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  1. Mine is a Spider Valve MKII 212. So you're saying it's probably not the tubes, it's an error in the programming? How would I go about fixing that? Because I need this amp to play gigs, and I have one coming up on the 18th
  2. They do all seem to be glowing the same color to me. None of them get dimmer when the volume dips either. Yeah, I bought it brand new. It's not even paid for totally yet. I ordered it in early March, so I think I'm just past the tube warranty. Do you think high humidity could've caused a problem internally? I leave it in an enclosed shed with all of the other band equipment, and it's been very humid lately.
  3. I've had my Spider Valve for a couple months now, and today it started to drop in volume randomly, like I had a volume swell pedal hooked up. At first it would fade out to a low volume and then come back up to where it's supposed to be at. Now it stays very low and randomly blasts at full volume. I have to have the master volume at about 11 o'clock to get any decent volume out of it. Then it randomly gets deafening and fades back down. Can anyone help me diagnose this problem? I don't want to have to buy new tubes if that's not the issue.
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