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  1. Hi everyone Don't shoot me down if this is a stupid question... I currently use Line 6 Spider Valves as my go-to amps. They're superb! The combination of functionality and practicality is hard to beat. However, if I was thinking about adding say, a Marshall JMP 2204 or a Fender Hot Rod or both to my collection, is there a Line 6 product that I could use with it? What I have in my mind is an effects unit sitting with the amp that features all your stomp box effects and, most importantly, a noise gate and is controlled by an FBV shortboard at front of stage. I don't want to use any amp models etc, the sound must be purely the amp. Let me know your recommendations! Cheers M
  2. Don't believe it! I've just fixed mine! Make sure that the Channel Volume is up around 12 o'clock. Mine was down at around 8 o'clock, nearly off. I think that it was so low that the amp couldn't make up its mind what volume it should be at. I also reset the factory settings by holding down the A Channel button on the amp when switching on. It then asks if you want to reset the factory settings and then guides you through it. I then reinstalled the firmware with Line 6 Monkey. After that, I reloaded my bundle of presets and 'boom', good as new! Hope that helps, it worked for me and it sounds like your problem is exactly what I had. Good luck.
  3. Right, a new development! I was adjusting my tones using Spider Valve MkII Edit and the sound faded and I noticed that it had reduced on the Edit software. I changed the volume via edit, sent to amp, it stayed at that volume for a few seconds and then reduced back down to what it was before I'd changed it. On Edit! So it would appear to be something in the programming, not the valves...
  4. I'm having the same issues with my MKII 212. It started last year not long after I bought it. It was secondhand so no warranty so I tried replacing the power valves and that seemed to do the trick. It's just started again so I changed the newer power vales from my MkII 112 but the problem is still there. Sorry that's not really much help but I've raised a support ticket and I'll wait and see what happens.
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