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  1. Yes, true. Also don't want people probing in these amps, as they are touchy due to the hybrid analog/digital nature, and there is that high voltage hazard risk. I imagine you've been zapped a number of times too. It's not like our amp is in Aspen Pittman's tube amp book. He was a cool guy, founder of Groove Tube and a total tube amp nut. I miss him.
  2. I do know, I'm just not allowed to get into with someone other than a Line 6 authorized service tech. Sorry.
  3. If I seem vague, it's because your getting into circuit level questions I can't get into with an end user. Proprietary NDA stuff. Not allowed to get any deeper than I already have. Need to use the specified tubes, or it runs the risk of ending up on my repair bench,... and I'm trying to avoid that. Being a service tech here at Line 6, I speak from lots of experience with these amps here.
  4. Check with Mark Wright Music in Northampton. Mark used to be a tech at Line 6 Rugby, when we had a location there. He has his own shop now and still services Line 6 gear. Ring him up and see if he has a spare.
  5. That is for FX loop or separating out the pre and power stages as some people do. It's a typical feature in all kinds of amps and even stereo system. There's a digital board with patches and effects, that sends the audio signal to the tube amp board. The amp board sends a signal back to the digital board. It keeps the signal from going out of wack and blowing something. I can't get anymore specific and deeper than that.
  6. Maybe. Can you connect the guitar to Monkey and see what Flash version it has? You may have to use the interface device accessory instead of the Helix, to connect for this. Since no service record shows up on my screen, I don't know if that guitar has had its Flash updated.
  7. Workbench HD v2.15, yes, that's the one. What version Flash in the guitar, when you connect to Line 6 Monkey?
  8. You would need Workbench HD. But first, save any patches you can from the guitar and the Helix, then connect the guitar to Monkey, make certain the Flash versio is v2.00 or higher. -Flash version 2.00 or higher to be compatible with Workbench HD and Helix.
  9. Drip into saddle, then blow out with canned air. If that doesn't fix it, then it will need servicing at a line 6 authorized service center in your area that works on guitars. https://line6.com/find/service_center/
  10. Thought it might be the case, but there's always someone who wants to go down that road, so I wanted to nip that one in the bud. That's something one does in Workbench HD, lower part of the screen next to the Preset Volume. Maybe go to Idea Scale and suggest a Sustainiac as choice of pick-ups in Workbench HD.
  11. Using both the VDI and 1/4" outputs at the same time puts a strain on the audio circuit. The circuit was not designed for that kind of current draw. Have had too many come across my repair bench with jack plate circuit failures because of it. And if someone uses both VDI and 1/4", with the battery as well to boost the magnetic pick-ups, the damage is worse. Don't dot that!
  12. The pick-up in the Shurikens is the same as the JTV-59 bridge pick-up. It's a very well liked pick-up here at Line 6.
  13. orbitus,... I don't see a service history and it's and early serial number. It's probably time to have a Line 6 authorized service center to check it out and give it a good looking over. https://line6.com/find/service_center/
  14. Those in the link should be okay, Shuguang has had an okay reputation. The 12AX7EH by Electro-Harmonix would be better, as they are Low Microphonic.
  15. Mark Wright Music in Northampton. Mark was a tech at Line 6 Rugby, back when we had a location there. He knows his stuff with the older Variax instruments.
  16. The photo is good, 5881WXT. those are the ones.
  17. Take it to a Line 6 authorized service center. This is a high voltage hazard, don't do self repair on these.
  18. " 4 times man and they never replaced his pcb " --- Did you go to an Line 6 authorized service center? I don't see any service record for that. Which service center was it? Knowledge Base posting,...
  19. If it's not the cable, then it's an issue with the photo sensor, it will need to be serviced. https://line6.com/find/service_center/ For the authorized service center in your area.
  20. Don't use the 6L6GC,... forget what the guy from the Tube Store says, he's probably not an expert in hybrid amps like this, so use the specified tubes. I worked on hundreds of these the past 14 years I've been here. The characteristic curves are not close enough to be 100% drop-in swap. These are not all analog Marshal amps. Use the specified tubes. 12AX7's are less crucial, the B's are optimum, but EH's will do,.... just no JJ's. Using 6L6GC or other unspecified tube is an unsupported modification to the amp. If this were to show up on my bench, I might be told to send back untouched. I don't want to see that happen.
  21. Also, it's not the fundamental, but harmonic partials. Altering my palm technique helps me a little. I suck at palm muting.
  22. One at either, depending on how well it was tuned, or whether they were in model mode with Alt Tune on.
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