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  1. Carefully, pull up the knobs and check that the nuts holding the potentiometers are snug and tight. It will maintain the chassis grounds for the controls. If that doesn't do it, then it will need to be serviced by an authorized service center. There are four other different things it could be,... and none of those are self repairable.
  2. " Why this quote is being attributed to me, I have no idea...I never said that. " --- That is strange. I know you know better and are sharper than that. Thought it was a typo, I even went looking for it and didn't find it. How odd.
  3. That version is for early Variax. Won't work with JTV, Standard or Shuriken, which uses "Workbench HD". Check the pull down menu selection, it's there.
  4. Log a Support ticket, see if they have a recommendation for you for the area.
  5. And the power kits are boxed and labeled for the different regions according to which PX-2 is in it. "The large music stores are however saying the XPS kit is discontinued,... " --- out of stock, as it says in the accessories link. And the USB interface kit is another Variax accessory that comes with a Variax, while the XPS is an optional item.
  6. No, no computer connecting or 3rd party applications, it's all self contained. Spider Jam 2 must refer to the Firmware version, the most current being the v2.09 Firmware that was released in 2008. Off-loading onto an SD card, then using an SD card reader connected to a computer is a a way to off-load and on-load factory or custom settings.
  7. Odd, because we still have PX-2 supplies for other regions. Someone there must have confused "out of stock" with "discontinue". https://shop.line6.com/accessories/guitar-accessories/
  8. They are not discontinued, just out of stock right now due to the CoVid related supply chain issues. Supply chain is slow as molasses right now.
  9. Your English fine, better than my dinner table French. What phli_m said. Piezos require a certain string tension level to transfer vibrations into electronic impulses. Physically tuning down below 1-1/2 steps goes the edge of pitch tracking capabilities. Making use of the free Workbench HD application would take care of that,... https://line6.com/software/ Do not use a string set higher than 11-gauge, anything higher would be too large for the string nut, so there could be secondary vibration issues. You thought through enough to consider that,... tre bien.
  10. Adjusting pick-up heights will only be a problem if warbling of the sound starts to occur while in Modeling mode or Modeling mode with Alt Tune. Pick-up adjustments are done by fretting the string at the highest fret. Workbench HD is a way of adjusting levels to where you like them. Normalizing between Models, or Models to magnetics is touchy, and over normalizing can introduce frequency based artifacts if levels are adjusted too high. So be aware.
  11. Every time there's a computer OS update, there will be a time lag with regards to all the companies out there updating their applications. And the CoVid situation hasn't helped any. With CoVid restrictions easing, hopefully companies will get back to full speed again.
  12. If I recall, hold down button "A" during power up, then follow the prompts on the LCD screen to factory reset.
  13. https://line6.com/support/manuals/spiderjam Pilot's Guide and Advanced Guide should cover all of that, as well as the Knowledge Base.
  14. The kit uses JJ tubes. Do not use JJ tubes. See my prior post on that. These are not all analog tube amps. I like JJ's, they are very good,... just not in a Line 6 tube amp. Have had problems in the past with amps failing because of non specified tubes and bias. Use only specified tubes and bias. Using anything else may be considered to be an unsupported modification, it may and can void any warranties.
  15. Though he's not on the official list, there's Mark Wright Music in Northampton. He was my opposite number across The Pond at Line 6 Rugby, back when we had a location there. Good mate and he knows his stuff. Check my posting on the top DT page about Line 6 tube amps.
  16. What silverhead said about Workbench HD and custom IR's.
  17. My post above. If it's at that point, then it needs to be service by an authorized service center. If the tubes haven't been replaced after two years, there may be a voltage pull down somewhere, and that can be a problem during an update. If they are not the specified tubes and bias, that can add to the problem.
  18. "... new batteries and am lucky to get 3 hours from each before having to re-charge again hence wanting to have another power option. " --- When using a guitar cable, use one with TRS (tip, ring, sleeve) plug ends on it. " Which Line 6 hardware other than the POD has a VDI Input that could power the Variax Standard? " --- POD floor effects or a rack mount with a VDI connector on it. Check the product pictures with "VDI" connector on the back. Use a VDI cable and not a standard network cable, it's a tighter fit and better connection. https://line6.com/products/ There's a difference between out of stock and discontinued as I have mentioned in some of those threads. Check the Line 6 online store VDI cables and power kit. https://shop.line6.com/accessories/guitar-accessories/
  19. If the mod plug in the back of the amp says FBV, ... then NO, DO NOT plug in. It's not a matter of too much or too little supply, our amps and FBV's are NOT audio for Variax. 1) Yes, it will damage both the guitar and the amp's mod jack. 2) NO! These are two different functions, FBV is a controller, not an audio device. NO! You can't power both from the one jack. 3) No, there is no plug to do that, FBV and Variax are two different devices with two different functions. DON'T DO THAT! Check the owner's manual for using Variax with battery, power wedge or VDI. --- https://line6.com/support/manuals/variaxstandard
  20. No service record here. 2012 number with a non slotted tremolo cover, odd. Did he have the neck swapped out at some point? A 2010 guitar with a 2012 heads stock number suggests a neck swap. Since I do most of those, it would be interesting to find out who did it for him,... if a swap was done. Sometimes a neck swap is done when someone wears the frets down to the nubs, and the head-stock number would be different as well.
  21. Yes, if it's as good as it looks. I have some from that era (2010-2012). Yes, I know a lot about JTV, Standard and Shurikens,... I'm the guy at Line 6 that services them.
  22. An early one with a 2nd generation bridge on it, good. Some got the bridge upgrade for those who wanted it. Tremolo cover is early, no screw driver access slot for adjusting the tremolo, so the cover had to be taken off. The slotted ones came in mid 2011. And before I forget,... there was an update adjustment to the fret edge spec in later units. With a full serial number I can check service history on it.
  23. " The old model was HD too ? " --- Once it is updated to Flash v2.00 or higher, it is. -What silverhead said. -Bridge and bridge posts are different from the 2010, 2nd and 3rd generation bridges have smoother Tremolo functions. -2012, there was a minor revision to the main board for better data communications during updates. A nip and tuck, here and there, as it were. 2010 would have a serial number W10xxxxxx. If you have a link, I can better evaluate from the photo.
  24. Just a CAT5, RJ45 modular jack. Didn't start using USB until the Spider V.
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