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  1. Does anyone know which firmware updates introduced new acoustic sounds between 1.71 and present day? I still prefer my old 300 acoustic sound over my JT variax but wondered if there were any changes between 1.71 and the present day versions. For example was 1.80 still closer to the older acoustic tone? Thanks for any input!
  2. This is the comment I've been looking for! I have a new JT89f and my old frankenstein 300 has more usable acoustic sounds. I can't get rid of the "room" sound. It's ridiculous to have added that into a model. It leaves a person stuck with a room verb on every model. I thought I had the only variax with that problem because all the sounds on Youtube sound great but I notice they're all from older JT versions than mine. Where did you get the info on the added room sound? Thanks for the comment by the way.
  3. Hi there, I can't seem to get to the link you supplied. I just purchased an 89F (just because of the locking tuners) but don't like the acoustic sounds. I sounds to me like the mic was placed too far from the 12th fret but it also sounds like an obviously sampled sound. I'm not sure what that is except I recognise the sound from older variax models which I disliked. Would you mind letting me know how to get to your link?..thanks very much...
  4. yes I understand the stand by the powers that be and even much of the reason for that stand, I just thought there may be some brave explorers who had travelled those paths before. All I'm really asking is has anyone disconnected the analogue pickups and does disconnecting them affect the guitar's present setup beyond the obvious analogue not being available. If it is possible, then of course the physical routing etc. is either possible or not depending on the room taken up by it's present electronics. thanks for your reply anyways....Brett
  5. I've asked this question before but received few replies. Has anyone both replaced the analogue pickups and routed a separate output for them within an 89F? Would disconnecting the leads from the analogue pickups to the JTV adversely affect the output of the modeling section?
  6. Thought I should add in case the separate outputs become a bust:Is it possible to replace the 2 pickup system on an 89F with a 3 pickup (strat style w humbucker in bridge)? I would have bought the strat style guitar but no locking vibrato was available. Thanks...
  7. Is it possible to replace the 2 pickup system on an 89F with a 3 pickup (strat style w humbucker in bridge)? I would have bought the strat style guitar but no locking vibrato was available. Thanks...
  8. Thank you for your response. I guess my explanation isn't clear enough. I wondered if the analogue pickups(or ones of my choice) could be physically routed( let the wood fly) to separated output/ pickup selector...hence completely separated from the original connections. So I mean a completely separate physical connection. Hope that helps explain what I'm meaning..thanks...Brett
  9. from what I gather, your needs are slightly different than mine but I've been through much of the process of which you speak with similar stuff. I'm planning on making it as simple as I can by having an overdriven sound available all the time but controlled by a volume pedal (instead of switching) and receiving it's signal from the analogue pickups. Many other possibilities open up if I can achieve the 2 signal paths w 2 sound sources (analogue and digital). I thought someone would have done this already. Hope I'm right...thanks man...Brett
  10. I never said anything about digital vs analogue...the goal is purely 2 signal paths. I think the modeling sounds are just fine. I just thought that the division of digital/analogue would be the obvious way of achieving 2 separate outputs.
  11. thanks for responding...yes I do have a specific goal, but just didn't want to get into the details...I desire to have a solo sound on a separate volume pedal do lessen the disturbance of patch switching. It's not so much that I wanted the analogue sounds separated from the digital (I've been using the modeled sounds for years) Just that I'm trying to smooth the transitions between full rich backdrop sounds and more core (heavy in the lower mids) overdriven soloistic sounds hence the goal of a separate signal path going to a separate amp.
  12. Has anyone wired a separate output for the analogue pickups in a JT variax guitar? I would like to have 2 separate signal paths for the digital and analogue sections of the instrument. Does disconnecting the analogue pickups disturb the design of the instrument? Is their room to route a separate output/2nd pickup selector? This, if possible, would be done on a JT 89f
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