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  1. Out of the blue, the FBV stopped responding. All the tuner "rainbow" lights at the top start flashing. Then it will go back to normal, and then start acting crazy again. Each time, it makes a loud "pop" sound. Connected to Spider IV 30. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. Thanks!!! I was misunderstanding the problem, and didn't think that would apply to me. This is resolved now.
  3. I've read the forums and understand that the channel presets have different volumes. However, in my case when i switch from any channel to another, volume is out of control - as if everything is on "10" different. I have to just barely touch the channel volume knob and the volume goes down to what I think should be "normal". And I mean - barely - touch the channel volume knob - if that makes any sense. Has anyone else had this problem? Could it be a bug that maybe a firmware update fixes?
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