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  1. I am reminded of a popular phrase... Is not what you got, it's what you do with it. Without doubt the Helix makes that more straight forward than its competitors. For my uses, the Helix covers all bases, a great amp simulator, an amazing effects collection and more ins and out than you can shake a stick at (for home studio aficionados it is just amazing) and the scribble scripts are hands down the best solution on the market. It WILL inspire you but sack off the presets (sure, check em out though!!), build you sounds from scratch and find that sound that YOU want. To be sure, I would say that for any piece of equipment and quite right too! What's that other phrase?.... tools... workman... blame...
  2. This would be a great feature though and if it possible for the HD500x it can only be stone's throw away for the helix. Make it happen Line 6 you know you wanna. :-)
  3. footswitch 10 suddenly dead. Worked fine yesterday, I only use the the pedal board rarely so I am a bit surprised. I hope the good service that many people writing here have received works as well for me.
  4. it is fixed in 10.11.4 (beta) for me. :-)
  5. Still working well. I think 10.11.4 is the solution! :-D
  6. I just installed 10.11.4 beta and the audio issues seem to have been resolved... maybe too early to call but working fine long after I would expect digital noise. IO Buffer size 32 samples (5.6ms). The sound disintegrates after a few seconds with 10.11.3, no issues heard yet on 10.11.4. :-)
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