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  1. LP scratch plates (pickguard) pretty close for JTV59 but pickups are slightly different distance. A little sanding will likely be required to fit tightly. As noted don't go too deep with screw holes.
  2. Couple years back I tried ordering some plain Chinese strings from eBay. I often change plains out more often than wrapped strings. They arrived appearing to be normal plain steel strings and I replaced high E. To be safe I quickly tested to make sure modeling worked although I didn’t test the magnetic pickups. Magnetic pickups always work, right? Show opened up and I’m on cruise control with a Spank model. Next cue switch to magnetic JTV59 bridge pickup and the E string is dead. NO SOUND. All other strings normal but nothing high E. It was like when piezos quit but the reverse. I finished the Act using modeling which functioned normally. Problem is/was the plain strings from eBay were made from non-ferrous non-magnetic metal. They didn’t produce signal with magnetic pickups although the piezos didn’t care. Strange end to that experiment…
  3. Contact support for help with these instruments. I'm personally aware of couple recent instances the good folks in Calabasas have coaxed bricked Acoustic 700's back into reliable service.
  4. Replaced 8 drastically different guitars with JTV59 and Helix. Single, Humbucker, Sitar, Baritone, 12 string, Acoustic, 2 alt tunings. Plus some capo tricks without the physical capo. Pro gig everybody happy! Especially roadies…
  5. Electronic music gear is always evolving. Example when good tubes became obsolete and hard to find we learned ways to still find them because folks liked how they sounded in “obsolete” equipment. Those who like/love older Variax mostly use older computers to talk to em. There’s literally tons of cheap older OS computers out there. If it’s critical to gigging best grab a couple load em up and continue to enjoy your guitar.
  6. I've heard several folks play Hotel California using Variax 12-string models and most sound fairly convincing. Here's a quick youtube search: https://youtu.be/v5IcKsSGecE I couldn't get the link in this thread to play in my browser but perhaps it works for modern computers: Not sure if any amplification was used in your mp4 but seemed fairly unprocessed except for what reminded me of phase effect? I did notice a tendency to use mild vibrato and/or bend strings. Even slightly bending string will upset the 12 string model sound. I've been known to play convincing "Tambourine Man" using the Rick 12 string model. They do exhibit some keyboard'eque character but in context with backing tracks they tend to sound pretty decent. I've also performed "I've Just Seen A Face" using 12-string acoustic for original solo. Here again, not great when isolated but used in live mix it works very well.
  7. Don’t jump into USA JTV without some previous experience and understanding of Variax technology. Nicely crafted guitars but still…. If you’re already set with analog/magnetic tones practically any Variax Gen 1 or 2 will likely suffice as introduction to the technology. JTV59 my current favorite (very good hum buckers) but I still enjoy many of the original Variax gen 1 models. I also maintain gen 1 with riser nut for lap/slide needs. I own 4qty Variax and regularly use them all. Electric models seem to work well with various pedalboards/amps schemes. Acoustic models must be DI/XLR full range amplification because they’re essentially microphone captured WAV maps. An XPS power supply A/B box is often a great addition to smoothly switch acoustic/electric models to either XLR output for acoustic or Hi-Z 1/4” phono for amps/pedalboard. Of course the VDI cable plays nicely with Line6 amp modelers too. Good luck….
  8. Nice to see Steinberger gearless available through StewMac again. For past couple years they were getting hard to find. Perfect replacement for huge heavy easily broken banjo tuners on Gibson Firebird. Really liked the Steinberger gearless and planned to use them on other guitars but the supply dried up for a while. It's really neat how they pull the string down into the mechanism using a fine threaded system. I can’t comment upgrading tuners on JTV-89 but my recent choices for JTV-59 and 1st gen 6x6 have been HipShot locking tuners. With the option of UMP (universal mounting plate) Hipshot's super easy to install and work like a champ.
  9. Tip my hat to Line6 for LH versions back in the beginning but I understand why little old L6 would drop that option during JTV era. But kinda surprised Yamaha hasn’t committed to LH Variax guitars. I guess it’s a business and large corporations usually know what they’re doing in regard to bottom line. I know at least 4qty Variax have been sold...
  10. What continent (country) do you reside? What's the nature of electronics failure? No sound output? Sounds not right? What $$$ you seeking? I'm looking for salvageable Variax electronics to perform Dobro/Lap transplant. Bridge and piezo don't really matter using Ghost loaded tun-o-matic.
  11. I’ve conducted some experiments with string type/condition and all the above does influence modeling tones. One of my favorites for something unique and different is to use flat wounds D’Adarrio Chromes on electric Variax. Simply buy medium set 13-56, toss out the 56 add a 10 string’er up. Works out to 10-45 IIRC? Sticking close to OEM gauge seems to be fairly important. Possibly more so than string type. Broken in, flat wounds reduced plinks, finger noises and other artifacts playing at high preamp gain settings. But of course the wound strings sounded like flat wounds too. Weird but kinda cool in many situations. Acoustic models take on a funky D-18 with decade old strings tone/texture under the Dread model. Reminded me of Norman Blake flat picking tone. Currently using Elixir 10-46 but I prefer the thicker poly wrap as opposed to the thinner coatings for Variax. Splitting hairs but they seem to be somewhat quieter in regard to finger noise.
  12. Glad I poked my head in here. That’s mad skill scientist stuff and then some! Impressive and sure to be a sweetheart when finished. What did you source for connector contacts, JST? I work with similar contacts and crimp tools from li-ion battery BMS kludging.
  13. Haven't used Monkey in years. Is it still a thing? What purpose does it serve? WBHD seems to handle FW updates now.
  14. All monitoring being equal I’m more fond of Gen 1 acoustic models although JTV is acceptable. Gen 1 Jumbo has just always worked particularly well for live & studio gigs. Perhaps I’m more accustomed to a decade of playing Gen 1 acoustic models but tweak and tweak they’re never quite as warm and natural to my ear.
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