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  1. Take it your local guitar shop and see what they have that fits and works well.
  2. "... just for giggles, I'll take another whack at it... though I suspect you already know exactly what I meant. " --- Yeah, sort of, pretty much. I was in solid when it was in for servicing the time before. Don't know what happen between then and the time it came. Either way, you know me, I take of it one way or another. Always give it a good going over,... my sort of obsessive work ethic. "... 10 other things done to the instrument that have nothing whatsoever to do with the nut, since it was already there anyway." Is that better? " --- Yes, very good :)
  3. " ... I guarantee that's all they did to it when it got there anyway. " --- Don't mean to be technical, but it's not a guarantee you can make. Being the guy at Line 6 that services Variax guitars, I can guarantee the otherwise opposite of that. However, white glue like Elmer's works very well on nut slots. Holds well enough to do the job and still allows to tap it out when a string nut needs to be changed out. Yes,... wood glue like Tite Bond original wood glue works well. Very good. Yes, a simple line up and glue job would do, but I give it full-on going over. It had a solid in-there string nut on its prior visit before that. Of that I can guarantee.
  4. Early Variax piezos are not compatible with the current JTV/Standard/Shuriken guitars. It's a different piezo than a Varaix 600 Electric.
  5. Monkey is for updating firmware, not editing. Go to the Downloads page and get the Spider Edit.
  6. Hold down "A" during power up, wait for it to flash twice, then let go of "A".
  7. Don't have a Helix in the lab at the moment to try that out with. Thank you silverhead.
  8. If you have the interface accessory kit, then try using that to re-Flash. -Connect as you normally would. -Insert the charged up JTV battery into the battery box. -Plug a stereo 1/4" (TRS) headphone adapter into the 1/4" jack, listen for the click of the relay. -The interface device LED's should both be green. -Proceed with the update using Monkey. If that doesn't do it, then it should be checked out by an authorized service center in your area.
  9. Either one. Log a support ticket and they can go over the options with you.
  10. I forget if Workbench HD is accessible thru Helix, but doing Firmware updates thru Monkey is accessible thru Helix.
  11. -USB adapter is for connecting the computer to use Monkey or Workbench HD, not for playing through. For playing connect with 1/4" TRS guitar cable when using the battery, or the VDI cable when connecting through the VDI post on the Helix. -The strings you are using should be fine. Don't go lighter than 9's or heavier than 11's. Variax is designed with 10's in mind. The factory set are D'Addario XL-110's.
  12. Either the guitar input board or the output amp. Either way, log a Support ticket for options to Line 6 authorized service centers. This will not be a self repair. https://line6.com/find/service_center/
  13. bonfnjovi69,... If it's doing that, then it's not something you can fix yourself. Register your amp in your account, then log a Support ticket.
  14. Correct. Easier to ship items from the Euro hub than the US hub.
  15. Internal things that need to be dealt with by an authorized service tech. Do not try to service it yourself, the shock hazard in a tube amp is too great. I know from decades of first hand experience, it hurts when you zapped.
  16. Oh, you are outside the US. You logged a support ticket in your account,... good. They should be able to point to someone in your region who can assist you.
  17. CoVid has made a mess of things as far as supply chain logistics as far as parts go. In the UK is Mark Wright Music in Northampton. Mark used to be a tech at Line 6 Rugby when we had a Location there. Ring him up and check with him. Good mate and a good tech.
  18. Check your local retailer or the Line 6 web store. https://shop.line6.com/accessories/guitar-accessories/jtv-variax-battery-charger-kit.html
  19. I fix them here at Line 6, but cost is not something we techs deal with. We have people who set up the returns and deal with pricing. As far as individual authorized service centers, pricing is determined by the individual service center.
  20. "Have you had any other DT-50 failures with the input gain switching? " --- Gain switching on a CoDec,... a bit more involved than that. There is a standard set of circuits used on the front end of CoDec's. So Angelo, Op-amps are set-up in +In, -In to balance inputs to a CoDec, aka- reference drivers or line drivers. Typical with chip company's application notes. Cirrus, who also acquired Cypress some years back, and companies like AKM will have these kinds of front en circuits in their app notes. As well as a similar circuit on the analog out of a Codec. The old ADAT's used Cypress Codec IC's back in the day, before Cirrus acquired them. High quality 20-bit back then when I service tech'd for Alesis 20-years ago (geez, has is been that long?). And Angelo,... also check out a paper on current steering DAC outputs for high quality audio (by my pal) Malcolm Hawksford at Audio Research Lab, University of Essex, UK. Love his work. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/269102687_CURRENT-STEERING_TRANSIMPEDANCE_AMPLIFIERS_FOR_HIGH-RESOLUTION_DIGITAL-TO-ANALOGUE_CONVERTERS When using the correct of the two inputs input gain and clipping are a problem, and it's not related to the guitar being turn up full-on, the main reasons tend to be the input board, the tubes and/or tube bias.
  21. Being a 14 to 15 year old product, I don't know. Not something I'm privy to.
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