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  1. My experience is that it is not the spider but the guitar. Didn't the build-in noise-gate bring any solution? One of the reasons i like the spiders.
  2. That's exactly what made me doubt and why i did't get it. The IV 75 pilot guide also say's 4. Were the advanced guide talkes about 16 . Look for yourself. https://line6.com/support/manuals/spideriv75 And for the IV30 there's no advanced guide available ?? https://line6.com/support/manuals/spideriv30 So i couldn't check this. Didn't have the opportunity yet, but soon gonna struggle with it to get it. Again thanks. Still LOVE the spiders!! Already love this one even more. And again gonna love this one ultimate i guess.
  3. Sorry. One question. I guess 4 pre-sets to save over the whole amp? I guess not 4 pre-sets per factory-preset?
  4. Ow, OK. So that's not an other new function, but just another way of something old!? Get it. That blinking and the '16 presets' in all IV manuals brought me the wrong thoughts. If this is it then i know how to use it. Many thanks for the help and all patience. Now i can dig myself further in using this IV. Man i love those great versatile spiders !!!
  5. Then why does it start blinking when storing?? I keep say B pressed, then all 4 start blinking, and then i must select another one (A or B or C or D) to finish;. On my II and III this didn't happen. Then only holding one of the four buttons was enough. The way you explain it, it should be as on my II and III but this isn't. What's happening then? Why blinking after pushing? Am i storing wrong?? To me it looks like i have A/B/C/D options under all A/B/C/D buttons, so 4 times 4 sounds like (the regular?) 16 pre-sets as mentioned in several manuals. Can't grab it ... please help! #desperate Is my explanation and question clear? Does it help if i put up a video about that blinking??
  6. That's as on the II and III. I preset under B (by keeping this pushed) and select it back by pushing B. But how on the IV? If i keep B pressed until it blinks and the select C. So (if i understand right?) preset under B sub C? How to select back this B sub C to play?
  7. I don't mean the factory sets. I mean the by me made and saved pre-setting. What i understand you say i get this part, saving pre-set, right .. But then after that, how do i re-select this pre-set? On my III and II i filled the preset by pushing A (or B or C or D), and then selected this back by simply pushing A again. Now i save my made pre-set on say B-C. How do i select back that pre-set? (later, to play it).
  8. I have the IV 30W pilot guide. That says: Four programmable channels come pre loaded with great factory presets. To save a preset hold any A, B, C, or D button for two seconds. This sounds like my old III and II but something goes different. It is not the same. The pilot guide gives other information then on my amp happens. What happens: When i push say A then the pre-set is NOT immidiatly set under A, but A/B/C/D start blinking together and then i have to select another one. That part confuses me. Can you please help me? Can't get the principle in my brains. How to set? Is this good thinking? - I set my amp sound. - i push one of four buttons - then after blinking i again push one of those for. - Then i placed that setting at say, 2 - 3 (pre-set 2, sub-pre-set 3) or something ?? And then how i select back that setting? Also quit important :-)
  9. Thanks fflbrgst Sorry, but i have to correct something. My III & IV are 30 watts (with 50W celestion in it, why i was confused me thinking more then 30W).
  10. Short introduction. Hi, we're Becksteetsj (.wordpress.com). Were an amateur band producing different types of music with a consistance of four bandmembers playing in varying compositions and sometimes with guest musicians. Our goal is to have fun en joy! Started with Line 6 with a spider II 15w. Great amp, but speaker to weak for me. Learned it. Loved it. Eventually sold it, to ... Eventually upgraded to a spider III 30w. Great amp. Learned it. Love it. Double-graded with a spider IV 30w next to my III. Even greater. Love this one to. Still slightly learning, and therefore my question. Both used for playing. The III in my livingroom for jamming. And the IV in my studio, both used to record with speaker (mic-ed) or directly plugged in. But i still have a question about the storaging pre-sets on this IV. There are four knobs. On my II & III i could store 4 pre-sets over 4 amp-models. Keep pushed till it is set, simple. But this IV reacts different, after blinking (as on II&III) i then a/b/c/d start blinking together and i can select 1 of 4 (this is new to me). Looks to me that i can store 4 pre-sets for each amp-model? Am i thinking right? 4 pre-sets on 6 amp-models = 24 pre-sets? Or do i still have 4 pre-sets over all 6 amp-models? Or 4 times 4 = 16?? Thank you in advance for your help.
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