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  1. I would like to lower the action on my JTV59. Looked high and lo for any specs on recommended pickup height to no avail. Any suggestions?
  2. stomp58

    POD HD 500X Acoustic question.

    Yes, I got that part, no amp. In fact I think you gave me that great advice already and thanks for that. I try to set the EQ to low Treble to smooth out the high strings so it sounds like a brush being used on a drum, no luck. Any ideas?
  3. stomp58

    POD HD 500X Acoustic question.

    I am learning my JTV59 and POD HD 500X. I "accidentally" created a sound I can't recover. Was just strumming and testing my equip with computer Quicktime recording. I had the JTV59 set to Acoustic and just haphazardly fiddling with the Edit program. Did this about 3/4 times. To get to the point I had a acoustic sound that i really liked. My best way to describe it would be like a brush on a snare drum on the D-G-B-E strings. Dammed if I could reproduce it, I did not save anything. This is frustrating me to no end. Really looking for your reply. Thanx in advance.
  4. stomp58

    How to perform an Track Autopsy?

    So I went and got a composition book to note to not let that happen again.
  5. Have a new 500x. Was hooked up to computer trying different presets to record. Was using the factory installed ones and was tweaking them. A few strums and playback on QT to check them out. Did that a few times. Picked one to play back and left others alone. Turned everything off and put it away. Come back later at night and hit a "test" track I did not play first time around and almost passed out. Perfect little beginnings of a great song. It had bass, drums, guitar and a voice actually humming a melody, in fact a second voice chimes in half way through. I am freaking clueless to the preset I used and what I tweaked. yes, i am a moron. Any way to walk back what the heck i did?
  6. What amp model sound truest with the acoustic models? In Garageband? In HD500? Any tips?