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  1. One fitted that way came across my bench once, it okay. Came in for other issues, lutherie related stuff, if I recall.
  2. From what I see in the drawings, that sounds about right. Ground leads are dealt with in the guitar and the device at the other end. It complies with FCC codes. The guitar and the devices they connect have chassis grounds as is normal for audio devices.
  3. I haven't cut a cable open to do dissections on one. As far as speculations,... we like using and complying with AES and IEEE standards (both groups of which I am a long time member), since that is commonly used and makes for good compatibility with other audio devices. There are only so many ways to do a good chassis ground, and I know how they do thinks around here, so it's a good speculation. But since you bring it up, I'll see what I can find in the specs for the cable. Thanks for bringing that up.
  4. Be aware that Line 6 does not support modifications that affect the function of the product. If it were to come across my repair bench, I might be limited in what I would be allowed to do to it, should such a need arise. So modifications would be at your own risk. Just so you are aware.
  5. "Wherever you go, there you are." --- Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome, who got it from Buckaroo Banzai, who got from Alan Watts.
  6. S# corresponds to 2019, so v2.09 would be the current and latest Firmware in that unit. The 2018 date was more than likely on the inside of the cabinet, would be the build date for that.
  7. Never use a line out to drive a speaker, something will get damaged. .
  8. Main board that old would be replaced. Billable hours, is something the the Support guys do. I'm the tech that fixes them.
  9. " I would have to imagine that no more digital work is done on the signal once it hits the power amp. " --- Correct. Or the tube amp section in general, it's an analog signal at that point. Some use the Helix that way for cab sims. You may need to adjust EQ here and there since it's pre DT amp. gtr --> Helix --> DT amp --> speakers Tone controls on the DT amp, further EQ in the Helix. Blend carefully so you don't overdo it.
  10. " I believe the movement of DATA is part of the MIDI spec... even though it is proprietary. " --- Yes. MIDI and AES specs.
  11. When shipping your guitars, for safety reasons, please take the battery out and put it in a side compartment in your gig bag or guitar case. The Alkaline batteries can be unstable and leak under certain conditions. haven't had a problem yet, but we don't want a first time. It is simply a good safety precaution. Rock N' Roll!!!
  12. Alt Tune thumb wheel, maybe loose hardware. All the controls on the pick-guard need to snug to the pick-guard, a the foil under the pick-guard is tied to the chassis ground. Any loose controls can cause intermittent contacts. Same goes for the 5-Way switch. With that, there is also solder points that are probably oxidized by now after this many years that are also causing intermittent contacts. Guitars that old will probably need the equivalent of a 50,000 mile check-up under the hood. Log a Support ticket, and see about getting them sent to me here at Line 6 for evaluations and/or repairs. We typically have a 7-day (or less) turn around time, typically.
  13. -If it's the battery box, either a problem with the a solder point on the PCBA, resulting in a false signal to the main board. -A problem with the program on the battery box circuit board. -Using a TS tipped guitar cable, instead of a TRS tipped guitar cable. Rare, but it can happen. Register the guitar in your Line 6 account, then log a Support Ticket. It should be checked out by a Line 6 authorized service center. Hope to see you at an upcoming winter NAMM soon too.
  14. Squealing,... Loose ground lead or intermittent solder point on the negative side of a filter capacitor, somewhere in the analog section. with the lift in the ground plane, there is a volt difference, allowing the partial and frequency fold back from the digital clock, to show up on the audio line. Loose cable connection inside can produce the same lifted ground plane and squeal. Make certain your amp is registered in your Line 6 account, then log a Support Ticket. This is not a self repair problem and should be dealt with by an experienced Line 6 authorized service center technician who knows the product.
  15. Works good with piezos as well. just be careful of the wood on the bridge, it doesn't like most chemicals. Drip it on there with a swab, then blow it out with canned air. Do not try to get under the bridge, if you do not you have lots of experience with these, leave that to a Line 6 authorized service center that does. Also, Mark Wright Music in Northampton, Mark used to be a tech at Line 6 Rugby, back when we had a location there. He knows these guitars as well as I do.
  16. Check the HD500X input selector in the edit page of the set-up section, make certain the Variax input is enabled.
  17. If it's not shielded at the connector, then chances are it is tied at the cable to the Canon casing, and that would set up a chassis ground. That would be a typical AES standard for such a cable.
  18. Binding,... that could be, if one side is much higher than the other. Solved it,... very good.
  19. Te cable that came with the Variax is for connecting to Monkey and Workbench HD. The VDI cable is for playing thru. Check the input selector page on your Helix to be certain the VDI input is active.
  20. ".... more than likely be, either an intermittent solder point or a failing pick-up. " --- for a 69, yes, but for a 59, it's a different assembly that can generate different issues. But good call on the 69. And always drip it in with a cotton swab.
  21. BTW, I'm the guy at Line 6 that services and repairs the current line of Variax guitars.
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