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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I have a PODxt Pro, I recently started getting terrible EMI Interference noise (its not the 60 hz hum) on all outputs Digital. and all analog outs ie Balanced, unbalanced, headphones....... Its not guitars, cables, output devices, or external surrounding electrical devices........... when I was trouble shooting noise source ie... ground loops, firmware, surrounding electrical devices,.... all of which I think I have ruled out. I have one question, I never noticed that the internal POD power transformed hummed, even though that is not what I hear from outputs. Can anyone tell me if this is normal with the POD xt Pro power transformer to hear the 60 hz hum when device is powered on with no inputs or outputs connected? Thank for all replies in advance, Jeff
  2. Hello, I purchased a Podxt Pro in 2007, bought the model packs and registered the device on July 3, 2007. Before switching to Windows 10, I had no problem using my Podxt Pro, in fact I use it to record and reamp my tracks, in other words it is my main audio interface. Since upgrading to Windows 10, if the device is connected to the PC and I turn on PODxt Pro my model pack amps are disabled. The ANNOYING workaround is to : 1) turn off PODxt Pro, 2) disconnect USB, 3) turn PODxt Pro back on, 4) grope the device searching for the USB port, 5) finding the port and turning the cable left and right, up and down to force it in the port 6) start using PODxt Pro 7) disconnecting the USB/forgetting to disconnect and going through this torture EVERY SINGLE DAY. PLEASE HELP!
  3. I am hoping someone can help me figure out what capacitor this is exactly (see attached) so I can have a friend take a shot at getting this one out of the unit and putting a new one in. Clearly its a SAMXON 3300uF16v still I can't seem to find anything exact and or I don't trust my own judgement. If anyone knows a good site or vendor to order this from it would be much appreciated. I'm not sure if this can even be fixed. The unit works but the screen flashes arbitrarily to different editing parameters i haven't called up. It goes back and forth to the patch number and these editing parameters. The sound stays the same though? I am clueless. Truly. I do my editing via the software anyway but I don't want the unit to go completely down. Thanks ej
  4. Well I was trying to launch line 6 monkey the other day and after having the POD XT Pro work flawlessly over the time since I bought several years ago, for some reason the USB decided not to be recognized. I have followed every thing you are supposed to do,(i.e, unplugged it, different usb port, NOT in a USB HUB). I am able to connect the unit via MIDI but not USB. I tried to do a WINDOWS 7 System restore but I cannot undo what ever happened. When I look in Device manager I see a flag next to a UNKNOWN DEVICE When I click properties of that file I see with in the item description window , Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) I have tried updating the usb drivers and every time I cannot When Monkey starts it scans for USB & MIDI it sees my VARIAZ USB that is connected but not on. ( JTV ) I see the PODXT PRO midi turned on and connected but where once was a USB connected device is not. I have tried everything I know how to do and I am sad to think that this unit perhaps has seen better days. PLEASE HELP!!
  5. Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone else has encountered this issue the bass podxt pro. I am currently using it as a digital effects unit in logic pro 9, via my spdif in and out on my focusrite pro 14 interface. Essentially when you use the external insert effect plug in when you send the bass pod a stereo or mono signal, it returns it in stereo with the left channel effected by the bass pod, and the right channel without. Is this supposed to happen? However, when I plug the bass pod via usb, and still use the focusrite as the audio interface, it returns the stereo send, this time as a mono return. None of this is mentioned in the manual (obviously), and havent found any other posts on the forum about it. What you have encountered? Is this supposed to happen? And is there a way to fix this, other than within logic (which is a pain in the back-side)? I need my usb port free for hard drives! Thanks for reading, Matt
  6. Hi! I recently got a used POD XT Pro and I am setting it up for live use. To do this, I got myself an FBV Shortboard MK I. I am looking to use the Compressor and EQ via footswitches, but clearly the Shortboard MK I doesn't support it [as far as I know]. Given this, I am now left to trigger them using CC #26 and CC #63 respectively. I would like to keep things simple, so I am looking at a simple 2-button MIDI footswitch that triggered either 0 or 127 [i.e. off and on] for each CC #. I was wondering if there is a MIDI footswitch that you could recommend for this purpose. I am not sure if this will help, but I also have an FBV 2 controller [the one with two switches for bank up/down]. I am curious if this could be configured to trigger the said CC numbers, as that will definitely help me save on costs. Thanks a lot guys!
  7. Dear Line 6 : I Have been sent a new Motherboard for my PODxt PRO, which was serviced at your Authorized Repair Outlet, Music Market in Lima Peru. They installed the new motherboard version 3 and returned a working unit to me. Its been awhile, and I Had no trouble until I tried to connect via Monkey on my Win 7 PC. It seems the new Motherboard serial # sent by Line6 as replacement, Has not yet been input as valid within Line6 records. Please authorize my Pod xt Pro Hardware so It can be detected by License manager and L6 Monkey enclosed pls find some of the screens I have encountered and let me know if you need any more information from the XT PRO I ve Opened Ticket ID: 121631 to upgrade this matter LICENSE MANAGER ISSUE POD XT PRO.pdf Best Regards Orgus
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