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  1. Just a CAT5, RJ45 modular jack. Didn't start using USB until the Spider V.
  2. Two speakers in same cab, mono. Stereo requires two cabinets space apart from each other for spatial characteristics. Two speakers in one cab is more decibels, than one speaker in a cabinet.
  3. 1) " Is it possible to model and include a digital Sustainiac thru Workbench HD? " --- It's not in Workbench HD. Idea Scale would be the place to go to submit as a feature. 2) Hardware counterpart,... not if it were a Workbench HD patch feature. 3) " The idea is that instead of having that to happen physically, the folks at Line 6 would instead include some kind of infinite sustain to each models output to be triggered by adding the virtual Sustainiac pickup (so you could get a forever sustained Spank, Lester, etc)? " ---- That would be the idea. And Idea Scale would be the place to go for that. " Count me in for the Idea Scale vote, if that's the case. " --- That would be the place to go to be heard by Line 6. It's through Idea Scale that the Helix was created.
  4. If that works, use it. There is a risk of what I call "scrunching",... trying to pack a lot of audio data into a lower rate sample interval. Scrunching can lead to regular data errors, jitter errors, and an area I've been researching the last few years,... risk of uncertainty errors (offsets and and jitter affects due to data-to-clock uncertainty) where data doesn't know which clock cycle it belongs to. I'm a High Resolution Audio (HRA) guy myself.
  5. GP-10 digital audio is 24 bit resolution at 44.1kHz sampling rate. Using a 96kHz sampling rate would be better for a 24 bit system.
  6. Do Not use active pick-ups in these guitars, it is not compatible with Variax circuitry.
  7. For the JTV-69, it's 18/32-inch (15mm) from the top of the shaft to the pick-guard, with a ribbed upper shaft. Can't use speed knobs for the Model or Alt Tune encoder knobs as they are fitted special for the encoder selections, just in case someone else out there has any ideas about doing that with the encoder knobs.
  8. Was the amp the only item connected to MIDI during the update?
  9. It's a place to go and suggest features in products. It's how our Helix product was created. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/index
  10. What fflbrgst and phil_m said. The RJ45 mod jack on the amp is labeled FBV Pedal, not computer. Buzzing is a bad sign, amp chips or the main board damage to a regulator. Buzzing would be the 60-cycle from the wall. Bummer.
  11. Yes. Always use the specified approved power supplies with these, use them according to the way the owner's manual specifies.
  12. Definitely something to consider.
  13. cruision2,... Yes and no,... a Flash update is a Flash update. Looking for something more foundational or what may be seen as significant,... maybe, maybe not. Besides, you're a good dancer. :) Keep up the good work.
  14. Use the instrument level going into the FOH.
  15. I think I've seem that photo on the DT group FB page. Very good.
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