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  1. schlutopia


    Hello, what are your different sound settings for recording with the Spider V USB ? I tried it, but it sounds horrible to me. No modelling, such transistor sound. My UX2 with Pod Farm semms to sound better. Are there any tipps to create better sounding? Thanx
  2. Yeah, I´ve recognized that too. Now I know, what is ment. First I understodd that I could turn it off with every cab. thank you!!
  3. OK, thank you. I thought, with MKII update I could turn off the tweeter.
  4. Hello, I made an Update for my Spider V 120. Now I´ve got the newest Software, I think. Where or how can I see it? When I choose Cabs, then I can switch off the Fullrange Mode. But when I´m in Speaker Classic Mode, there is only one Sound. I can change Mics and Cabs, but the Sound is still the same... When I choose Fullrange Mode, I can use the different Mic and Cab Setups. Is it normal? Thanx a lot
  5. Thank you, I checked the Cables. If I have to send it to a service center, it will be much expensive as a new one. If it is the Mainboard, I have to wreck it. I hope it is the rectifier, I´ll run the Amp with a Voltage tester connectet to different points. I think the Mainboard is not available anymore.
  6. Hello, excuse me, if my english is not the best... I´m from Germany. My problem: Since many years I have a Spider IV HD150 Top. It worked fine, but now it turns completely off and after 2-3 seconds on again. The Top starts at the point, where it turns off . I checked the power cable and the switch, it seems to be OK. Also I checked the solder points ( I´m technician), the seem to be OK. Anyone ever heard of this prob? Shall I change the Power Supply PCB? Where could I get it in Germany? Thanx
  7. Hello, can I replace the UX2 with the UX8? If it works under WIN10, can I use my POD Farm settings fron the UX2? Thanx
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