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  1. Hello Tdeviant The Motherboard sent was a result of a inquiry over a Line6 monkey firmware issue with my PODxt PRO The Factory was able to replace the MB and The Repair center installed it for @ 50 US + Courier shipping charges from California. ( @ 40 US ) Orgus
  2. Hello Uber Guess the center just replaced the motherboard... Security chip ? ill ask them hope they still have my old board laying around are there pics for the chip posted in case they dont know about it ? Thanks for your answer Orgus
  3. Dear Line 6 : I Have been sent a new Motherboard for my PODxt PRO, which was serviced at your Authorized Repair Outlet, Music Market in Lima Peru. They installed the new motherboard version 3 and returned a working unit to me. Its been awhile, and I Had no trouble until I tried to connect via Monkey on my Win 7 PC. It seems the new Motherboard serial # sent by Line6 as replacement, Has not yet been input as valid within Line6 records. Please authorize my Pod xt Pro Hardware so It can be detected by License manager and L6 Monkey enclosed pls find some of the screens I have encountered and let me know if you need any more information from the XT PRO I ve Opened Ticket ID: 121631 to upgrade this matter LICENSE MANAGER ISSUE POD XT PRO.pdf Best Regards Orgus
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