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  1. Monkey won't recognize POD HD Pro X. I cant update USB Firmware and this is a new unit. I tried latest version of Monkey and Monkey 1.76 and still wont recognize that POD HD PRO X is connected. I tried powering on POD before and after Monkey was running.
  2. Hi, I have a PODxt Pro, I recently started getting terrible EMI Interference noise (its not the 60 hz hum) on all outputs Digital. and all analog outs ie Balanced, unbalanced, headphones....... Its not guitars, cables, output devices, or external surrounding electrical devices........... when I was trouble shooting noise source ie... ground loops, firmware, surrounding electrical devices,.... all of which I think I have ruled out. I have one question, I never noticed that the internal POD power transformed hummed, even though that is not what I hear from outputs. Can anyone tell me if this is normal with the POD xt Pro power transformer to hear the 60 hz hum when device is powered on with no inputs or outputs connected? Thank for all replies in advance, Jeff
  3. Hi. I dont have the answer to your question, but could you help me. I was just wondering when you power on your POD and put your ear next to it., can you hear the 60 hz hum from the power transformer? (guitar not plugged in). The reason why I am asking is because I am getting terrible EMI noise and was wondering if it could be the power transformer interfering. Thanks for your help
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