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  1. In my case I'm not sure what failed. The port itself seems secure but wiggling the cable at the port causes the unit to power on and off. It will not stay on. It seems to be in the port and not the cable.
  2. Same here. Lasted 2 gigs. Crapped out at tonight's. I'm going to return it and try one more but I think you are correct about the design. I kept it in a padded case and was always careful with it. Bummer. Otherwise a great wireless system.
  3. every link I'm sent to does not have a way to download. Thanks
  4. I am using mountain lion. The trouble started when I upgraded to workbench 1.75 .I tried to go back to an older version but it would not work. It seems I may have found a solution for now. I borrowed a friends PC and installed an older version of workbench. So far it seems like it's working but to tell the truth I have become so annoyed with it I haven't sat down and tested it. I used to be a big fan of Line6. I own 3 variaxes and a pod xt and enjoyed using all of them without a problem. The main reason I use them is for the alternate tunings so I guess my "old technology" is destined for craigslist. One variax is listed on ebay right now.
  5. Hello, Im interested in seeing if anyone else is having these problems. I've seen some older posts but no answers. I have a couple of variax guitars, a 300 and a 700 that have worked flawlessly for years. When I upgraded workbench (I had to for OS 10.8 mac) I went in and edited some alternate tunings on both guitars. Now both guitars are sounding ghost notes (I'm hearing the altered pitch and the regular string). I am absolutely positive that I am not hearing the strings from the guitar itself as I cranked it through headphones and also recorded direct. I contacted Line6 but have not heard back (it's been a few days). They said they had to research and get back with me. In the meantime they told me to re-flash one of the variax. This didn't solve the problem. It seems to me that it is a software issue as both guitars started mis-behaving only after editing with the upgraded workbench. I tried to open an older workbench but it freezes up. Has anyone else had this problem. Any fixes? Thanks! Variax 300 Variax 700 throughh pod xt live Mac intel OS 10.8.5
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