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  1. Hi Guys, Finally I got my amp back. It sounds great again! The engineer told me the problem it has been due to the poor quality of the capacitors mounted on the amp. They started to leak liquid on the circuit board and in a few months everything would have been corroded (planned obsolescence?). The engineer has removed all capacitors (even the ones that were ok by the moment) and put brand new ones (good quality ones, he told me). It has been faster and easier (and probably even cheaper) than sending it to the Line 6 authorized service center (it is not near my city). Shredderxrc, do not waste time and bring your amp to a service center o somebody who knows what is this about. Good luck! Thank you for your time. Best Regards
  2. Fflbrgst, it sounds distorted with all gain, fuzz or overdrive effects set to zero. Shredderxrc, I did a factory reset without any kind of success. In fact, I lost the 4 presets I use the most because I thought I had them stored in my computer. Beside that, resetting the amp did not change anything. It still sounded distorted. I brought the amp two days ago to an engineer who fixes amps and guitar electronics in my city. He told me he would probably have news about the issue in one week. I will let you know too what is going on... Thank you guys
  3. Dear All, All my clean channels (both red and green, Clean and Twang) sound distorted, even with the Drive knob set to "0". I have tried other guitars with the same result. I have tried with another cable cord, still sounded distorted. There is no change using headphones instead of the speaker, so I assume the speaker is fine. When I roll back the guitar's volume knob and I change to single coil pick up, the sound seems to improve a little bit, but it did not happen before. I have restored the factory settings, tried to update to the latest firmware (2.0)... and it is still the same problem going on. Can somebody help me? Any idea? Thanks a lot.
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