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  1. I want to hook up my XLR outs on my V 240 to a DI on our PA. One output says 'left/mono'. How is this possible as there is no internal switching done (as in 1/4" ts outputs). Surely I'm only going to get the left channel of my amp and not a true mono signal?
  2. Yeah. I dont know what a sound canvas is, but if it has a volume control on it, you can mix the level with the guitar input, and the overall volume with the master volume
  3. OK that did it! No mention of that in the 'fixes' that this update does. Btw, I couldn't get it to up date with spider remote on any of my tablets, I had to go to my pc and run the updater.
  4. Thanks Nick, I believe I'm on 1.02 on both spider and fbv3. I'll check what the latest is.
  5. Hi Philipe, you could feed the mic into the aux input, but you'd need a small mixer to convert the xlr input as well as give it more gain, balance the levels and adjust the eq.
  6. Here's a quote from a guitar magazine interview. Just google the text for the rest of it. "Do you record guitars direct? Yes, without any mic’ing of amps or cabs. I mostly use a Line 6 Pod 2; for some reason, I prefer the sound of the early ones. I also have an old Zoom 2050 rack processor and a Digitech Valve FX rack processor I add to my rig for live performances. I also have a Line 6 Pod HD500 I use in the studio when I need a more-abrasive rock sound. In conjunction with the Pod 2, I’ve also recently been using a Line 6 M5 stompbox modeler that Reeves Gabrels gave me. Some of the filters and sequenced tremolo effects in the M5 are interesting. Reeves and I are recording an album together, too."
  7. Well, we can quibble about the semantics. It was effectively 'bricked' until I found out about holding 'FS1' and 'A' key while plugging USB in. This at least brought it back to life and put some lights on and an 'update required' on the display. This 'trick' was neither in the documentation nor was it offered as a 'try this' by the tech support. My original problem was that the update wouldn't complete properly on the FBV3 with Windows 7 Professional. It didn't work on two of those systems, but eventually did on a Win 7 Home Premium system, which is consumer version of Win 7. All of this info was clearly presented to the tech support people.
  8. Ok, thanks, got it. 'FBV control' is for using the FBV3 as a midi controller on 3rd party PC/Mac software. No use to me as a Spider owner. I'm on 1.02 on the FBV3 and 1.04 build 121 on the Spider V 240. With the FBV3 I can scroll up to 32, but not beyond. I doesn't go back to 1. Same thing with the knob on the Spider V. The function switch for Looper control is in the totally the wrong position. You have to balance on one foot and try to tap at the right time to get the timing right. Very awkward. Andy
  9. Bill's been around for a long time! (I saw Bebop deluxe in Toronto in 77) He used to use a lot of E-bow. Any specific song your thinking of? Andy
  10. Maybe I'm missing something. I hook up my FBV3 to my computer and run 'Line6 FBV Control'. changes I make on the screen are reflected immediately, on the pedal, which is fine. When I disconnect the USB and hook the FBV3 up to my Spider V 240, the settings revert back to original. Is there a 'save to device' setting I'm missing? Specifically, I want to switch the locations of the 'function' and 'tap tempo' buttons, and possibly find a way to make the bank up/down scroll back to 1 after I hit bank 32. Andy
  11. Yeah Thanks Dnmllr! I found the update mode switch combo (Line6 suport were no help) somewhere in this forum. Still wouldn't work in windows 7 Professional. It worked ok in Home Premium.
  12. I recently purchased a Spider V240 and FBV3 foot controller. The FBV3 became bricked when I tried to run the updater on it. Tech support help was limited to 'return the unit' Ther was no engagement to help solve the actual problem, which I eventually did by myself. I'm new to line 6 and despite some difficulties, I'm happy with the gear. Have others found tech support to be of much help? Andy
  13. Yeah thanks, cirv908. The list doesn't shine much light on the actual effects settings, but a quick google on any of them will probably reveal what they do and how they work. Fixed tempo drum loops are pretty useless, recorded or not. btw the technology for speeding up and slowing down recordings without pitch change is well established. Having no PC/Mac editor is unforgivable IMHO
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