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  1. Did you move over your saved patches from the old computer? "tin can with a spoon in a silo" sounds like you have reverb on full.
  2. Try a different CAT5 cable to the amp. Check the pins of the jacks on both the FBV and amp, they are easy to bend out of place.
  3. What is the device you have this plugged into?
  4. That's not an issue with the FBV, it's an amp problem. If you unplug the FBV, does the same thing happen with the sound?
  5. Totally depends on how you use it. Does the Express NOT do what you need? I haven't gigged with mine in years, but I found it easy to set up the preset patches on my Spider how I wanted, no need for individual switching of particular effects.
  6. "Classic Speaker" is a particular cabinet/speaker setting, so you can't change it. Full Range lets you alter the speaker emulation and the mic that is 'picking it up'.
  7. If you are recording into a DAW, you don't need a looper! Just record the the rhythm guitar into the DAW, play it back while you do your lead guitar work. You can't play a loop (from a looper) into the amp and change FX on your lead guitar without also changing the sound of the loop.
  8. Switch to Reaper, it supports all VST formats. Free to download the full uncrippled version, you only get a nag screen after 30 days. Only $60 to register.
  9. Assume you mistyped - "3/4 inch" and you mean 1/4"? Is this the audio output from the edrums? Plugged into the front jack on the amp? You turned the channel and master volume controls up and no sound? Since this model amp is fairly old, assume you got it used, are you sure it even works?
  10. If you are happy with the tone/sound you get using the USB direct from the amp, then there is no immediate reason to change anything. I prefer to mic my Spider amp (into an interface), as I have found that I like the sound better than way.
  11. This wa a known issue with some active pickups. Putting a non-true bypass stompbox (any) between guitar and amp usually works.
  12. If you are referencing the FBV MkII Express, step on the volume/wah pedal firmly (it needs more pressure than you can do when sitting).
  13. Here's the basic 'Pilots Guide' for the Spider IV 30 - it specifically mentions 4 'channelmemories'. https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434d8cd4507efa6a9adb1/application/pdf/Spider IV 30 Pilot's Guide - English ( Rev G ).pdf You were probably looking at the 'Advanced Guide', which states it is for the 75 and above models.
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