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  1. I emailed someone in Support who might be able to help.
  2. Problem with the battery box power manage circuit sending false low battery to main board, or the encoder switch isn't engaging all the way. Should be serviced at a Line 6 authorized service center.
  3. "Would another manufacturers pedal work ? " --- No, afraid not. Monkey doesn't edit preset, just download Spider Edit software to do edits.
  4. If I recall, there should be something I prepared for the Admin that's got post in the Forum Knowledge Base.
  5. Software side of it,... check the Downloads page to be certain your OS matches what is in the Downloads page. Hardware side of it,... could be the jack plate assembly. That would mean a trip to a service center in your area. Yes, it's a few years old. Looks like I've serviced it twice.
  6. Use a 1/4" TRS headphone adapter. TS plug will draw down the battery and defeat the purpose.
  7. I think it's a special request part. Check with Line 6 Support on that.
  8. The 1/4 cable is a tip/ring/sleeve plug and not a tip/sleeve plug??? Could be battery, battery box power manage circuit or something else pulling down volts. Should be checked out at a Line 6 authorized service center.
  9. Audiomusica will need to get onto the tech email and tech request assistance.
  10. Something is not right with that link, it says Air guitar, and Acoustic,... vapor-ware??? I've hidden it until the admin can evaluate it further. Don't see anything there that says it's a Variax, much less a 59. In Japan? $8.8k??? Either a US made one, price is in Yen not dollars, or something off about the ad. Definitely questionable until determined otherwise. Lot of scams and hacks the last couple of days on some of those sites. Be aware.
  11. Best thing is to log a support ticket in your Line 6 account. If you are in the US, 240VAC would not be the correct one. If you are touring in a 240VAC country, getting a single outlet 240VAC to 120VAC step-down transformer would be better.
  12. MkI and MkII are not interchangeable. MkI won't load into a MkII.
  13. https://l6c-acdn2.line6.net/data/6/0a060b316ac34f05943d62560/application/pdf/Variax 300 User Manual.pdf?_ga=2.266403463.861442472.1650899609-2074831728.1646933653 That would be in the manual. Connecting to Line 6 Monkey and re-Flashing the memory to factory defaults would be another way.
  14. Don't know yet. Keep checking periodically in the M1 compatibility notice in the above section.
  15. Do not use substitutes. That would be an unsupported use and would void any warranties.
  16. Third party batteries have been nothing but problems. It's cheaper for a reason,... it's cheaper. You run the risk of damaging the guitar circuit or the charger, don't use third party batteries.
  17. Each patch preset has a guitar associated with it, but you can change it, so when you change to that patch in "Force" mode, your pre-selected guitar is already there. The manual can get deeper into that.
  18. Marcus,... assuming you are using a VDI cable to connect, "Don't Force" allows selection from the guitar, "Force" selects guitar models from X3 Live presets. Still use an X3 Live at my repair bench, and use it for testing JTV's. Double check the settings in your edit page. Gearbox apparently is supported up to Windows 8 or Mac OS Lion.
  19. One or more batteries in the six pack is low, an oxidized connection or leaky battery on the contacts.
  20. Probably an intermittent solder point, battery connector to the battery pack,... couple of other things. Beat to leave it to Line 6 authorized service tech. Save yourself time and trouble.
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