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    What is the turquoise wire for?

    Naughty boy,.... It's one of the chassis ground leads. Look for a broken solder point on the outer casing of the 5-Way toggle switch and solder it back on,.... and don't do that again. ;)
  2. Yeah,... senn tubes last five years, seen some last two weeks. Most last 18 to 20 months depending on how much they are used and how hard you drive them.
  3. psarkissian

    DT amp gets quiet when I strum hard

    Either there is a compression effect engage, or it's time for tube replacement. Tips on tubes for DT amps. Further down is the tube list.
  4. psarkissian

    Potentiometers on Variax Standard Limited Edition

    Any third party pick should have a DC/Bulk Resistance of between 6k-Ohms and 8k-Ohms, so that it will match to the circuitry or the tone color (EQ) will sound too bright (less then 6k) or too dark (greater than 8k).
  5. psarkissian

    Line6 6 dt50 power transformer replacement reviews

    It was a small batch of transformers years ago, with the DT50. It wasn't a DT25 problem from what I recall. kmcfrld's problem might be something else. If there's a problem, judging by how long you've had it, if the tubes haven't been changed out already, then it may be time for tube change out.
  6. HD300 doesn't have VDI for a Variax, but still useful in that way going 1/4" guitar in. Very good.
  7. They will more than likely need replacing just the same. As good as the seals are, the gas will eventually seep out, weakness in the elements creep in. Even the 1924 Theremin I saw at the Mechanical Music Instrument Museum in Brentford had been sitting around for years, they still had to change out the valves and condensers before they powered that one up again. Seen valves (tubes) last for five years, maybe twice, in all of my decades of doing this. Play it safe, when having it service, change out the valves,... and use the specified ones (see the list below). Tubes choices to use for the DT Series,... DT-50 Series: 12AX7EH Electro-Harmonix approved for the DT50 pre-amps. EL34EH Electro-Harmonix (matched pairs) for the power amps. DT-25 Series: 12AX7B China for pre-amps. EL84EH Electro-Harmonix (matched pairs) for the power amps. Power amp tube choices are crucial, and must be properly biased by a tech or Line 6 authorized service center who knows the product. Don't do this yourself, the shock hazard is too great,... and it hurts when you get electric shock. Leave it to a tech trained who is for this. These valve amps are particular about tubes and tube brands. Do Not use substitutes, No Mesa, Groove Tube, Tung-Sol or JJ substitutes. No hot rodding of an already Bogner hot rod. (I see way too many fail because of this).
  8. Had the amp four years,... when was the last time the valves (tubes) were replaced? I ask, because if the valves (tubes) are getting spent, they can pull down volts to other circuits and create a host of glitches.
  9. psarkissian

    Is variax dead?

    Yes,... stopped making the 89 stop tail, 89F is still out there.
  10. psarkissian

    The "A" string is not working in simulation mode

    Works for piezos too.
  11. "The nearest service centre to me is about 160 miles away"--- E&M Electronics in Milton Keynes? If it's still under warranty, that would be the place to go. Good advice here, gone through it all. Sounds like it needs servicing at an authorized service centre. Is Mark Wright Music in Northampton closer to you? He was my opposite number at Line 6 in Rugby when we had a location there. Might want to ring him up.
  12. Yes, very good question that hasn't been asked yet. Very good. Also make certain any USB Hubs are disconnected, go direct.
  13. Have you tried turning off security settings on your computer, Flash update the amp, then turn the computer security back on to what you had it at. Undefined error and not a MIDI time out,... might be a memory thing, buffer loading rate or something.
  14. psarkissian

    Xd-v75 battery problemd

    That was with the G30 belt pack, and was with only some of them. The TBP-12 body pack, two kinds of fixes, one was a noise thing. Yes, early ones.
  15. -Old battery -Battery box power management circuit -Loose connector inside -Charger Should be troubleshooted by a Line 6 authorized service center in your area. https://line6.com/find/service_center/
  16. -Battery contact -Battery box power management circuit -Loose connector inside -Loose connector outside -Circuit board glitch -Not using a 1/4" cable with a Tip/Ring/Sleeve plug -If it's a JTV-69,... a loose retainer nut under the volume and/or tone control can result in an intermittent chassis ground, and can effect a number of functions, including Model engagement. It should be troubleshooted by a Line 6 authorized service center.
  17. When using the battery, are you using a 1/4" cable with a TRS tip?
  18. Then I stand corrected. I have problems with Mac and PC, my apps though (DAW's and such) work great.
  19. Line 6 supports it, you can still get it, it's the OS of the computer companies (Mac and Windows) that left it behind. We still have it, the computer companies just don't want to deal with it. My personal audio apps are great (DAW's and soft synths), it's the hardware and OS I have troubles with.
  20. Yes, active pups slowing stressing the input circuit over time. Active circuit guitar on one supply rail going into active circuits in an amp on a different supply rail can be a bit of a stress on on of them. And it's an older product, so there is that to consider as well.
  21. Active pups. Pushing too much at the input of the amp.
  22. psarkissian


    Needs servicing at a Line 6 authorized service center. Either a failing cable or a short on the control interface board. And it may be time for a tube swap (always use the specified tubes as stated in the posting here on Tubes). Log a support ticket in your account. Do not do this yourself, the shock hazard is too great. Take it from me, been zapped a few times myself,... it hurts.
  23. psarkissian


    Flickering of the elements, one glowing brighter than all the others, generally been in the amp for more than a couple of years if one plays occasionally. Too much distortion on a clean setting is usually an old or not correctly biased power tube. In general, if it's correctly biased and you're a weekend warrior in a band, or a living room jam player, chances are that once every 20-24 months should be a sufficient interval. Unless a tube goes in the interim. I've seen tubes last two weeks (crack developed and let the gas out), and I've seen tubes last five years (client treated it like a precious diamond in his audiophile system), it depends on what it's been through electronically and mechanically.