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  1. Can’t fully explain without running some tests but lithium poly/ion chemistry degrades over span of few years. More rapid degradation when stored fully charged for long periods of time. Cold temperatures exasperate the situation with regard to IR (internal resistance). Battery pack left in cold vehicle placed into service, for example. But at room temperatures battery power errors could be sign of permanently increasing IR of the battery pack/cells. Layman users can easily try a "fresh" replacement battery. Doesn't hurt to have a 2nd spare battery pack anyway. Avoid deep discharging....
  2. jerseyboy

    Ideal strings for Variax Standard?

    Genuine Coral (and Jones) Sitar guitars use a bridge/tailpiece which is adjustable for the amount of string buzz you want with your Sitar sound. Banjo, well that's one of those things that doesn't seem too spoiled by a little fret buzz. The most glaring difference IMO for more accurate acoustic tone with Variax lies with plain 3rd G string found in majority of electric sets. Probably why many of us notice lighter attack seems to improve acoustic models. At least with electric Variax. Never owned 700 Acoustic although on the lookout. But of course those use wound 3rd. Somebody found a wrapped 3rd they claimed wasn't too hard to bend up an octave. I gotta find that post and give it try sometime...
  3. jerseyboy

    Settling in with my Variax Std.

    Playing older and newer Variax over a decade as well as many genuine brands. 10-46 Variax playing setup is identical to any similar electric guitar. Good neck and frets, of course. Perhaps the friend is hearing “piezo plunk” more than physical string buzz? 10 different people will often hear 10 different things. Maybe seek other opinion? But if something’s not a bother to you or other folks, why bother worrying about it? However since changes have been made probably best to see reputable guitar tech. Someone with Variax experience, understanding and/or LIne6 endorsed, even better.
  4. Do you have batteries installed and a guitar cable plugged into the Variax? I think XPS power supply will power too but I always connect to USB on batteries in order to simplify wiring.
  5. jerseyboy

    String changing

    Agree with Gin normal string tension and/or no tension makes no difference to a good neck. Unique to Variax legit reason to change 1-3 strings at a time is to minimize movement of the pickup saddles. Remember, there’s small signal wire attached to each bridge saddle and bridge assembly. Seems best to avoid any excess movement of that wiring. On the few occasions removing all strings on an old 500 will prefer to tape the saddles down in order to minimize movement while the strings are removed. JTV59 bridge is much less prone to individual saddle movement but do take care of the wiring from bridge.
  6. jerseyboy

    String changing

    I solved this annoyance using locking tuners. About $60. Pull the strings hand taught lock em in place so they stay in the slots. Hipshot fit nicely and they're better than stock Korean JTV59 tuners.
  7. jerseyboy

    Hello all - and a question

    Try TRS into XPS but do not connect the other end to the guitar or allow it to touch anything conductive. Does the XPS power LED remain solid on? If yes, that pretty much rules out bad cable. One time my 500 refused to work with qualified TRS cable to XPS. As soon as it plugged into the guitar LED went OFF. Removed the back cover and felt around main board components. Something was kinda warm. I poked the area with a Sharpie, plugged in TRS-XPS and it’s worked fine ever since. Although plugging in from XPS guitar sound goes on/off 3-4 times but eventually stays on. I never use battery pack with XPS. And yes, 9VAC 2A should be plenty power supply.
  8. jerseyboy

    Ideal strings for Variax Standard?

    Yes, different pick material and thickness. Also notable with acoustic models where and how hard you strum/pluck (between neck & bridge) will bring out even more tonal variations. Primarily use 10-46 Elixir nano but brand is much less important than gauge. For years I've experimented using 10-46 flat wounds on one of my Variax. They seem to tame banjo plunk and other artifacts more prominent at higher gain levels. The acoustics take on a cool sorta "deadened" tone IMO. Less piano like compared to wrapped strings but useful for some aged acoustic sounds.
  9. jerseyboy

    Which Variax is for me?

    Hey chris7sam welcome to Variax madness. You posted a lot of good stuff to unpack. Unfortunately in such an old and sorta unrelated thread it might not receive the attention it deserves. Keep one thing in mind “Variax Standard” is the newest “Strat” looking guitars. I think by Yamaha. They’re not JTV’s (Strat and LP style) although modeling circuitry is practically identical AFAIK. Old 500 is 1st generation family this forum category covers. Yes, Mac old Workbench (Not HD) thing is annoying but I somehow still get by on Mac Yosemite setting up the old 500 for gigs. It’s not pretty but it can work. Or, some folks find keeping $100 old Windows laptop around can help tremendously when working with many aging digital platforms and interfaces. But I would suggest a new thread for your questions. It might take a while for replies but some of us can probably help with your needs/wants.
  10. jerseyboy

    Used JTV59 prices

    Dunno Yamaha “story” and Pacifica ramifications. Is it correct to assume 59’s no longer being produced? 59 hits a sweet spot for many players and professional musical productions using 59 multiples around the world. Modeling handles Fender boink nicely and stock hum buckers sound great. Throw in the only real fixed bridge option and 59’s occupy a unique niche in Variax hierarchy. Also old 500’s perked up significantly compared to bottom prices 5 years ago. 700 Acoustics beginning to experience a similar surge in used prices, IMO…. Get ‘em while you can!
  11. Didn’t know Seymour background about 59 pups until reading here but I’ve always held JTV59 pups in high regard. Very good sounding IMO. Mr D wound some incredible Tele pups for me decades ago. Really nailed what we were going for at the time. I upgraded 2 Korean JTV59's with Hipshot locking tuners. Great bang for buck.
  12. Sorry I dunno 89's and perhaps it's not possible but have you tried lowering the pickup height to decrease signal output? Owned a Strat with Texas Specials - so much hotter than my other axes but dropping pickup height definitely helped diminish the difference.
  13. Same here, best wishes to Line6 folks and ALL embedded nearby these tragic events. Upping our donations to American Red Cross and urge everyone who can to support legit non-profits dedicated to assistance for people devastated by these hard times. OP, you've looked carefully inside your gig bag for this knob top? Mine popped off taking it outta the bag. So lucky I found it and saved $35 + sh. Good luck...
  14. jerseyboy

    Locking Tuners for New Variax Standard

    I'm not an exact match to your inquiry but I’ve gone through many locking (Sperzel, Grover, Schaller) tuners over the years and the most recent ones to impress and upgrade my JTV59 3+3 arrangement - Hipshot w/ UMP (universal mounting kit). No drill (no nubs) installation while being very smooth and stable locking tuners. https://hipshotproducts.com/collections/guitar-tuning-machines/products/guitar-tuner-upgrade-kits
  15. Can verify mag pup audio is somewhat out of phase between 1/4" phono and VDI-Helix. Didn't compare model output waveforms as 'was "snooping" something else. Little point in doing this with potential DC circuit damage. I get the use of a tuner but just get a good clamp on....