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  1. after some investigation I think both are the same product just sold under different names by sellers. I went ahead and bought one and should have it up and running in a week or so hopefully.
  2. Would you go with the nickel or aluminum B7 to match the JTV 59?
  3. never mind they just got back to me and said the long version will only work on flat guitars.
  4. Thanks guys on their website they have the length of the long version as 7 3/8" long including handle. Our guitars are 6 3/8" from the back of the guitar to the bridge. I emailed them to see if they knew the distance from the end to the roller bar so we will see if I end up with that or the Bigsby or nothing (im not sure Im qualified to do even the little work to mod the B7 honestly). Has anyone had experience with the Xtrem or Guitar Fetish?
  5. Hi, Im thinking of doing the same thing. Yours looks great! I wonder if the GFS Xtrem would work as well? http://www.guitarfetish.com/Xtrem-Vintage-Vibrato-System_c_373.html Should I get the long or short version? I wonder If this one would not need to be cut down? How is yours with the B7 holding up?
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