's patches. I suspect you don't have the tone patches set up in the banks correctly.
  15. https://line6.com/software/index.html You need to select the software in the middle drop-down box and your O/S in the right side drop-down box.
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