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  1. Best to go to an authorized service tech, as they will be more experienced with this guitar. https://line6.com/find/service_center/
  2. " I'm using it in Europe, in Germany with 230V / 50Hz if that matters " --- It does. It must be set-up for the power of the region.
  3. Best performance is with a TRS cable,... and what sliverhead said. TRS has been part of the world of guitars with active powered electronics, going back to the mid 1970's.
  4. 1) Difference would be the modeling of the year of the guitar modeled from and the toggle position of the unit being modeled from. 2) " I'm guessing it was a previous firmware version, or maybe one of my previous Variaxes (original, and then later 700). " --- Nope. Started from scratch with these. That's one of the reasons old and new models don't have portability between them.
  5. Using 1/4" output,... 1) Use a TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) 1/4" plug. Tip= signal, ring= battery +V voltage, sleeve= ground return. 2) Make certain there's a fully charged battery in the battery compartment.
  6. Suspect intermittent solder point, processor board component or loose connection. Not a self repair. Make certain your guitar is registered in your account, then log a Support ticket.
  7. Transplants are not for the faint of heart, and left handed adds complications, so the piezo wiring and string nut have to be flipped. Plus,... a transplant will have a different tone color EQ in a different body. I'm the guy at Line 6 that services Variax and have done a number of mods and transplants. Be certain you know what it is you are getting yourself into.
  8. There are Variax 500 Electric left handed guitars still out there. https://reverb.com/item/2860176-line-6-variax-500-left-handed https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Line-6/Variax-500-Left-Handed-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc
  9. Line 6 site Downloads page. It's a freebie for JTV, Standard and Shuriken, with Flash v2.00 and higher.
  10. " So you are complaining that you had loads of work, most companies would be happy about that and use it as a revenue stream... " --- Loads of work isn't so bad. It's when it ends up on my bench needlessly from those who claimed they knew what they were doing, and unaware of certain quirks, like affects and interactions between piezos with magnetic pick-ups, and not knowing how to deal with that in the set-up. Once had one come back with neck relief that had more in common with a violin or an old Gibson hollow body archtop. " I assume Line 6 charges for setups and repair work. " --- Repair work, yes,... usually if it's out of warranty. Come back just for a set-up, no. They don't want me bogged down with something like that. Better that be done by a Line 6 authorized service center that's local to the customer. " Maybe a half decent guitar tech could release a setup vid on YouTube, or perish the thought Line 6 could produce one. " --- Had a document and planned a video follow up, until some many who said they knew what they were doing, turned out to not know, and I got bogged down with set-ups and not repairs. Ironically it was my idea to put it out there until so many messed up. Nice idea at the time, just didn't work. Like I mentioned earlier, " There's the service center page with the guitar sub-heading for those that service our guitars. And if they need to consult me, they have channel access for that. " Good questions.
  11. The differences would be spelled out in the modeling gallery list.
  12. If it only occurs while the note is playing, then more than likely it is the guitar set-up. Either the tuning, intonation or pick-up height adjustment. If the noise is always there in the background, even with no note sounding, then more than likely there is a loose ground lead in the audio circuit. This would need to be taken to your nearest Line 6 authorized technician for servicing. https://line6.com/find/service_center/ Link to find the service center near you.
  13. Physically can detune about a step and a half. Beyond three semi tones pitch tracking get iffy. Warble is a concern when doing custom stuff like that.
  14. No tubes, Spider IV is a solid state amp. If it turns on then the fuse is good. Something with the amp or the the speaker. Register your amp in your Line 6 account and log a Support ticket. Best let the pros deal with it.
  15. Do not use lubricant, that just gunks up the works inside. Solder points or grungy contacts are usually the problem, solder re-flow and contact cleaning is usually the solution.
  16. Cannot use XT Live as an interface for a JTV with v2.00 of higher. The XT series is too old. You will need the interface device to connect to the computer and Monkey, save any custom patches to your computer, then re-Flash the guitar. That will bring you back to factory defaults.
  17. Jazzmaster has been mentioned here on occasion. There is also a Facebook page for Variax people, and Idea Scale for suggesting features like that. I think there may be a topic on Jazzmaster in Idea Scale from what I recall.
  18. 1a) Not simultaneously. You will have to switch between them. Workbench HD can be used for custom patches to be tuned to what you need for a particular song. Stevic McKay of Twelve Foot Ninja and creator of the Shuriken and Kevin Cadogan of Third Eye Blind (with his orange JTV-69) do custom patches like that. --- 1b) VDI cable does both Model and magnet signals at the same time. But there is a "magnetic blend" one can make use of as a Workbench custom patch. --- 1c) In Workbench HD, the detune function is +/- an octave, if I recall. 2a) Yes, I'm the one that recommends not going beyond 11 gauge. I'm the guy at Line 6 that services JTV, Standard and Shuriken guitars. Some have pushed it to 12 gauge, and is not easy to maintain good and stable set-up on the guitar with tension like that. --- 2b) Optimum string-to-piezo contact area pressure is key for the vibration to signal transfer. 9 to 11 is the range, it's design for 10-gauge to be the optimum gauge. --- 2c) Yes, a few have tried it, it resulted in problems, so they went back to 10 or 11gauge. Some were replacing piezos all to oftenas the excessive pressure wore into the piezo cap casing, damaging the piezo. Seen those come across my bench, not pretty.
  19. Contact E&M Electronics in Milton Keynes near Bletchley, as they are an authorized service center in the UK. E & M Electronics Unit 28, 56 Goulds Close Bletchley Milton Keynes, MK1 1EQ +441908375699 line6@eandm.co Also there is Mark Wright Music in Northampton. Contact Mark, he used to be a top tech at Line 6 Rugby back when we has a location there. Mark used to be my opposite number there, a top tech and a good mate. https://www.facebook.com/MarkWrightMusicdotcom/about_contact_and_basic_info +44 7738 054642 Mobile admin@markwrightmusic.com http://www.markwrightmusic.com/ Website One of them should be able to assist you.
  20. Windows 10 or Mas OS beyond 10.8 won't recognize original Workbench. And Workbench HD won't recognize any guitar before JTV v2.00 program. You would need a machine with an earlier operating system. There is no portability between the two guitar Model formats.
  21. :) And I love hanging about in the UK when I can. One of my fave places.
  22. Being a recently acquired, second hand guitar that does not function, you might want to take that up with whom ever you got the guitar from. Also get with Mark Wright Music in North Hampton to see what can be done.
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