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  1. Try the link now.
  2. Idea Scale is the place to go for idea submissions,...
  3. No threads of fried batteries,... but I've had four come across my bench. "... which does imply these batteries aren't safe for the Variax electronics. ", yes, very much so. Seen more of that across my bench than I should. Batteries are in the pipeline, don't have an ETA because it keeps shifting. CoVid infections at factories and logistics, and China politics aren't helping any. Waiting for the back orders to be filled in. Try to keep you all apprised as best I can.
  4. Been done, limited success,... Power needs to be stable when switching over. Orientation needs to be correct on both branches. Be aware, this would be an unsupported use of our product with an unknown un-endorsed switching device product.
  5. No schematics. Too much proprietary stuff in it.
  6. The 4 topologies are gain loops. Class-A and A/B are kinds of amplification circuit configurations. You can have an "A" configuration or "A" feeding into a "B" configuration. Tubes come in Triode (three element) or Pentode (five element). Switch allows the pentode to run in pentode mode or use only three elements and run it in triode mode. These modes give different amplifying characteristics. ... for owner's manuals.
  7. No misunderstanding. It's an impedance thing when dealing with active circuit electronics. It's not like changing out gum drop capacitors for different EQ curve, like in a passive electronic guitar. That also goes for all the other Variax guitars of this generation (post 2010).
  8. Stock pick-up is going to be around 6.8k to 7.2k Ohms. DiMarzio will have the DCR spec on their website, which they have as 8.2K Ohms.
  9. Purchased September last year from our web store,... log a support ticket in your account, Support can let you know what the options are.
  10. Stock pick-up is the same as the JTV-59 or 89F bridge pick-up. Stevic McKay, a couple players here and I like it. Tyler spec'd to match a Duncan humbucker, without the Duncan price tag. Bridge PU's are 6-7k and neck PU's are around 8k and can get good power. Would be interesting to find out what's up with that one.
  11. Yes, I have, that's where the spec comes from, as I'm one of the guys who services Variax here at Line 6. It's connected to active circuits, so impedance matching is important, the EQ tone will shift, as impedance (and associated DCR) is a function of frequency. 9k is on the high side. Either an issue with the pick-up, or pick-up to string distance needs adjusting. Something interfering with the circuit. An iffy or pick-up typically reads around 0.4-0.5 meg-Ohms.
  12. Needs to be serviced by an Line 6 authorized service center. There are about four things it could be. If the tubes are not specified tubes, a chip may have failed. Could be old or incorrectly biased tubes.
  13. Preset is determining what the guitar is doing. It's called "Force Mode". It needs to be in "Don't Force Mode" , so that guitar can be independent. Preset bestimmt, was die Gitarre tut. Es heißt "Force-Modus". Es muss sich im "Don't Force Mode" befinden, damit die Gitarre unabhängig sein kann. 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev F - English .pdf Page-24. Leider gibt es keine deutsche Übersetzung.
  14. For JTV, Standard and Shuriken. Not compatible with early Variax.
  15. It's a threshold thing between the tube threshold and where the volume control kicks in. Similar to the junction threshold point in a transistor.
  16. 1- Not the date, it's the Flash version. Maybe do it using Flash v1.90 program via Monkey or our Downloads page. Otherwise it won't do it. Once it jumps to HD program, that's it. 2- It would have to come out of an older unit with 1.72 or 1.90, DON'T use 1.8xx firmware, it has a glitch. The boards that authorized techs get from us have current Firmware programmed by me,... and even I can't roll back beyond 1.90 program, even if I wanted to.
  17. Model and Workbench feature and function mis-match. No portability between old and new Models, so no portability between old and new Workbench.
  18. One of the early, early ones. Depends on the Firmware you are running, if still early enough.
  19. Regarding 1/4" TRS cables,... they are not created equal. I've notice some are better than others when it comes to being a closer match to the levels going thru a VDI cable.
  20. First or second, that's within a transition period. Do you have a photo of the bridge?
  21. How, depends on many factors,... kind of wood, density of the wood, body shape. Models are matched to the bodies they go into. Also whether it's fixed bridge or tremolo. I can always tell when there's a mis-matched program between an 89 fixed bridge and an 89F tremolo. Or a 69 main board programmed incorrectly as an 89F,... and so on. In a non Line-6 body, not designed to to take a Variax board, the difference can be greater. Would a regular person perceive it? That varies on how good the hearing is and how trained the ears are. Some audio engineers complain that I have bat hearing and hear artifacts in poorly implemented HiRes audio, earlier Sony version in particular, as they took the noise floor and modulated it into the 40kHz band. I could hear bleed over into the audio band at 19.3kHz to19.7kHz, drove them nuts (this was about 6-years ago). EQ can help a little. Carlos Rios' SG copy with Variax electronics in it is close enough to where EQ isn't perfect, but it's where he's likes it. He does other things on his HD-500X for control-ability when he plays live with Stevie Nicks. Not many transplants out there because there are a number pitfalls to a project like that. Having done a number of mods and transplants, I've seen my share, have the experience to know how to deal with it. Not something to take lightly if you decide to get into that. *And since mods and transplants are considered unsupported use, there is 50/50 chance I would have to send it back untouched, should it land on my repair bench, since they pay me to deal with Line 6 product, not someone else's. So be certain, if you tackle that, eyes wide open and aware.
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