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  1. My desired Variax is merely hard tail with 25.5” scale. Too much work to lock vibrato bridges down and still don’t sound quite right to me. Also 'don’t like control layout on Strat bodies. In a perfect world noiseless 3 pickup Tele body Variax with mechanical and/or software bender capabilities, yeehaw! Give country picking boys/girls some love… Also wished for Mando, Uke and Nylon acoustic models.
  2. jerseyboy

    Helix/Rig ideas for acoustic gigs?

    When I used L1 for live acoustic and amp modeling stage work I went back and forth with the subwoofer. It really didn’t make that much difference for my guitar frequencies - more psychological than practical need. But I often brought it because I had it and I was always trying to mellow those harsh upper meds with the hope it would help. It didn’t. Particularly OD tones. In fact, those days were when the term “fizz” came into my nexus. Of course, Bass player and/or full range synth probably find need for it more than guitar. You already have it so play around and determine if it works for you. Trust your ears and find a pocket of sound you can work with on stage and in your venues. I ultimately gave up on the L1 mostly because it never matched the conventional stage monitors and amps being used on stages I work. If everyone in the group used one it would probably be a different story. But a full band/show production using only L1/2’s is fairly uncommon. My L1 sound carrying well so far from the stage compared to the other instruments rarely found a nice stage/FOH mix. And those upper mids wore me out. YMMV….
  3. jerseyboy

    Helix/Rig ideas for acoustic gigs?

    I’ve been very happy with Fishman Loudbox varieties. Tons of input choices, adjustability and delivers a nice stage fill either acoustic or electric guitar. The later with proper amp modeling of course. And it can serve as DI too. My problem(s) with L1/2 Bose stems from mixing them into conventional spherical stage speaker systems. The drop-off in volume for given distance is completely different than conventional stage amplification. L1 is still heard at the back of the room while the bass or combo guitar amp has dropped off within 30 feet. And the Bose upper mids kinda fatigue my ears after long exposure at high levels.
  4. AFAIK Gen 1 Variax (500, 600, 700) never used hinged VDI cap. JTV’s do. In fact, I found using the hinged cap to be so frustrating attempting to connect VDI I ripped it off 2 JTV59’s and tossed into trash. As noted by silverhead suitable/similar rubber caps come with Helix LT and POD XT Live/Pro VDI connection and probably other VDI equipped units over the years. I never ran into the issue it supposedly solved but I understand how guitar 1/4” could damage the socket if someone goes mid evil during the heat of battle. Simple little thing, probably find something sooner or later.
  5. Do these recordings need to be in WAV format? Any particular audio settings to be observed?
  6. jerseyboy

    Fuzzy artifact on Amps in the Helix

    I don’t play enough high gain stuff on Helix anymore to notice or bothered by “fizz”. Back in the POD XT era using Bose L1’s live it was major issue. Yes, fizz will be a component even with most any tube OD/Dist but in the early days the XT and subsequent amplification techniques at the time full range amplification knocked fizz “proportions” outta whack. Essentially full range amplified fizz can be much more prominent compared to the fundamental tone than it would be using more standard tube amps/cabinets. Compared to prehistoric XT, Helix will do a better job today with regard to fizz proportions. Also, now that we understand it better not too much trouble to EQ/filter some of the most fatiguing components of fizz from our full range signal paths. It’s one of those things that may come up eventually but nothing to dwell or stress about. It can be tamed….
  7. jerseyboy

    Ear Pain after switching to Digital

    Wish I could help with a direct link but mine came by way of AFM benefits. Audiologist visit every couple years for hearing tests, create molds. But I bet any Audiologist can supply. Molds are great if you can get em fitted correctly to work with singing but generic Christmas tree shaped plugs (3 bell seals I generally cut off the small bell) seal really well no matter position of my jaw while being much cheaper and less trouble than molds. And there’s surely less custom versions available Amazon, etc Look for filtered earplugs and give em a try. Well worth the effort, IMO.
  8. jerseyboy

    Ear Pain after switching to Digital

    I've worked with a few Cape Breton fiddlers. Love that stride piano accompaniment. I like to rock and "feel" the guitar tones and this may have been suggested - use quality filtered ear plugs. I've got some with removable filter elements. -10dB, -15dB, -20dB. They reduce pressure without muddying the tone. Also wear em under loud cans in studio. People remark hearing my cans across the room, LOL... But it's not killing my ears and I can actually feel the guitar better than lowering the levels.
  9. jerseyboy

    Which Variax is for me?

