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  1. Sounds like a Windows 10 problem - I get the same ('BAD POOL HEADER') BSOD frequently with Win 10 when using Chrome browser. As my computer came with Win 10 already loaded, I do not have discs or license number to do a fresh install. It crashes several times a day, sometimes with BSOD, sometimes just locks up and I do a cold reboot. Luckily I have a WIn 7 machine I use for music stuff.
  2. "I have XLRs coming out of Helix into the DAW" - no you don't, you have XLR cables running into an audio interface (my guess). You don't need to do this, you can send the audio into your DAW using the Helix USB, take a look at pages 54 and beyond in the user manual. The way to get around the problem is to insert the audio track (the one you are streaming) into your DAW - that means you have to buy it or record it first.
  3. fflbrgst

    Spider Iv Master Volume Knob Problem

    Save the factory patch to one of the user patch locations after making the changes in channel volume.
  4. fflbrgst

    Can't hear anything!

    Sounds like you may need to reinstall your audio device drivers - but first look at your settings for audio devices and see if anything is showing.
  5. Sorry, it's not clear what the problem is. The 'effects' are in PodFarm, you must have that software on to hear the effects!
  6. It sounds like you are plugging the mic directly into the laptop, not into the USB soundcard. The soundcard (or audio interface) should have an ZLR input jack - this would indicate it has a mic preamp in it. If it only has a 1/8" (3.5mm) jack, it may not.
  7. fflbrgst

    Spider IV, 75 - Reverb problem

    Great! When you do a 'factory reset', it resets the default settings on everything to the most-recent firmware update that the amp has had, not necessarily what came from the factory.
  8. fflbrgst

    Spider IV, 75 - Reverb problem

    It sounds like its an old model that never got the firmware updates. Do you have an FBV Mk11 pedal to connect it to your computer to get download the updates?
  9. It appears from your comments that you have the reverb (or delay) turned up too far. Choosing the particular preset (A, B, C, D) also sets the reverb/delay and other things like Drive and bass and treble. So just turn down the reverb!
  10. Assume you are all using Win 10. First thing I'd try is a system restore back to before the last Win 10 update. I've had issues with some s/w almost every time Win 10 updates. If the system restore doesn't work, I've had to uninstall the software, then re-install it (not just update it).
  11. fflbrgst

    Spider IV update

    Sorry you didn't do any checking before purchasing the FBV3, I suggest you return it if your main purpose of getting the controller was to be able to connect the Spider IV to your computer for updating/preset saving. Otherwise, look for a used FBV Mk2 Express pedal for that purpose, these can often be found for about $50.
  12. In Reaper's 'Options' drop-down menu, you need to select the audio device and its channels, sounds like you are at the default 1-2, and need to add 3-4.
  13. fflbrgst

    Volume setting won't save

    You are trying to save the channel volume, not the master volume, correct?
  14. fflbrgst

    Spider IV 75W looses preset memory

    Doesn't sound promising. At this point, I would suggest you do a factory reset (hold the 'A' button in while powering up), and see if that corrects anything. Note that you will lose any saved presets when you do this. If the factory reset doesn't work, you'll need to bring it to a factory authorized service center for evaluation. It might not be worth the cost of repair at this point, being an older amp.
  15. Reaper automatically compensates for latency, so this sounds like a driver problem.