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  1. Thanks. As I said, those features could be much more useful if the firmware in the amps were modified to allow assignment of drums and temp in a preset, and then control from the floorboard. Perhaps Line 6 will read this and agree. Meanwhile, I purchased a real looper. It is large and bulky, but it does what I need.
  2. I just stumbled across the drum tracks and metronome features on my Spider V 60. It would be lovely if I could establish a different metronome pattern selectable by a preset. It would be convenient if I could use a preset to start a drum track. The drum tracks are nice, but I cannot figure out how to get them to run at different speeds: I tried using the Tap feature, but that did not seem to work. Are these features fully integrated into the preset system? If not, they are really only marginally useful.
  3. I have used my G10 (with my Spider V 60) for a few months with a variety of guitars (including guitars that have both mags and piezos). When I use my Relish Mary, the mags show up fine at the amp, but when I switch to piezos, all is silent. Relish claims that the piezo signal is split (coming out of the ring), but I can use a regular cable and hear the piezos just fine, so the piezo signal must be coming out of the tip. Anyone else encounter a similar problem? I tried to create a Support Ticket, but was unable to register my G10, because the web site would not accept the serial number from my G10. Frustrating.
  4. Perfect! Exactly what I was missing! Thanks so much!
  5. Thanks. There is nothing wrong with the Spider. I can see all of the amps on the Spider itself. I cannot see the amps in the PC software :)
  6. There are dozens and dozens of amps listed for the Spider V, but when I run the PC control software, I see less than 20. What do I have to do to get the software to provide the missing amps?
  7. I find the FBV3 display to be useless almost all of the time. I wonder why they didn't use LEDs. Frustrating design flaw.
  8. Just got my FBV3, and when I try to switch out of Wah, about half of the time, the switch double triggers, and I end up back in Wah again. I cannot get it to work reliably. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone come up with a solution?
  9. Super! Can one control where the EQ lies in the effects chain?
  10. I just purchased a used X3 Live, and like it. Is there any way to copy a patch from one location to another? I am playing a piezo guitar into the X3, and there is a lot of low frequency thudding because the pickups respond that way. Is there an easy way to cut off the sub-sonics early in the sound chain? Thanks! Jon
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