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  1. "Regarding spare parts - I wonder if Line6 would sell to individual owners so they could perform their own work. " --- Some are available, some are not, and are acquired through Full Compass. Self repair is not a good idea with these, unless you have lots of experience at these.
  2. Thank you jerseyboy. A 12 year old 59P,... I can deal with it for you. For that, log a Support ticket in your account to contact Line 6 for a return authorization. They will contact you with options.
  3. Error code 8000900C MIDI device timed out, does not mean it is bricked. Double check the OS of your computer with the the application. Make certain you are using the correct OS for that app.
  4. Less about the computer,... more about the computer OS. Check the Downloads page on this site for OS compatibility. The 500 Electric will connect to original Workbench, but not Workbench HD. There is no Workbench like app for the basses.
  5. Software issues,... not really much of an issues as much as it was tone or amplitudes. Support and parts are still available, for now, and so long as I'm here at Line 6, there is someone to service and repair them.
  6. Still available, don't know what the stock level is. Best to have an authorized service center check it out, maybe it's just solder points or maybe it needs replacing. Best let the service center deal with it. It can be a finicky switch if you don't know how to deal with it.
  7. Typically, a solder point or two. Early 2012 build, so a couple of solder points on the 3-way switch may be oxidizing after 12 years. Recommend an authorized service center in your area or log a support ticket like silverhead suggested.
  8. Power tubes are matched pairs? Could be the 12AX7 pre amp tubes are getting old as well. Old heater element in a pre amp tube can a reason. Something else,... have it checked out by a Line 6 authorized service center in your area.
  9. On a JTV, Standard or Shuriken? Yes. Kevin Cadogin of Third Eye Blind does that with the 5-way toggle switch on his two tone orange JTV-69.
  10. Tyler is not involved in the set-up specs. His guitar set-ups would be slightly different as they don't use piezos in conjunction with magnetic pick-ups. We don't publish it because too many people keep messing it up. Check the Knowledge Base section of the Forum.
  11. It's okay,... sometimes I forget too,... and I'm the guy here at Line 6 that services these things. (LOL)
  12. It will run on Windows 11, what are you running?
  13. "... the battery used in the JTV's are standard camcorder batteries,... ", No, they are not standard camcorder batteries. Li-Ion yes. Using the current control circuitry to our specifications,... NOT some camcorder maker's specs. Use the specified parts, I've had nothing but trouble with Variaxes using 3rd party power.
  14. Then there is something else going on there that should be checked out by an authorized service center in your area that knows Variax guitars.
  15. Active circuit guitars use TRS (tip= signal, ring= +Vdc, sleeve= return), been that way since at least the 1970's (when I started dealing with active circuit guitars).
  16. Line 6 Central does not connect to Variax at this time.
  17. VDI cable impedance is consistent, 1/4" TRS cable impedance can vary some between different makers.
  18. Probably needs a set-up, hasn't been service in some time. Pick-up height, worn string nut, couple other things are typical of the quack sound. Doubt it's wiring, that would sound different. But good deduction though.
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