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  1. Going through an amp, yes. A different amp with different set of speakers in it might emphasize a different set of resonant harmonics. That's where some filtering comes in handy.
  2. -Dual Tone Effect, where you are hearing the strings in standard tuning and the alternate tuning out the amp, together. Typical with 1/2 step down as it more dissonant to begin with. -500X tuning might not be as dialed-in as it could be, making Dual Tone Effect worse. -Variax string tuning has to be tuned very close and dialed-in for custom or Alt Tune to sound alright when doing a 1/2 step difference.
  3. So long as the cabinets are 8-Ohms each. Less than that and there will be a problem.
  4. Program for the heads are different, and slight difference in other places to accommodate different 3rd party cabinets. Modeling program for the heads is designed for that, program for the combos are not. Been that way since Spider III and Spider Valve. As I've said before, these are not all analog tube amps, so you can't get away with doing the kinds of things we used to do in the all analog tube amp days (circa early 1970's). Had this chat with a audio test analyst guy here, as we both used to work at JBL (or JBL/UREI in my case). Was picking his brain a while back for my prior comment, as he was dealing with some Neodymium speaker testing that week. Hence my prior comment.
  5. Neck wood density, head stock shape, string gauge and tension, all play apart in how the neck plays a part in the sound. Being a bolt-on neck, it by it nature does not have the same acoustical coupling as a set neck. The whole bolt-on neck idea was about making manufacturing easier to mix and match necks and bodies, do quick swap repairs, and had little to do with sound. Bolt-on necks are a recent thing in the history of string instrument, introduced by Leo Fender as I recall. Set neck was the standard way for almost a millennia until then. Some like less sustain, because they can add to it with a sustain effect. Once resonance in it, it's hard to take it out. Yes, the tail piece and bridge being the other end of the guitar play their roles in the sound as well. Interaction of resonances and tensions. Too stiff, it pinches and deadens to note. Too loose and it get floppy, droopy and dies away. It's about finding that happy mid ground.
  6. Sounds like it's time to log a Support ticket, but register the guitar in your account first.
  7. Can't do that. Each program board is branded, the program is set up for the output load of that type. Can't turn a combo into a head without output impedance issues that can lead to damage or total failure.
  8. Plug in, light goes on, then goes off,... battery is in and charging. After sometime it will start blinking when it's charged and done.
  9. The is a tube amp, keep your finger out of the insides, big shock hazard. Take it to a Line 6 authorized service center and have them deal with it.
  10. Just make alt tuning part of your custom patch in Workbench HD.
  11. Need to do the custom tuning thru Workbench HD as part of the patch. Doing it manually does not automatically save it to Workbench HD, just saves it to the guitar.
  12. Not off-hand, would have to look that one up,... 50-04-0126.
  13. Better to go with an authorized service cent in your area, have them do it. Music Gear M.D. Servicing: Electronics,Guitars 6901 W 117th Ave Broomfield, Colorado, 80020 303-868-1828 If you really must do it yourself, check online with Full Compass. They do loosen over time.
  14. Not common. I get the odd one across my repair bench. Sometimes the cable plug, sometimes the jack. No real pattern.
  15. Looks like it goes to 10.8 Mountain Lion. Catalina is too far ahead for it. And a 500 Electric is not compatible with Workbench HD, too many differences between old and new models formats. Use an older computer to interface with a 500 that uses OS compatible with old Workbench.
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