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  1. Yes thanks for chiming in. That's got me wondering about those knobs. Yeah maybe they "think" they've been touched to adjust the tones/volume etc. But when it resets into that nothing quiet sound, there's got to be something else going on. The display shows the right parameters for some good lead tone but it's not sounding like it at all, not when the fault happens. In fact to test this I deliberately bumped one of those knobs w my foot while playing my patch and yes, this pictured display did temporarily show in the LCD window. But that didn't affect the tone at all. It's that mystery sound/tone dropout that's perplexing. When I can I'll open her up again and see if there's something that looks amiss.
  2. I know this is a legacy unit BUT I still need it to function and use it on stage on many gigs. I also use it w legacy Variax guitars and it's suited for them. If anyone had this happen or if there's someone who's been round the world w this XT Live unit, please feel free to chime in. The Problem: I'm using a patch and happily playing away on stage and suddenly the LCD display will change all by itself, to the Amp Tone Controls, displayed in the window. I lose my patch tone in mid solo, it basically drops out, sounds like a weak plain nothing preamp or something w no effects or amps, and I have to stomp on the patch peddle again to get it back to snuff. It may happen several times in a row. Then it may not for quite a while. The picture below shows what should be a rockin' patch I made and named, but it's turned into this display and does NOT give the sound that's really in that patch. It's got me stumped and I'd like to try a fix. Any germane suggestions will be welcomed. I've opened this unit up a few times, had to fix a knob or replace/resolder some other easily fixed malfunction but I'm not really a techie (and can't afford a proper one, it's DIY over here. Necessity is the mother of invention). I tinker to save equipment from the bin and to save some ca$h. I'll open it up AGAIN and have another look to see anything obviously out of whack. Still this unit has worked for me for a long time. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, In this post I am asking anyone who had the random spontaneous model changes problem with their Variax guitar, and found the solution to your problem, and that solution was NOT "sent it to an authorised Line 6 repair facility", to post me the solution that worked for you. I've already read all the posts about flashing the firmware and trying different cables. I'm looking for success stories on this problem. I want to know if anyone actually fixed this problem permanently.. by doing some tech work on the guitar... and how you did it. Thanks for your help.
  4. Line 6 Edit! Thank you, yes! I will try to see if it is available for this older equipment I use. (Line 6 XT Live and Variax 300 and 600 guitars)
  5. Okay...I almost get you.... I have to ask a very exact question and then I will hopefully get from you the answer I seek>>> Which software are you using to edit the HD500?By that I mean the "computer software" you refer to above in the 2/ point you were making! I know about and use the Workbench software to edit my Variax guitar. Are you also using Workbench for the HD500 and if so what version? If not Workbench then which software is it? Again you refer to this software above in your 2/ point as "edit computer software". Thanks...
  6. Thanks for the response.. we're getting closer to an answer to my Q.. To be clear I'm not using Gearbox software either, I only mentioned it because you used that word and I was trying to figure out what you meant by that word. So let me get this straight... I'm now assuming what you're saying is that you're editing a Variax Patch directly on your HD500 unit! When you're ready to save it into the HD500 you are given the option of saving the Variax "U" or "F". Then when you select that Variax patch on the HD500 with your Variax guitar plugged into the VDI socket of your HD500, even though that selected model has been altered on the guitar, the sound will come out as the original factory patch sound... if you've saved that patch using the "F" setting. I was just confused about the exact way you were editing the patch on the HD500, whether you were editing the HD500 unit directly or using a software editor on the computer with the USB connected. I only have the XT Live floor unit. I use the Workbench software v1.72 to alter and edit the Variax guitar via USB connection. If I've gotten the gist of what you've said right, then I will edit the patch directly on my XT Live unit and see if the "U" and "F" options are available. As I've said the Variax 600 I got on ebay has many models altered by the previous owner. I like the mods and would like to keep them. If this feature works on my guitar and XT floor pod I can have my cake and eat it too.
  7. @ TheRealZap.. I know it's an old post but I just read it. I still use the old XT Live and a 300 or 600. Can you elaborate (some detail) about the 'U" and "f" settings? You said, "you'll see 2 sets of models in gearbox...". Do you mean using the Gearbox software, do you mean looking at the display on the XT Live or what did you mean exactly? I'd love to use this. Since I bought a used 600 with many changes to the original factory model settings I am not using the XT Live's Variax presets because they no longer call up the correct models. If you say I can override this I'd like to know the exact procedure if you don't mind.
  8. I have tried to find a cheap replacement neck for my Variax 300. My frets are worn. I don't want to spend more on a neck then the whole guitar is worth. I was looking for a modestly priced neck that would fit even with a little modification. I have found very little real information anywhere. Warmoth necks are expensive. I read that a Squier Bullet neck would fit. I bought one on ebay. Well I can tell you that without some serious sanding it will not and even then questionable. Wasted my money. I will attach pictures. Is there another neck that will fit that isn't large $$'s? The Bullet neck has no fretboard overhang. It is also a little too thick. It is useful to me to have a spare Variax for my work and I'm trying to keep this cheap. See pix below. The Variax 300 neck is the lighter shade rosewood. Since the measuring tape is curved look at the left of the tape for the accurate reading. The Variax neck looks to be 29/32's of an inch thick measured from top of fretboard. The Bullet is 15/16's of an inch. It is also too wide and will not fit. Thanks, if you can help.
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