    If recalling locations via XTLive they should correspond the same number sequence as the blade switched 300, 500, 600, 700 and any Strat/standard style JTV's. JTV59 is unique Variax on the guitar switching front because of the 3-way toggle and push-push tuning knob to access (blade) switch positions 2 & 4.
  10. jerseyboy

    Helix LT volume pedal issue

    @themetallikid So I looked into global and that button LED setting isn't related to what I'm talking about. In STOMPBOX mode press either up/down buttons Helix LT goes into preset mode in order to change presets. Under that condition all buttons are dark and there's hardly any light spilling from the display. Making it very difficult if not impossible to select the correct preset from whatever bank you need to select from. One of those things I suppose but for $1000 you'd think there would be some way of dimly illuminating preset buttons? Theater work has many blackouts during a show which almost always brings preset changes with it. Oh well, thanks again for your help as I didn't realize/remember that setting exists but it's not what I'm looking for to alleviate the preset selection problem.
  11. 1st Variax 500 I bought used and absolutely hated the neck. Felt like a ball bat where I prefer thinner boat V hulls. And the finish fretwork was absolutely hideous. I proceeded to sand the neck more to my liking along with a nice level, dress & polish. It’s now one of my old “faithful” playing guitars. Now I like tall frets saves my fingertips from contacting fretboard. If I desired lower frets I’d merely level and dress JTV down more like LPs I’ve had over the decades. Later bought another used 500 (but newer) and that neck wasn’t anything like the 1st guitar. Much thinner neck and slightly better fretwork. Still better with a D&P. I snagged used 2013 JTV59 in 2017 and while it’s chunky I never felt compelled to break out the 80 grit. However I’ve dulled and worn the finish off backside of neck and it appears to Maple. Very bright looks nothing like Mahogany that’s for sure. My feeling if someone has the skills to rework an axe to their liking - go for it. That goofy slotted 59 bridge is much easier to change strings with locking tuner upgrade. Good luck!
  12. jerseyboy

    Which Variax is for me?

    Hey Chris. Yeah it’s one of those things. Models sound different between 1st gen and 2nd gen JTV. I really enjoy the stock Special bridge in my 500 but find myself overwriting that location with other models on my JTV59. However, the stock JTV Spank is much much better to my ear than anything I’ve managed to coax out of the 500. Acoustic models seem quite different too. Maybe it’s my live amplification but I tend prefer the 500 Jumbo over any acoustic models in my JTV59. I realize the later is technically superior but for live work the low res 500 Jumbo tends to work best for me. Sitar seems better in JTV though. Drive ya nuts....
  13. jerseyboy

    Does such an amp exist?

    Some rehearsal occasions I’ve been supplied with serious powered floor wedges to connect Helix. Talk about eye wobbling delays and modulation effects. Thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the middle of that stereo field. But for most live gigs stereo guitar isn’t super critical to my playing style or enjoyment. I've played em and JC120 executes a very cool chorus thing using it's stereo setup. But it's never going to produce what I would call a wide stereo field.
  14. jerseyboy

    Downsizing FRFRs... thoughts?

    Yes, I’ve been gigging this setup live and very satisfied. LB instrument input introduces some coloration but easily adjustable low, mid, high. Hell, most stages/venues I’m playing introduce colorations too…. If I want/demand more unadulterated full range the LB mic input is very flat. In fact that is my favorite input for Variax acoustic models when I bother lugging XPS A/B power supply. I’ve also used the LB mini-phono line-in for rehearsal situations with very positive results. Mainly because we needed extra inputs for other instruments to rehearse. But live configuration using the LB instrument input for electric guitar rendering of amp models is very satisfying and easily adjusted for whatever live job at hand. I am a mono guy so stereo heads might not approve of this approach. In the case of LB Mini about 20lbs for loud and clean. Hard to beat that...
  15. jerseyboy

    Helix LT volume pedal issue

    Better late than never. Sorry just now seeing your kind and helpful reply. I will take a look under global for those things you mentioned. Thanks again!