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  1. i am a complete newbie when it comes to recording.i figured since spider v comes with cubase and it lets you record from it i might as well give it a shot. now the question i have is can you hook a mic up to spider v and record into cubase. like i said take it easy on me as im not really sure on the ins and outs of all this stuff. ive googled till i couldnt google no more and im not finding a good tutorial or how to on simple recording so i figured id ask. thanks
  2. i found the pdf i was talking about Spider V Factory Presets - English ( Rev A ).pdf
  3. ive come to ses some of these too. but, my fbv wraps around not sure why yours doesnt? yes it comes with limited documentation but a quick search on here or on google reveals what all the effects and presets are for. then finally the drum loops cant be spend up because they are actual recordings of an actual drummer. hope this shines some light on a few of your bads if i can find the pdf for the effecrs ill post it but i printed it out when i found abd im not sure i saved it.
  4. cirv908

    Android 7.0

    got the same results using my note 5 on 7.0. also was able to use my phone to record as well but i cant figure out how to tell the software to not use the microphone as well as through usb.
  5. cirv908


    I seen that the v series was suppose to come with a version of cubase for free I didn't get any paper work wit my amp and was wondering if anyone knew what to do
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