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  1. Been almost a year since my last post. I tried a different - shorter cat5 cable, the board is "working". However, the volume drops a little after playing for about 30 seconds. It does the same when I switch to a different channel.
  2. here's a spot of better news. I connect the FBV to my iMac again, only this time I used the USB port on the back of the iMac instead of the port in the keyboard. I was able to get monkey updated and firmware flashed. Flash mem = 1.10, Fbv control = 1.06 and monkey 1.78. Also i found the official pdf manual from Line 6. It says you can calibrate while connect to computer or line 6 device. While connected to my Mac, I ran thru the steps perfeclty. Then I went to the spider, and still. when i select a channel, the lights by the button do not light up, and nothing in the display. even tho, it does actually switch channels. Also, the wah function works, but not the volume.
  3. Hi Anything more I can do? I noticed the video i posted shows as "unavailable", but it is still there in youtube. Any way to get the Monkey app to work? Maybe that will help something?
  4. Oh wow, I did not notice to have the amp powered off. I was watching the yoo-toob vid of a person doing it when he mentioned "powered off" i thought he was referring to the FVB so I was thinking - duh - it IS powered off b/c it's not plugged into anything. I will go thru the steps again soon and see how it goes. Oddly, that same vid where they guy recalibrates his FVB, he is doing so with the USB cable. Here is a link to his video, and his instructions. Not sure if he just made those up, or if he copied from an official Line 6 doc.
  5. I checked the ports and the pins are fine. I tried a calibration one more time with only the connection to the amp. Still did not work. Plug in CAT5 while holding D button. It lights up the tuner lites briefly, but nothing else. Thank you
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yes, FBV Express MKII and Spider IV 30. I have tried a new CAT5 cable. When attempting the calibration, i have tried both ways - while plugged into computer via USB and separately while connected only to the amp. I don't see how there could be a pin problem in the female jacks. I have not ever been haphazard when plugging into the pedal or the amp. I have only ever plugged in/out when i first got the pedal and not reason to ever unplug until this issue started occuring out of the blue. I'm not a gigging musician, and this is just my practice amp that never moves from my practice space. if there were problems with the receptacles, how would I fix that? Pull them out and re-wiring in new ones? If that is the case, i think i may just let it go, but wanted to give it one last try for help. Thanks again!
  7. Another thought... Does Line 6 make a better controller than this (or any other brand?) I'm not looking for anything fancy.
  8. I gave up for a while, and now just returning to this. I connected to my iMac OS X 10.13.6. I installed the Line 6 tools w/monkey but when i try to run monkey, it just keeps saying that it needs to download a newer version. I do that, but it does not do anything different. The FBV control app works, but i did not make any changes with that. Is there a separate firmware to download, or is the monkey app what I need? After making connection to the Mac. The controller does "work", in that I can change the switches A thru D, but the indicator lights for each button do not light up. and the volume pedal does not do anything. The next think I tried was the calibration steps that I found. That does not work either. I hold the D button while i tried plug in the usb cable, release the D button, but the display does not show anything. I tried the same steps with the cat cable (while usb was not connected). Thanks again in advance for any support!
  9. Out of the blue, the FBV stopped responding. All the tuner "rainbow" lights at the top start flashing. Then it will go back to normal, and then start acting crazy again. Each time, it makes a loud "pop" sound. Connected to Spider IV 30. Anyone else have this issue?
  10. Thanks!!! I was misunderstanding the problem, and didn't think that would apply to me. This is resolved now.
  11. I've read the forums and understand that the channel presets have different volumes. However, in my case when i switch from any channel to another, volume is out of control - as if everything is on "10" different. I have to just barely touch the channel volume knob and the volume goes down to what I think should be "normal". And I mean - barely - touch the channel volume knob - if that makes any sense. Has anyone else had this problem? Could it be a bug that maybe a firmware update fixes?
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