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  1. Also, it's not the fundamental, but harmonic partials. Altering my palm technique helps me a little. I suck at palm muting.
  2. One at either, depending on how well it was tuned, or whether they were in model mode with Alt Tune on.
  3. Make use of EQ and adjust palm muting technique for good coverage on non played strings, so they don't resonate from sympathetic vibrations. It's what I do,... and I suck at palm muting to begin with.
  4. No. And if you could, it wouldn't work on nylon strings,... not enough string tension to piezo contact area pressure. It's why I asked about single or six separate piezos. The 300 Acoustic Nylon, used a single slim bar type piezo, as it is much like a classical guitar bridge bone. And so it requires less string tension to piezo contact area pressure. The separate piezos are designed for our steel string/bronze string guitars.
  5. Is it the 300 with the single strip piezo or the six piezos in a bridge mount?
  6. " 12AX7b (China) and 5881WXT (Soviek, Russian). IS that what I should get? " --- Yes. 5881WXT power tubes have to be a matched set. " Thetubestore.com when I called a few years ago said to use the 6L6CG and the Tung-Sol 12AX7. " --- Yes, but for an "all analog" tube amp. The characteristic curves are close, but not close enough. So the specified tubes have to be used.
  7. 1) 6L6GC is the wrong tube and therefore, probably the wrong bias. So yes, the fuse would blow. You can't use the same bias on a different tube, even in an all analog tube amp. 2) JJ's are also the wrong tube so the normal bias volts would be the wrong bias volts. 35mV +/- 2mV does not apply to other tubes in this amp. 3) Power tubes have to be matched pairs. 4) These are not all analog tube amps of old, these are hybrids (analog/digital), the two sections need to talk nice to each other. Not using the correct tubes and bias, undoes that. I don't want to see your amp on my repair bench. Use the specified tubes and bias. Please,...
  8. I've done my share of customs and Frankenstein Variax guitars,... it's not easy, and it won't sound the same in another body. Some parts are available out there, some are not. Schematics and other proprietary property is not available to the public. And Line 6 can be tenacious about protecting its intellectual property. Don't go there.
  9. " OK, so they will sound "dark".... is that something that can't be EQ'd out? "--- Maybe, if there is enough upper frequency there to EQ with. Trying to compensate for something that isn't much there would be trying to brute force the EQ,... and that is like putting too much salt on a meal to compensate for a specific flavor. That's a big maybe to put a bet on. " Or, what about adding a 19k resistor in parallel with the pickup.... wouldn't that drop it down to around 8k? " --- Don't go there. Don't go beyond doing just a pick-up swap. It's not just a resistor, there are also other components downstream that will come into play. Don't go there. Remember, this is an active circuit guitar, so it needs to be treated a little differently. Seymour Duncan has a nice selection, some within the 6k to 8k Ohm range, some outside the range. https://www.seymourduncan.com/products/pickups/electric/p90 Give them a call, check those out.
  10. Correct,.... each board is also programmed for the guitar body and switch configuration it is going into,.... and they are NOT interchangeable between guitar types. I don't see any main boards available in the usual places.
  11. If it were discontinued, it would say that it was.
  12. psarkissian


    https://line6.com/find/service_center/ This is the link to find a authorized service center in your area. If they get parts from us they will be mediums. Best to stick with those. DT series is finicky about tubes being used.
  13. Loose connection or oxidized solder point. Needs to be serviced at an authorized service center in your area. This is not a self-repair issue. https://line6.com/find/service_center/
  14. psarkissian


    Yes, have to be mediums. DO NOT use JJ's,... I have had problems with those in the past. Luv 'em,.... just NOT in these amps. Because of the four topologies, there is a bias/burn-in procedure that MUST be done, and only a Line 6 service center can do that. Also, your serial#, it needs to go into an authorized service center to check for a service bulletin. Need to make certain it's been done. The amp depends on it.
  15. " I didn't realize I was going to be told I couldn't trick them out the way I need to be able to to play the music I play. " --- For that, it would require a custom guitar and some custom mods to do that.
  16. Limitations? These do more than just about any guitar out there. MIDI MMC controlling might be useful in conjunction with VDI and a floor effects that has more in the way of MiDI MMC.
  17. Discontinued? On the web store, it says "out of stock",... not the same thing as discontinued.
  18. JTV-59 or JTV89? Contact for the authorized Line 6 service center in your area. https://line6.com/find/service_center/
  19. " I don't think new board is doing something the average user could hear or feel. " --- Correct. There was a minor parts update to the board to dial-in a couple things. "... this JTV59 is the best companion for my Fishman Tripleplay. Incredible how well the FTP tracks this guitar. " --- Yes, the JTV-59 seems to be a favourite mount for a Fishman Tripleplay. Had a few come across my service bench with those on them,... pretty good.
  20. No it's not. The charge/ discharge rates are crucial. Use only Line 6 authorized parts,... especially Li-Ion batteries. We cannot vouch for another company's product in our guitars. And could possibly void any warranties. Don't risk it! Seen some of these come across my repair bench, there are reliability issues with them in our guitars. Use only the specified Line 6 batteries.
  21. SysEx is for data comm When using Monkey and Workbench HD. Trying to go beyond the narrow applications invites trouble. Some of our products, such as floor effects and floor controllers have some MIDI CC capabilities more useful MIDI controlling. Variax was never designed to do that. Being a guitar, there's only so much space and therefore only so much memory, and it's all used for modeling and not much for controlling. Regarding pick-ups,... with passive electronic guitars, one can take a orange chicklet capacitor and change values to match however one wants. These are the other way around. The control and board circuitry are fixed and matched, and that determines the DCR range that can be used. There is no chart. The DCR range is what we use so that it impedance matches the circuitry, so everything is a balance of circuitry, just as a guitar set-up is a balance of tensions int he mechanics of it. DiMarzio Super Distortion, one of my faves,... but not in a JTV. Too dark of an EQ tone, lose all the highs and bite of a Super-D. Some out there have lots of experience with guitars to begin with,... old timers like me, from the classic rock days, crewing for a classic rock band, and cooking up crazy circuitry. We know the in's and outs and been doing this for decades. So adding quirks of JTV's is not a problem to jump into. Maybe four to six guys in North America I trust to do a mod or transplant without mistakes. I don't know about ability of others. The box,... potential grounding and impedance issues, even if the wiring is the same, all, all the ground planes must be maintained. 6" is a maybe length. If one is out of place, it can shift the other ground points,.... that is the trap of dealing with mixed signal devices. That guy with the Variax bass transplant didn't understand that, even after explaining it to him, so he could never get his bass to work after the transplant.
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