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  1. Good to hear drowner77. I wholeheartedly agree a spare or two is probably best. My work is mission critical and with Line6 going Dodo on these amazing guitars there’s some strength in numbers. And of course our good man in Calabasas. I work 2qty JTV59’s (custom Bigsby’s) and JTV69. Sometimes ‘use batteries but majority of the time Helix via VDI. Safe travels my friend…
  2. Extreme heat does accelerate degrading chemical reactions. Once the chemistry is damaged and dendrites take over it’s damaged forever. High IR means cells can no longer deliver the current they used to deliver. Although cells might still be able to provide seemingly good capacity at lower discharge rates - the resulting saggy voltage of high IR will confuse LVC (low voltage cutoff) circuitry. As the good man says 11 years is definitely beyond the calendar life expectancy of even the best quality lipoly cells. Even if not cycled deeply or often. Much agreement about discontinuing the Variax. Bad move.
  3. Cold/cool lipoly battery temperatures can drastically reduce C rate. You’re working in room temperatures or higher, yes? As the good man advised bring those last 4 digits of both batteries back here. Short of Line6 service maybe a friendly RC model enthusiast can measure the battery pack IR and C rate to help provide some battery health guidance? 2s1p 18650 cell configuration. If the packs are good and it’s an over current situation something should be getting pretty warm inside? Because in order to drain roughly 2Ah in 30 minutes would require nearly 4A load or roughly 25-30 Watts for system voltage. Nearing the heat output of a small soldering iron.
  4. Having 3 is a good place to start for critical performance work. I’ve been in similar situation dating back to the 10’s - present. Our good man psarkissian can work miracles in CA. Well worth the shipment if local help is not available. Reverb can help with guitar shipping, btw.
  5. Silverhead - thanks again brother. I’m running JTV’s (3qty). Also gotta couple 500’s that still talk to ancient Yosemite install. But those aren’t HD WB. NOW I see James Tyler Variax. I was looking under V’s. Lord help me…
  6. Yep all good. And feel free to burn this thread. Stoopid me didn’t think to try NOT selecting hardware.
  7. Thanks for the replies. The trick seems to be leave “hardware” drop down menu blank. I had been selecting Variax there. Left blank but select WB HD and OS it reveals the download.
  8. Win 11 but I can’t get the download. Can’t get any version to download I do have Mac image saved from years ago but I need a Win image.
  9. Yeah it shows it in dropdown menu but selecting and clicking go results: “At this time, there is no software available that matches your selection.”
  10. Mac died and bought Win laptop. HX Edit downloaded and runs fine but when I looked for Workbench HD (any version) - UNAVAILABLE Is WB HD simply unobtainium? thanks jb
  11. 6 months late to the party but I know the feeling OP. Luckily, gots a good SSD MBP stopped updating @Yosemite. Couple oddities to point out from my experience. 1). If you feel like something should be happening try turning the volume pot. Seems to trigger the software to move on instead waiting to time out. 2). Once finished with the connection I always need to force quit to fully shut down. After saving edited models of course. Lotsa life left in these old Gen 1's. Especially running XPS power supply A/B foot switch. Something 'bout the acoustics sound really good out XLR. Wound 3rd string even better IMHO.
  12. LP scratch plates (pickguard) pretty close for JTV59 but pickups are slightly different distance. A little sanding will likely be required to fit tightly. As noted don't go too deep with screw holes.
  13. Couple years back I tried ordering some plain Chinese strings from eBay. I often change plains out more often than wrapped strings. They arrived appearing to be normal plain steel strings and I replaced high E. To be safe I quickly tested to make sure modeling worked although I didn’t test the magnetic pickups. Magnetic pickups always work, right? Show opened up and I’m on cruise control with a Spank model. Next cue switch to magnetic JTV59 bridge pickup and the E string is dead. NO SOUND. All other strings normal but nothing high E. It was like when piezos quit but the reverse. I finished the Act using modeling which functioned normally. Problem is/was the plain strings from eBay were made from non-ferrous non-magnetic metal. They didn’t produce signal with magnetic pickups although the piezos didn’t care. Strange end to that experiment…
  14. Contact support for help with these instruments. I'm personally aware of couple recent instances the good folks in Calabasas have coaxed bricked Acoustic 700's back into reliable service.
  15. Replaced 8 drastically different guitars with JTV59 and Helix. Single, Humbucker, Sitar, Baritone, 12 string, Acoustic, 2 alt tunings. Plus some capo tricks without the physical capo. Pro gig everybody happy! Especially roadies…
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