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  1. Check the OS requirements on the Downloads page for product and associated application.
  2. Web store doesn't sell outside the US. Check with authorized service centers in your area,... ... should be batteries making their way to sources. Inside the US, the Line 6 web store or Full Compass would be the source.
  3. Judging by the serial number, I can se why it could be a piezo. And Support has given you the option of sending to me. Might want to go into Workbench HD and reset the volumes back to 0dB before it comes to my bench.
  4. You play the 300 thru the 500X, but you can't update thru it using Monkey, nor use the 500X with Workbench, as the 500X wants to see Workbench HD. 500X has Variax patches attached to the presets. When in "Force" mode, the 500X determines the guitar patch, when in "Don't Force" mode, the guitar selects the patch. Check the online owner's manual for more details on this.
  5. 30-51-0381 are still available, just don't know about stock levels. Check with Full Compass. Regarding the thread specs, I have no info on specs for the arm thread or the screw it locks unto at the bottom of the tremolo arm shaft.
  6. No. L6 Link isn't designed for that. Use MIDI interface. M-Audio Uno is a common one to use. Pilot's Guide ( Rev C ).pdf?_ga=2.172768291.103318845.1676306019-1854743224.1659634079 Amplifier MIDI Implementation Guide ( Rev A ).pdf?_ga=2.139187891.103318845.1676306019-1854743224.1659634079 Go directly to the computer via the interface. Remove the HD500 from the chain.
  7. Don't feel bad, it happens. Good that it worked out. Now you can ROCK!!! I would've felt doubly bad, since that one is a refurb that came off of my bench. One I did last year. I expect some settling in the set-up over this much time.
  8. "... would it be difficult to install them myself? ", yes, mainly because it's rather touchy. There is a flex circuit trace involved, get too close with an iron or damage it, then its over, as there are no more replacements for that flex circuit. Have an authorized Line 6 service center do it.
  9. Use CAT5e, not CAT6. CAT6 is the incorrect data rate frequency range for the data stream. Workbench doesn't recognize bass.
  10. -For Support ticket, you must first create a Line 6 account, register the guitar. -If it is not a problem with dust or dirt in the saddle, then it could be an oxidized solder point, or a failed piezo. Being a 20 year old product, it is possible for everything to work one moment, then have something fail the next. ... for the Line 6 authorized service near you. Viel Gl├╝ck
  11. Also works for piezos as well. Drip in alcohol on a cotton swab onto the piezo, then blow out with canned air. Saddle acts as a chassis ground for the piezo. If it gets gunk up or dirty, it can result in an intermittent chassis ground.
  12. My first suspect is the set-up, next would be loose connection. Have the authorized service center near you check it out.
  13. Closet one to you is in Castle Hill. Ring them up to see what they can do for you. Megtronics Unit 4/3 Packard Avenue Castle Hill, 2154 02 9894 400
  14. A 2019 build,... very odd. Frets 4-7,... sounds like the set-up is part of the issue. Log a support ticket.
  15. Check the model galley in the user manual,... not all string volumes are the same for the Artist models that Stevic McKay created. They are like that by design.
  16. There wasn't a transformer issue with the 25's, it's was with the fuse on a the transformer with the 50's. Fuse damage could damage transformer on the 50's.
  18. No main boards. 50/50 that a Line 6 authorized tech can fix it. They would have to contact us thru our tech channel for more info on that and what's involved.
  19. 50/50 a Line 6 authorized tech can fix it. They would contact us thru our tech channel for more details.
  20. Sounds like it's fretting out, saddle may need a height adjust. Have the set-up checked by an authorized tech.
  21. Still out of stock on a number of things. Logistics are doing catch-up. Issues with China, like CoVid still hitting factory worker, China USA politics, and the trickle down supply chain bottlenecks that go with it. Some product is in the pipeline. It's a trickle, but it's getting out there. Keep checking in on Full Compass and our Shop US site.
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