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  1. I have a problem that I can't figure out. I'm using a Helix Rack, Presonus 1824c, Reaper, and Native. My problem is that when I choose a preset in Native I also hear a dry signal coming from somewhere. Are there any settings that I might be missing that will allow me to only hear the processed signal?
  2. I'm using Helix Native, Reaper, and POD Go as my interface. I want to use Helix Native's tones when I'm recording but I am hearing both the Helix Native and my PO Go's dry signal. Is there any way to just hear Helix Native without the dry signal? FYI: This is happening while I am creating a tone to use with Native. Not after I have recorded the track.
  3. I agree. I've been using Reaper for a few years and I love it. Works great with the POD Go.
  4. The capacitor (C98) just above the "To Pedal PCB" harness, looks like it is bulging. Check the top of the capacitor and make sure it is completely flat.
  5. I just ordered a POD Go from Sweetwater today (04-28-2020). They are NOT in stock atm. My sales rep told me to expect shipment in about 4 weeks.
  6. I am also having this problem. My JTV 89 disconnects from workbench HD. I cannot connect back until I unplug the variax and the USB from my POD XT live. Restart the POD XT and connect the variax. It also freezes my model knob. Sometimes I have to take the battery out of my variax to reset it. It seems like my variax dies completely...no lights or battery lights until I take the battery out and put it back in. My POD is connected to my computer by USB, and my variax is connected to my POD with the supplied Line 6 cat 5 cable. POD XT Live JTV 89 (2.21) Windows 7 Workench hd (2.13)
  7. I use a PODXT Live to run 2 amps (left and right). Sometimes the amps will cancel out each other, meaning that one amp will stop working. If I pull the cable out of either channel and push it back in both amps start working again. I had this problem with my older xt live so I bought another one. After about 2 years I am having this problem with the new one too. I am running the Champ form the LEFT output and the Roland from the RIGHT output. Any ideas? Podxt Live 2 good instrument cables Fender Champ 12 Roland Cube 25
  8. Bought a used PODxt Live...after a factory reset all the purchased model packs are gone. The model packs were purchased by the previous owner and I have no way to access their line 6 account. Any way to get them back? Thanks, Chad
  9. Glad to know that you are getting it repaired! If you find out what the problem was, please post it here.
  10. I have an older Cube 20x and I use it at home and at rehearsal. It is small, has great tone, and is plenty loud enough for those purposes.I run a PODxt Live and JTV-89 through it. I love the tone!
  11. I was going to wait a few more days to see what bugs were reported before upgrading the firmware. After watching your vid i couldn't wait any longer :) Thanks for posting!
  12. Very nice playing, not to mention awesome tone! I'm loving the new Strat tones with 2.0 also.
  13. Yeah, it could very well be my imagination but the acoustic models seem to be a bit cleaner with less high end hiss. I am enjoying this update. I personally think it's a big improvement!
  14. baskian, just curious...have you tried the 2.0 firmware update yet. Does the light come on when you press the knob to turn on modelling?
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