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  1. Thanks, I tried that and didn't work, but I did plug the transmitter into my spider V240, and it kickstarted the led's, so when I put it back into the base, it decided to charge. (at least i think so, charged overnight but it still flashes green slowly) I checked the version numbers base is 1.01, transmitter is 1.05. My old transmitter was upgraded to 1.06, I'll have to compare them to see how they perform.
  2. Just bought a brand new Line6 Relay G10 unit. It's been on charge for 6 hours now. Still flashing red on the base. No lights whatsoever on the transmitter. (Transmitter is marked only as 'G10' no 'T' on it) The reason I bought this is that my original G10 works flawlessly with my spider V240, but I need to be able to charge the transmitter without taking my amp out of the car all the time. Plus, it would give me a spare transmitter. Having read this thread, this purchase may have been a big mistake!
  3. I'm gigging a lot lately and it's such a pain to haul my Spider V240 combo out of the car just so i can plug in my G10 transitter to charge it. Is ther a stand alone G10 charger available? I do have a spider V 30 for practice, but unfortunately that doesn't support the G10.
  4. Does the Spider V30 lack any functionality when it comes to using the FBV3, or for upgrading to Mk 2? The reason I ask is that at the bottom of page 3 of the pilots guide there is this statement."* available on all models except the V30" The asterisk refers (I think) to a generic statement at the top of page 3. I'm thinking of picking up a used V30 as a practice amp. I already have an FBV3 and spider V240 upgraded to Mk2.
  5. Is it just me, or does anyone find the mod effects to be very uneven. It's like they are being modulated by waveform that isn't symmetric or sinusoidal.
  6. Ok I figured it out, just select 'no cab' out of the cab models ...I guess!
  7. Where in 'Spider remote' do I find the 'pitch synth effects that are mentioned under Item 3 in the 'Front Panel Controls' in the Pilots guide? "– The assignable Smart FX, each with their own associated color: Dynamics (yellow), Distortions (orange), Modulation (blue), Delay (green), and Pitch and Synth (purple).'
  8. Can all amp features be set on spider V 240 mk2 from spider remote, or are some strictly from the amp itself. (I cant figure out how to select classic mode from spider remote.)
  9. Problem solved! I reattached the bridge and restrung the guitar. I also set up the action. Originally, I had 314 mm from twelfth fret to the bridge saddle, now it's 312.5 mm. My suspicion is that the bridge was binding on the bridge height adjustment posts on the high 'E' side and wasn't as close to the neck as it could be. The bridge does bind if the support posts are not equal, as I found out when I tried to remove it. It's still at maximum travel, but within tolerance. Case closed!
  10. Thanks; I use 9-42's, and I do know that heavier strings will help somewhat, but that's not a good solution for me IMHO. I'm not sure who Mark Wright is, but I'd love to pick his brain! This particular Variax is 314 mm from the middle of the 12th fret to the middle of the saddle. (max adjustment, towards the neck) My other Variax intonation is spot on with the 'E' saddle at max adjustment with 312 mm measured the same way..
  11. No, they don't. They only allow the bridge to be pushed further away from the pickup, which is not helpful in this case.
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