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  1. 1- Was it in "Standby" mode when you connected to check the Firmware? 2- Distorted sound could be tubes, could be a solder point on the processor board. Being an older product, solder points would be starting to oxidize by now. 3- Are the power tubes matched pairs, and did you change out the pre-amp tubes as well? Having Mullards didn't help. Taking it to a Line 6 authorized shop would have techs who know the product. If it's reading as a DT-112, then the shop messed up with the processor board setting. Have them check it out. They can contact us if they want, being an authorized service center.
  2. Reset is done by re-Flashing using Monkey. At this point contact,... Hanex Waaier 36 VW Leimuiden, 2451 +31172506993 ToneSilk Servicing: Electronics,Guitars 1 rue des champs Bat G-ZI de la Piaterie Wasquehal, 59290 09 83 75 54 86 ... they are the authorized service centers in your region. May need to replace the main board.
  3. All sounds the same,.... Last question,... have you been playing it using both VDI and the 1/4" jack at the same time, to make use of two outputs at the same time?
  4. It's okay we will get this sorted out. Disconnect from Monkey and Workbench HD. Plug in to play, go to Acoustic, toggle-1, push Alt Tune knob to bring up the Blue level models. Does it come up as acoustic 12-string guitar?
  5. Two green LED's on the VDI to USB interface device? Fully charged battery in the guitar? 14/" TRS stereo headphone adapter plugged in?
  6. Check the Line 6 Downloads page, make certain the versions of Monkey and Workbench HD are current and match up with your Windows OS.
  7. Something has to be in there, says it's connected to a 59, and the slots are labeled,... Are you using the correct interface device, correctly?
  8. Dialing in and being more spot on with string tuning and intonation also helps.
  9. Sounds like dual tone effect. That's when you hear the standard tuning coming off the strings, and the alternate tuning coming out of the amp. Turning up the amp a bit will minimize it, as would using headphones, depending on where you are and your set-up. Knob top,... very small dabs of Krazy glue on the knob rim, put the top back on, let it an hour before putting the knob back on the shaft.
  10. Ah, right, sorry. I see you are outside the USA. See if one of these can get you one. Yamaha Canada Music Distributor 135 Milner Avenue Toronto, Ontario, M1S3R1 Phone: 416-298-1311 Email: A Backline Musician Services Inc. Servicing: Electronics 1424 Frances St. Vancouver, British Columbia, V5L 1Y9 Phone: 604-258-9111 Email: URL: B Briere Production Group (Vancouver Studiotech) Servicing: Electronics,Guitars 768 Sproule Ave. Coquitlam, British Columbia, V3J 4L5 Phone: 604-931-1661 Email: C Long & McQuade Surrey Servicing: Electronics,Guitars 13785 104th Ave. Surrey, British Columbia, V3T 1W6 Phone: 604-588-9421 Email: D Em-Tech 420 Banks Rd. Unit 1 Kelowna, British Columbia, V1X 6A3 Phone: 250-717-1765
  11. I see a VDI--> RJ45 cable, but I don't see an Interface device.
  12. For the 89F, 30-51-0689 for Hi-E/Lo-E 30-51-0690 for A/B 30-51-0691 for D/G For all JTV, Shuriken and Standards, 11-00-0010.
  13. "I didn't see more than one kind so I figured all the piezo saddles were the same!",... not for the 89F. They are paired off,... Hi-E/Lo-E, A/B, D/G. Have to get the correct ones and insert in the correct paired order, or it won't sound right.
  14. Take it to an authorized service center, so they can go through it all correctly. Heater fuse, old tubes bringing down the heater fuse, and about four other things it could be, none of which is going to be a self repair. Tubes should be changed out once every 18 months on average, depending on use. Please keep your fingers out of the insides of these, the shock hazard is too great. It lights up, so it sounds like the processor board is working.
  15. Still available. Check with your local authorized service center.
  16. String tension to piezo is key to the piezo having good mechanical to electric transfer. Optimum string set gauges are 10's and 11's. After string tension and piezos, the rest is DSP. Workbench HD is good for adjusting things where you want it.
  17. Try eBay for a unit being sold for parts only.
  18. Care fully pull up the knobs, make certain the retainer nuts holding the potentiometers are snug and tight. If that doesn't work, it will need to be checked out by a Line 6 authorized service tech.
  19. Yamaha de México, S.A. de C.V. Servicing: Electronics,Guitars Eje 5 oriente JavierRojo Gomez #1149 Colonia Guadalupe del Moral D.F. C.P. , 09300 (55)58 04 06 00
  20. Thank you silverhead. And if I recall correctly,... Custom 1, toggle-1, Alt Tune on Model, gives you the model for the 69. Yes, there is a model for the 69 in the 69 (or 59, or 89/89F). I almost never use it except test purposes once every blue moon. And you can always go into Workbench HD, and modify it even further.
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